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Swallowing down bile with a slice of humble pie 0

The Wind Waker is a game that has been subject to a modicum of controversy. To my recollection, it could very well be the most controversial kid-friendly, cartoon-styled piece of family entertainment to not feature cropped-in naked girls or questionable wording. (Go on Youtube and look up “Disney sex” to skewer your perception of The Lion King). Part of this is the cause of Zelda fans and haters, arguing the merits of cartoonish graphics versus adult Link swim graphics. Tedious sailing across al...

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Wind Waker is a worthy Zelda title. 0

Wind Waker was a great game, although I was very skeptical at first and it did take be a while to get use to all the sailing, but otherwise I had a ton of fun and it was a worthy sequel to Ocarina of Time. They did enough to make it different, but also kept enough to keep it familiar. The story was really good, one of the better stories for Zelda, it just seemed really rushed at the end. ----------Battle System---------- The game's controls are straight from Ocarina of Time, and that's not a ...

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This is a work of art in the form of a videogame. 0

The Good: Outstanding visuals Superb gameplay Incredible soundtrack Great Value Great story Huge world to explore with tons of minigames and sidequest- Great dungeon design - Interesting (and lovable) characters. The Bad: Sailing and the constant use of the Wind Waker is annoying One last tedious fetch quest____________Back in 1999 Nintendo released what would be one of the most innovative games ever created called The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, it gave a whole new feeling to the...

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Best in Series 0

This game is absolutely marvelous. Though it's been a while since I've last played it, all the beautiful memories it gave me remain. Though the decision to introduce cell-shaded graphics into the series was initially met by skepticism, it paid off in the end. The vibrant graphics seemingly brought the game to life and made it that more engaging and satisfying. Gameplay wise, the Wind Waker delivers as well and the captivating story will keep you engaged to the end. enjoy =] ...

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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 0

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker tells the story of a boy who is growing up on Outset Island. It turns out that today is your birthday. You learn about the legend of the “hero of time”, which was Link from The Ocarina of Time, and how he saved the world. It is customary for boys who reach the age of the Link to wear green clothing on their birthday. After a short amount of time, a huge bird shows up carrying a young pirate girl it apparently kidnapped. After saving the girl, the massive bird ...

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Wind Waker Review 0

Another fantastic game in the Zelda franchaise. When trailers were released of Wind Waker a lot of Zelda fans were outraged at the graphics. A cartoony colourful world took place of the usual dark zelda universe.However, the graphics proved highly successful and the public (including me) seemed to really like the graphics. The gameplay in this game is as good as any other zelda game. The fantastic story that normaly accompanies Zelda games is there too. One thing that makes the game slightly les...

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A slight change in direction 0

"The wind waker" marks an offbeat entry in the Zelda Series, That's for the better. The childish and innocent art style makes the game's universe easy to fall in love with, and is a nice change from the dark and serious tones of it's predecessors. In addition to the art style the gameplay ls also freshened up with the addition of sailing, which really makes the player fell like an adventurer. However, the game is at it's best when the brilliant and unforgettable story unfolds before your eyes. t...

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This game shows that not all Zelda games are the same 1

This is a game critcised by even some Zelda fans because of the way it looks but don't let that fool you here you are in for a treat with this game.The story to this game is very good. You start out as Link who is celebrating his twleve birthday and he gets a telescope and he spots Tetra a pirate captain grabbed by a huge bird pirates hit it out of the sky and Link goes to investigate and when he comes back with Tetra Aryll his sister is taken instead of Tetra and Link has to go and rescue her. ...

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Micro-Review: One of the Best Zelda's Ever 0

 Personally I think this is one of the best Zelda games of all time. The story breaks the traditional Zelda setting just enough to bring something new to the game while still keeping it traditional. When the game was released the Zelda formula was not quite as worn as it is today.   The cel shading in this game and overall humorous style make the game in the end. The game looks incredibly crisp, even on an HDTV and the game on the whole still stands up today.     ...

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No, this is not about a missing can of beans... 0

The Legend of Zelda series is easily one of the best game series of all time. Every single Legend of Zelda game that has appeared has been fantastic, even the older games are fantastic to this day.So is The Legend of Zelda:Wind Waker a good addition to the series? No.....It's an AMAZING one!!!The game starts of when your Sister wakes you up and you remember it's your Birthday your told to meet your Grandmother there and you do, while your there she cloakes you in a Green Garb, on from that it's ...

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Not usually a fan of Zelda, but this game rules! 0

So I don't usually play Zelda, cause they almost never appeal to me, but this game is fantastic. Great story, great controls, great gameplay. This is my favorite Zelda game by far. It's got great graphics, and it does a superb job simulating the life of a hero. Overall, this is a fantastic game, a little hard at times, but the difficulty almost never gets in the way....

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The Wind Waker is a great game that every Zelda fan should enjoy. 0

I think Zelda is the greatest gaming franchise ever created and it is by far the best adventure franchise out there. But The Wind Waker has taken the series to new places. First of all Ocarina of Time, I believe is the greatest game ever made, and by no means do I think The Wind Waker surpasses it. The Wind Waker, though, has improved in many categories over OoT. First of all The Wind Waker's sword combat vastly improves upon Ocarina of Time's. Many people were skeptical when Nintendo and Shi...

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A darn good game! 0

Yep, it's Zelda: The wind waker, and it's a freaking good game. Everything in this game meshes so well together, the music is great, the ambiance is heart warming. It's just a sweet sweet game. The only real problem is that the sailing around can get a little tedious, especially if you decide to explore the map early on in the game. For anyone that wants to play WW, I'm telling you, WAIT UNTIL YOU GET A BUNCH OF ITEMS BEFORE EXPLORING. It'll be that much more enjoyable. The only level I didn't ...

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A new and more colorful presentation of an epic 0

Kiddy, stupid, horrible, untouchable and ugly are just a few words used by the mass public at their first glance of The Legend of Zelda : The Wind Waker. But these people are wrong, horribly, stupidly, untouchably and ugly, ugly wrong. Wind Waker definitely had its own share of controversy primarily because of the new graphical direction taken, as you would already know. But let's set this aside and talk about the game, how is it good? What are its flaws? And most importantly, should you get thi...

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One of Link's Finest Outings 0

 Everybody that I've talked to was quite disappointed with the graphics of Windwaker, they saw the 2001 Spaceworld video of Link looking realistic and they really wanted that Zelda. Nonetheless they got a Cell shaded Zelda, which, believe it or not, is still the same Zelda we all know and love. Let's start with what we all want to know about, the graphics; The game is cell shaded and is nothing like what we've seen from a Zelda Game. However, that being said, the graphics are so unique an...

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Warner Bros. Zelda 2

So Imagine that Bugs Bunny tripped on his ass and decided to have sex with Zelda, and there you get the Wind Waker. This game, as, for some odd reason, rejected as it is by purest of the series, is actually no disappointment. Get past the fact that it looks different, so does every other person on the planet, but that doesn't stop you from talking to them, unless you...nevermind. Point being that this game is sex, and I would not take it away from any GameCube owners collection, this game is a m...

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Toon Link's first and greatest adventure yet. 0

The Wind Waker Story takes place in the world of Ocarina of Time, Hundreds of years after that time period's Link fought and defeated Ganon. Ganon re-appeared soon after, but Link was no where in sight, trapped in the land of Termina. as a result, the only way for the gods of Hyrule to prevent the return of Ganon to power was to flood all of Hyrule, as a last resort, and the land disappeared into history and was forgotten...and the Great Sea was formed. this is the world of the Wind waker chapte...

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wind waker has some good elements to it but falls short 0

the wind waker for the gamecube has got some very well done cel-shaded graphics, nice smooth controls, some well made and intricate dungeons, loads of side quests to complete, some nice npc's, engaging and compelling storyline. the things i dont like about it are i really dont like cel-shaded graphics im not a shallow person and judging the game on the look of it. but i really dont like the slightly childish look it presents. i dont everytime you gain a item new or old, it will give you a tutori...

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