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Designer Splinter Cell

The Josh Powell soundtrack erupts in the open room. Lights blare to the remixed tectonic beats in unison with each rhythmic, unsyncopated drone. Hard lights and sharp edges reveal blemished and rank details upon the surfaces of the walk. The curtains await the presence of a model. 
The beat changes to include a swelling instrumental score, a chord progression accompanied by a rising snare. Hidden behind the cacophony of dissonance, the beat reemerges exactly when the lights drop to reveal the entrance.
Those immediate to the walk can be seen exchanging hurried glances, the response to the display is immediate, rippling through the crowd as visible as a disruption upon a placid lake. It is a bold statement for an industry such as this, a triple AAA designer having spent several years working on this product line. Dropping off of the face of the earth after first teasing a glimpse of its offerings, the final picture seems to have been something completely different, as if the entire line and had been scrapped and reworked from the ground up. 
The fashion statement could not be more clear. It is both minimalist and high concept, amalgamated and ambivalent, irascible and comfortable. A tight green turtle neck, composed as much like a Kevlar vest as a snug long sleeve is complimented by  loose olive corduroy cargo jeans furnished with dorsal pockets working in-tandem with the legging. The look is even further juxtaposed with the 50 year old model it adorns, a stoic and unshaven American with a steely gaze and feral candor. Emerging from the shadows as naturally as would a snake approach it's victim, the amalgamated and minimalist cardboard aesthetic displayed by such a person is unsettling. 
The lighting and music shifts de-saturating what color was on stage to a point where it is all a wash. Lighting that was once harsh in now soft enough to almost appear liquid. Other figures appear behind the entering model, a red headed woman wearing a tight pair of flannel jeans and a micro-mesh long sleeve jacket over a Gucci fashion button up long sleeve cotton frock.
A projector displays videos and images behind the models as they make their way down the isle, each fitting the theme. Grim. Anger. Break into the Mansion. Look Beneath the Door. Mistrust. Sarah. Escape. Take Cover. Betrayal. Mark and Execute. Rescue the Scientist. Plant the C4. Grim. Video of a car running over a woman. Video of a gravestone bearing the name Sarah Fisher. Video of the lead model punching a mirror, blood running down its reflective surface to signify the tears that would never fall upon such a hardened cheek. Clean cut clothes, solid colors, solid styles. Fear. Betrayal. Escape.
Designer action.

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