Hey, Who Wants To Win A Copy Of Stacking?

#51 Posted by Thoseposers (789 posts) -
quick threw this together, 360
#52 Edited by DrinkBourbon (90 posts) -

PSN if I win, please. 
edit: So raw. Wish I had more time to work on it this weekend.
#53 Edited by impulse1987 (16 posts) -

PS3 or Xbox, either way :)

#54 Edited by JacobFromMT (45 posts) -

hey brad.....  (360)

#55 Edited by BrownWing (1 posts) -

 Halo 4

Fallout: Russian Stacking stacking dolls

Xbox 360 please.
#56 Posted by StaticInSnow (37 posts) -

I'd forgotten how ace photoshop is.  PS3 if I win (assuming this is open to UK people too).
#57 Posted by JacobFromMT (45 posts) -
damn, got to it first eh? too easy i suppose
#58 Posted by Nates4god (1 posts) -

 Xbox 360 please!
#59 Edited by cmcali16 (52 posts) -

Sorry about the crappy editing quality this is my first time using a photo editor. I present Batman Ryan, Catwoman Jeff, Penguin Vinny, and Joker Brad.

Also xbox 360 version please.
#60 Posted by JJWeatherman (14564 posts) -

Great, another contest for me to lose. I'm such an optimist.

#61 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5152 posts) -
@impulse1987:  Oh god, what have you done?!
#62 Posted by AxleBro (798 posts) -
@fentonalpha:  noooo!!!!
#63 Posted by BigChief (503 posts) -

Strategic dismemberment: 

If I win, I would like my copy for the PS3.
#64 Edited by Terry_Bogard (303 posts) -


The best I could do in paint. =\ 360, I guess. 
Edit: Changed my entry.
#65 Edited by fentonalpha (820 posts) -

360 by the way.
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#67 Posted by hedfone (1751 posts) -
@impulse1987 said:
" PS3 or Xbox, either way :)
you win
#68 Posted by HealingPancake (12 posts) -

Xbox 360 or PS3
#69 Posted by Mikewrestler5 (601 posts) -

Wow, most of these are terrible.

#70 Edited by Jellybones (109 posts) -


PSN please, should I be so lucky.
#71 Edited by MarkWahlberg (4606 posts) -

360 por favor.

#72 Posted by RubberFactory (290 posts) -
@MarkWahlberg said:
#73 Posted by Turambar (6849 posts) -
@fentonalpha:   No, oh god just no.  I don't want to be reminded.
#74 Posted by bkbroiler (1640 posts) -
Nice, Marky Mark.
#75 Edited by Teddie (56 posts) -

Oh right. PSN, preferably.


  I spent like five whole minutes on this.
#76 Posted by Jolt92 (1569 posts) -

Some of these made me laugh. I'm terrible at this photoshop stuff, so I'll skip this one and buy it tomorrow. :)
#77 Posted by Azgar (3 posts) -

 I think TNT made me do it. Damn.
PS3 would be the platform of choice.
#78 Posted by BoneChompski (236 posts) -

I will buy a copy if I want one!

#79 Posted by Fleshfeast (57 posts) -

Xbox 360 version if I win.
#80 Edited by KWA223 (54 posts) -

Xbox 360 version 


#81 Posted by corban321 (14 posts) -
My platform is Xbox 360!
#82 Posted by carlthenimrod (1597 posts) -

360 if I win
#83 Edited by IkariNoTekken (990 posts) -

Preferably Xbox 360 but if not PS3 is great, thanks.
#84 Posted by SuperSambo (2881 posts) -
@carlthenimrod said:
360 if I win "
You wont.
#85 Edited by Sergotron (503 posts) -

#86 Posted by big_jon (5779 posts) -
@MarkWahlberg said:
" 360 por favor.
#87 Posted by ThaiDSiri (22 posts) -

360 please and thanks, LOVE YA BRAD
#88 Posted by thephiloso4king (1 posts) -

God, I'm horrible at photoshop stuff.  It took me like 2 hours to do this crappy thing.  Anyway, if I get lucky and win somehow, I'd like Stacking for the 360. 
#89 Posted by big_jon (5779 posts) -
 Try not to be a cunt.
#90 Posted by jelekeloy (456 posts) -

I'm not gonna lie, I think this is pretty cool.  PS3.
#91 Edited by Eidderf (507 posts) -

I gave it a go, hope the image isn't too big, sorry if it is.

Xbox 360
#92 Posted by eezo (286 posts) -

360 if i win! :)
#93 Posted by Jack_Lafayette (3435 posts) -
@Abyssfull said:
" Oh man, I wish I had photoshop... and some talent.   "
#94 Edited by boylie (305 posts) -

I was planning on messing around with 3dsMax 2011 tonight anyway 
PS3 if I win please!    
#95 Edited by Luccaface (218 posts) -

EDIT:  Oops, I forgot about the whole potential prize thing.  PSN would be my preference.
#96 Edited by RubberFactory (290 posts) -

Xbox 360 if I somehow manage to win.
#97 Edited by TheBootlegSaint (28 posts) -

Evolution of J. Allard

Xbox 360 is my preference. But I also have a PS3
#98 Posted by gingertastic_10 (4141 posts) -
@Luccaface said:
Ok, as far as I'm concerned. You won.
#99 Edited by EvilAl (18 posts) -

Next time I find some graph paper. 
Xbox or PS3 works
#100 Edited by Winsord (1286 posts) -

How is this video game related you ask? Well, once upon a time that was Drake from Uncharted's face... :/ 
I'm going to go ahead and call this worst picture of the thread. By miracle however, PS3, though either console works XD

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