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The Classic Struggle Between Meat Boy and Evil Fetus

Super Meat Boy is a furiously challenging 2D platformer.   It features over 200 levels that constantly test the player’s thumb-eye coordination and perseverance.   To those who can muster the will to attempt what should be a 30-second-long level an embarrassing number of times, this game offers satisfaction rather than frustration.   This is because it is very rare that victory comes through memorization (a la Mega-Man).   Instead, the player only needs pixel-perfect platforming skills and the ability to identify the most effective way to reach a level’s goal.   This goal, by the way, is Bandage Girl, Meat Boy’s significant other.   In typical hard-to-get fashion, though, she is constantly being captured by the evil Dr. Fetus just prior to being rescued by her skinless lover.   For fans of video game nostalgia, Super Meat Boy includes cut-scenes that parody classic game intros like Ninja Gaiden and Castlevania, as well as bonus levels that look like good old green-tinted Game Boy games.   There are even secret characters from newer games like Tim from Braid and Commander Video.   The visuals are colorful and creative, the soundtrack is truly fantastic, but the key to Super Meat Boy’s success is its heaping portion of tough yet tightly polished platforming. 

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