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Pixies Quotes FTW :D

Posted by Lydian_Sel

At first I kinda just thought this game looked like a shitty 3rd person shooter with horrific voice acting & a crappy story, but then I saw that Cyborg Gorilla & now I say; Fuck this game.

Posted by skrutop

I'm not totally sold, but it's a really interesting concept.

Posted by myslead

this is like that game 
you know that game with David Bowie or something 
 Omikron was the name  

Posted by countinhallways

Conceptually this seems really promising. But just from watching gameplay footage I have concerns about the actual execution of some of those ideas. 
And the movement and shooting looks clunky as hell. There are some real awkward animations going on. 

Posted by pcguy2

why is this not a quick look?

Edited by bybeach

A lot of getting repeatedly shot in the game. And that cool blu color..kind of do not  care for it. It has an interesting mechanic with the mind jack and variants,.. and the introduction of zapped  Pixy-dusted primates and robots makes for a weird mix. So weird in fact the super straight guy protagonist kind of stands out odd. just my impression after a short look at the game, anyways.
This looks like I imagined Snowblind to look, with it's cold blue metallic futuristic look..except I wouldn't know. I never took snowblind out of the package, just have read about it, and it sounds like this looks. 
That poor stewardess and the hostage... but why were they armed? They game really needs to explain, should have at least had them pick up a nearby weapon to carry a game conceit. That is, weapons always litter the floor because it's most always a gun-fight... 
edit..kept forgetting about the multiplayer, well yes that is different.
Posted by AlexW00d

The multiplayer is exactly what Demon's Souls. The fact that it's not yet been mentioned sucks.

Posted by cangowar

The 'game with the baby'  i think he means Messiah (an old PC game)

Posted by BenderUnit22
@pcguy2: Because they're not playing the game
Posted by Marlowefire

totally had me until the cyborg apes...

Posted by AuthenticM

what happened at 0:50?

Posted by MisterMouse

cool a game I havent hear much of recently.

Posted by NinjaHunter

Game doesn't look that great. Interesting concept though.

Posted by AuthenticM

they took a page out of Demon's Souls, which is fine with me. 
Oh man, looks like we are getting invaded with spam.

Posted by drumpsycho89


Posted by capthavic

This looked awful in the trailer and looks just as bad in-game. It's like a early PS2 game.

Posted by l4wd0g

Reminds me of Geist. 

Edited by fox01313

Always liked the idea of mind controlling people in games though I think that because Square is putting this out, it might be a bit strange as these kind of action games aren't really something that they do a ton of but might work as the developer has done a few action games. Will have to play it first hand to find out for sure.  

Posted by Orange_Pork
@fox01313:  Square is just the publisher. The game is made by Feelplus.
Posted by Mordi


Posted by Hilfemaster

I feel - about this game

Posted by MiniPato

I think this game looks great, in a fun nostalgic way. I like the cheesy Japanese arcade plot and dialogue in it. Much like Brad and Jeff said, the voice acting is like early 2000's Japanese games. The difference between the tone in this and Vanquish is that Vanquish seems almost self aware in its cheesy craziness, whereas this is self serious and as a result achieves that nostalgic arcade "Time Crisis" esque tone more successfully. I also think more games need to make use of the clean Neo Tokyo setting. Now that I think about it, I can't think of too many games that have.

Posted by Romination
@pcguy2 said:
" why is this not a quick look? "
AMA are prerecorded footage that they're watching on commenting on, not actually playing. 
So... this game is like Jericho?
Posted by Gubagaba

Vanquish 1.0

Posted by MyNameIsJoe

Wwow Jeff comin' through with a Pixies reference.

Posted by RobertOrri

I am interested in this game.

Posted by ThePhantomnaut

This is really not bad. I am very interested.

Posted by Jayzz

that apes spine is MESSED UP!
game looks interesting, but i cannot stand 3rd person cover based shooters.

Posted by JohnRabbit
@capthavic said:
" This looked awful in the trailer and looks just as bad in-game. It's like a early PS2 game. "
you are giving way too much credit to early ps2 games.
Posted by CornBREDX

Color me intrigued. I like the look and feel of this game. I'm gonna check this one out whenever it releases. Looks pretty cool.

Posted by Milpool

Concept is cool, game looks really janky like most Japanese games.

Posted by Sauson

Not interested in this game but I think the multiplayer stuff is a neat idea.

Posted by The_Dreaming_One

Game looks pretty interesting, but i wish it didnt come out in January... that month is packed already -_-
Posted by Zicdab

Leave Brink alone!

Posted by LtDestroyer

Demon's Souls   invasion with a twist! Cool. 

Posted by Protome
@JohnRabbit said:
" @capthavic said:
" This looked awful in the trailer and looks just as bad in-game. It's like a early PS2 game. "
you are giving way too much credit to early ps2 games. "
Maybe not EARLY PS2 games. But MGS2 looked better than this...
Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish
You seem to have forgotten what the PS2 was(n't) capable of!
Edited by Portis

I know it's not done but -- game looks jank as fuck. The camera in particular is seriously jarring in the way it pans around all crazy when you hit cover. Curious how it'll turn out, either way.

Posted by DeadDorf

Apes, guys, not monkeys!

Posted by InfiniteGeass

The concepts behind the game sound very interesting, but the way the game actually plays ruins it.

Posted by Nizzleworth


Posted by Turambar
@Protome said:
" @JohnRabbit said:
" @capthavic said:
" This looked awful in the trailer and looks just as bad in-game. It's like a early PS2 game. "
you are giving way too much credit to early ps2 games. "
Maybe not EARLY PS2 games. But MGS2 looked better than this... "
No, it didn't.  Trust me.
Posted by Turambar

Good to see Demon's Souls multiplayer influences making its way into other games.

Posted by LiK

why does the art and colors remind me of Front Mission Evolved..... FU Square-Enix for more mediocre action games.

Posted by beard_of_zeus

Looks like a case of cool idea, poor execution. I'm interested to see how it turns out.

Posted by WindFall259
Posted by TurboMan

Pixies reference made this video worth it.

Posted by tourgen

Need to give those apes rocket boots or jetpacks and I'm onboard
hell I'm on board anyway - apes with guns sounds fun.  those melee attacks looked BAD tho.  fix that

Posted by thebigJ_A

What's up with Jeff's skepticism about Brink? Did something happen that doesn't bode well? I was pretty optimistic for that game, but I haven't really kept up on it.
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