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Skunny Kart is a kart racing game developed and published by Copysoft and released for the PC in 1993. Skunny Kart is the fifth game in the Skunny series of games, deviating from the platforming formula.


Skunny Kart plays much like Mario Kart for the SNES. The player races around the track trying to finish the race in first place. Along the way there are traps scattered around the tracks as well as some power ups. There are many sound effects used throughout Skunny Kart that have been taken from other licensed properties including: The Terminator, Bugs Bunny, and the Simpsons.

Game Modes

There are three main modes of play in Skunny Kart.

Kart Race

Kart Race can be played by either 1 player or 2. In Kart Race the player has the option to play two different difficulty options: 50cc or 100cc. In Kart Race the player chooses a cup and then tries to place in each race.

Kart Race features seven different cups, each with their own set of tracks (Only the Australia Cup is available in the shareware version).

  • Australia Cup
  • Europe Cup
  • America Cup
  • Japan Cup
  • Germany Cup
  • Africa Cup
  • U.K. Cup
Skunny Kart Main Menu


Practice Mode can be played by either 1 or 2 players. Practice Mode also features the ability to choose either 50cc or 100cc. In Practice Mode not only can the cup be chosen, but also the individual track in the cup.
A Practice Race on Australia Cup Track 5

Battle Zone

Battle Zone has two play options, against the computer or two player game. In Battle Zone there are three different battles labeled Battle 1, Battle 2, and Battle 3. Only Battle 1 is selectable in the Shareware version. Each Battle type has five maps associated and any of them can be chosen.

The goal in Battle Zone is to pop the opponents three balloons they have attached to their kart. There are various items and weapons available on the maps to use against the opponent.
A Battle Zone on Battle 1 Track 5


There are eight selectable characters in Skunny Kart.

  • Potame - (Slow Speed)
  • Ragi - (Medium Speed)
  • Nacard - (Slow Speed)
  • Gondra - (Medium Speed)
  • Golfi - (Medium Speed)
  • Skunny - (Fast Speed)
  • Pussy - (Slow Speed)
  • Handbag - (Fast Speed)
Character Select Screen

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