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Posted by j0dybr33z3

Bayonetta Looks HOT

Posted by etmaul

Killer Stilettos in Bayonetta!

Great stuff GB, you guys rock!

Posted by Driadon

I cannot stop laughing at Brad standing there in the shower in the Ben Judd interview

Posted by Robby322

That girl is pro at pointing.

Posted by MrJoey

looking forward to strider re-strided.

Posted by LGJ

Jungelvrål is awesome!!

Posted by theMcNasty

Wow... how many crotch shots can you fit into one Bayonetta trailer?

Posted by CashBailey

Brad's smile unnerves me for some reason.

Posted by Griddler

Man, with that beard Ben Judd looks exactly like a ginger version of my uncle

Posted by generalen

Is that the very Miguel Lopez who's over at Gametrailers now?  
I always pictured him as a very small guy. Huh.

Posted by CashBailey

I hope the guys go to TGS this year.
They missed it last year and their perspective on Japanese culture is always hilarious.

Posted by buwchbach

Posted by Klaimore

Are they ever going to go back to TGS?

Edited by Jasta

@Klaimore said:

Are they ever going to go back to TGS?

One can hope.

Posted by kerse

Oh Japan.

Posted by clumsyninja1

JapAn, guys. JAPAN

Posted by SatelliteOfLove

@kerse said:

Oh Japan and Ben and Brad.


Posted by SpaceDesperado

jeff finally got his new strider, we'll see if they can deliver in this day and age

Posted by sQuadr0n

what was the fucking ace, i dont remember ever finding out?