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Ryu, one of the twelve playable fighters, in his alternate attire.

Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (known in Japan as Street Fighter II') is a fighting game developed and distributed by Capcom for the CP System (CPS-1) Arcade hardware in March 1992. The first derivative (hence the "dash" in the title) of Street Fighter II, Street Fighter II': Champion Edition tweaked various gameplay elements (changing the speed, damage, priority, and other characteristics of normal and special moves) while allowing players to pick the same character (each player character sporting a different color scheme) and making the four boss characters (Balrog, Vega, Sagat, and M. Bison) playable.

Street Fighter II': Champion Edition, like its forebear, saw a lot of home conversions. In 1993, it was released on the PC Engine (Japan exclusive), the Sharp X68000 (Japan exclusive) and the Sega Genesis. The Genesis version was dubbed Special Champion Edition and included a mode based on Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting. The PC Engine was eventually made available to other regions via the Wii's Virtual Console in 2009.

The game appeared on a few Capcom compilations as well. These include: Capcom Generation 5 (Saturn, 1998), Street Fighter Collection 2 (PlayStation, 1998), Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 1 (PS2/Xbox, 2006) and Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded (PSP, 2006).

Special Champion Edition

Special Champion Edition was the console version of both Champion Edition and Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting for the Sega Genesis, it had the following features.


Ken Masters beats up a car.

Titled simply Game Start in the in-game menu, arcade mode allows the player to choose from one of the 12 available characters to do battle against and AI opponent. The player would face all of the normal characters in random order followed by the boss characters, also in random order save for M. Bison who is always last. At set intervals during the arcade mode the player would be given a specific task to accomplish against the clock. These included destroying a car, a pile of bricks, and falling barrels.

V.S. Battle

V.S. Battle the player versus player mode of Street Fighter II: Champion Edition where each player chooses a single character to fight with.

Group Battle

The Group Battle character select screen.

Group battle is also a player versus player mode further broken into two separate variants.

Match Play

In match play both players first choose up to six characters to use. The players then fight with their selected characters in order until one side has been completely wiped out.


Elimination is identical to match play save for each player gets to choose how many characters they wish to use.


Hyper offers all the same modes and options and the standard Champion option except the player gets to choose the hyper level for the game. The hyper level, 0 through 9, increases the speed of the game. Zero hyper being normal speed and nine being somewhere in the vicinity of 5 times speed. Also when in hyper mode the characters default to their alternate color scheme.




Critical Reception

Electronic Gaming Monthly gave the Genesis version of the game review scores of 8,8,9 and 8 out of ten. Martin Alessi, who gave the higher score wrote, "Every Genesis owner's dream come true is here! SF2 CE is a faithful translation of the arcade smash -- plus more. There are enhancements that aren't even in the SNES version. Special matches and eliminations make this a great cart to play with a group of friends. The graphics have greatly improved and the speed is even faster too! Problem #1: You need the 6-button controller to enjoy it".


As was almost always seen in Japan during the 1980s and 1990s, Street Fighter II': Champion Edition's end credits are a series of pseudonyms and/or aliases, instead of the developers' actual names. At the time, Japanese game studios feared that if a rival company discovered who worked on their most successful titles, they would headhunt their staff. As a result, the true identities of some of the game's developers remain a mystery to this day.

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