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Shadow Fighter developed by the Italian team NA.P.S. and published by Gremlin Interactive is a fighting game comparabel to Mortal Kombat or SF2.

It is considered to be one of the best fighting games on the Amiga and received very good ratings in several Amiga magazine reviews. The good level of sprite animation and the very good playability were highly praised as well as the separately smooth scrolling backgrounds, the great number of highly different fighters and the wide variety of standard and special moves of each character.

NA.P.S a hitherto unknown and unheard developer team consisting of youths from Milan in Italy started to work on Shadow Fighter at the beginning of 1994. In November 1994 they simply sent in the game practically finished to Gremlin Interactive. Immediately Gremlin released the game without big advertising campaigns one month later at Christmas 1994. So the game development took less than a year and the game release was rather low-key beacause Gremlin had not much time to hype it up in the media.

As usual at the time the game came in two different Amiga floppy drive versions. As an ECS/OCS version with 32 on-screen colors for weaker Amiga machines (like Amiga 500/600) and as an more colorful AGA version with 256 on-screen colors for enhanced Amiga machines (like Amiga1200/4000). The Amiga CD32 version came also out with 256 on-screen color graphics and additionally with CD soundtracks.

AGA version (Amiga 1200)
ECS/OCS version (Amiga 500)


There are 14 different fighting locations and 18 fighting characters in Shadow Fighter of which 16 are player-selectable and two are hidden. The two characters that can't be played are Pupazz the training dummy and Shadow the endboss of the game. But via a cheat both of them can be accessed as playable characters. Every fighter has from three up to seven special moves which can be executed by a certain joystick/pad combination.

The game offers four distinct game modes:

  • Championship Fight: This is a one-player game where you can choose one of the characters and try to fight through a tournament to finally meet and defeat the Shadow Fighter. There are three difficulty levels that can be set. Easy: Here you can only choose from the first six fighters and thereafter you will face up to ten opponents but you won't meet Shadow. Normal: Here you can choose from the first twelve fighters and you will have to win thirteen fights before you meet Shadow in the final fight. Hard: Here you can choose any of the sixteen selectable characters and you will have to win sixteen fights in your bid to fight Shadow.
  • Training Battle: Here you will face Pupazz the practice dummy to train some special moves or combinations of any of the characters. But don't think Pupazz is defenceless and likes having the stuffing beaten out of him. He will defend himself vigorously with a variety of the most bizarre weapons like a flamethrower, a saw on an extendible arm or a gigantic fist that pops out of his neck.
  • Single Battle: (Player vs. CPU) In this mode you select one of the 16 choosable characters and fight against a randomly chosen and computer controlled character. The CPU also selects randomly the location in which to fight.
  • VS Battle: (Player vs. Player) Two players can pick any of the 16 selectable characters they wish and fight a duel - best out of three bouts wins. Also the location in which to fight can be chosen freely.


NameDescriptionSpecial Moves

Cody is the son of a

US Kuto arts master.

He is twenty years old

and was taught by his

father at an early age.

Having succeed his

father as master at

just 16, Cody devised

moves his father

believed impossible.

Kuto Kick

Fast Puch

Flying Power Kick

Kuto Fireball


She is only 19

years old, but the

life on the streets

of France taught

her all she needs

to know about


Electric Body

Power Launch

Earth Power Energy

Electric Boomerang

Double Kick

Spinning Jump


He is a 21 years old

Pakistani who is

exploring the inner

mind and life force.

He combines magical

knowledge with fighting

ability which makes

him an unpredictable

character to fight


Genie Hurricane

Mystery Fire


Magic Carpet


Of unknown age and

nationality he is a result

of a DNA experiment.

He has complete

control over his

cellular structure,

allowing him to morph

and stretch like none

of the other fighters.

Grabbing Gut

Liquid Silver Attack

Melting Body


He is a large sized

and 30 years old

Tibetan and no one

is quite sure who or

what he is. He relies

on size and sheer

strength for combat,

making him a hard

target to drop.

Power Smash Fist

Body Drop

Rock Roll

Spinning Fire Hand

Lee Chen

He is a 25 years old

Kung Fu master from

China. Lee was raised

in a temple where he

learned to harness

the forces of nature.

He has a fairly decent

array of moves and he

is good at Nunchaku.

Firey Handspring

Fist Of Falling Sun

Fury Spin

Fury Kick

Falling Nunchaku


A 19 years old girl

who got lost in the

wilds and was raised

by animals. She uses

a style based upon

the movements of the

tiger, giving her speed

and powerful swiping

action during combat.

Fire Hands

Cutting Claws

Rolling Claw Slash

Tiger Pounce Attack

Falling Angel


He is a 27 years old

Samurai from Japan

who practised under

the same school as

the Shadow Fighter.

His will is to take the

title as the most

infamous Samurai

in the world and most

of his moves involve

his sword.

Electric Sword

Spinning Blade

Thunder Power

Steel Sword



Pupazz is the best

fighter-training system

around. Pupazz was

made in Taiwan and

was designed for

fighters to practice

their special moves or

combinations on.

Bowling Ball

Buzzing Saw

Electric Fence Force

Flame Thrower

Jack-In-Box Punch

Head Bomb


21 years old Spaniard

who has learned to

fight on the streets of

Madrid. Apart from an

excellent range of kicks

and punches he has

some very unique and

powerful special

moves like "Flash

Panther" where he

turns into a fiery


Spinning Powerball

Turning Flip KIck

Flash Panther


He was formerly known

as Kioya Mishuma and

was a highly esteemed

Samurai who wished to

become a living

legend. Therefor he

sold his soul to

Chronozon, the

keeper of the abyss.

Kioya had become a

legend but had begun

to abuse his status and

killed once countless

of his fellow Samurai

who despised his

confident swagger.

Kioyas soul was

hereon worthless for

Chronozon and he

transformed him into

a walking dead.

Flame Breath



Speed Blue

Flame Kick

Flame Dive

Flame Uppercut


He is a 24 years old

Dane who combines

his mastery of

basketball with an

expertise of all the

fighting arts. He has a

good mixture of

standard moves as

well as a variety of

basketball moves.

Jumping B-Ball

Spinning Fire Kick

Speed Attack

Spinning Fire B-Ball

Head Spring Kick


He is a 23 years old

kick boxing champion

from Belgium. He has

a handy selection of

powerful kicks and

quick punches at his

disposal. His special

moves are a touch

limited but make him

an excellent all round


Spinning Roundhouse Attack

Flying Kick

Double Drop Heel Kick


20 years old and

from Florence, Italy.

Toni teaches the

fighting arts involving

the secrets of fire.

Toni has some of the

best kicks in the

game and a

powerfull uppercut as

well as a special


Burning Uppercut

Spinning Fire

Flame Kick

Massive Uppercut

Top Knot

He is a 35 years old

Thai boxing world

champion. Top Knot

has some of the best

combinations in the

entire game like the

"Power Combination"

- a sequence of fast

moves designed to

stun the opponent.

Fast Fire Somersault

Spinning Kick

Power Combination

Speed Elbow Smash

Hangman's Uppercut


He is a only 14 years

old Japanese and the

last surviving member

of the Katu Dragon arts

school. Toshio can be

a difficult opponent

simply because he is

too short to be hit by

punches and high

kicks. He has a good

selection of standard

moves as well as flips

and leg throws and to

overcome size

problems he is making

use of acrobatics and

magical abilities.


Speed Dragon

Dragon Uppercut

Dragon Kick

Circle Of Fire


He is a 24 years old

Mexican who lived in

the Mexican wilds for

many years studying

the ancient Aztec

power of the soul.

His general fighting

moves are fairly

standard and he has

some nice special

moves like the

"Spirit Power" -

which electrifies you

and flies you off the

screen to appear by

your opponent.

Electric Speed

Spirit Power

Electric Body

Electric Splash

Spinning Arms


He is a 27 years old

cop from Germany

and joined the

tournament simply

because he suspects

one of the fighters to

be a murderer. He has

a excellent range of

punches and kicks as

well as a powefull

overhead throw.

Gun Fire

Power Fist

Earthquake Fist

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