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The cast of Waku Waku 7
The cast of Waku Waku 7

Waku Waku 7 is an over-the-top 2D fighter made by Sunsoft for the Neo Geo arcade hardware and marked Sunsoft's second attempt at a fighting game and their most well known. While it was not a major success in the arcades when it was first released and it never received a home release in the US, the proliferation of Neo Geo Emulation on the internet caused it to gain a cult following years after it's initial release. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the 7th game in the Waku Waku series. Rather, Waku Waku merely means "Exciting" and the 7 refers to the 7 playable characters. It has loose ties to Galaxy Fight and Astra Superstars though.


Waku Waku 7 was originally going to be a direct sequel to Galaxy Fight with an entirely different and far more serious cast. However, after the first character, Rai, was finished, the team decided to change directions. Noticing that the only things anyone remembered from the original Galaxy Fighter were it's sillier characters: Roomi, Bonus-kun, and Yacopu, they decided to go a more comical route and make it an entirely new game. Some of the character designs from early in development were later used in the PS1 game T.R.A.G., most notably the hero Alex who may have originally been planned to be a decendant of Rolf. Despite no longer being directly connected to Galaxy Fight, Bonus-kun returned as a joke character and Fernandez is actually listed as being a relative of Felden Kryz, the boss of Galaxy Fight.


According to legend, there are 7 Waku Waku balls. Whoever brings all 7 balls together at Waku Waku Park in Waku Waku City will be granted a single wish. However, these balls have the added twist of driving their holders into combat with one another.


How to Play
How to Play

Waku Waku 7 is a pretty standard 2D fighter, inspired mostly by Darkstalkers. Infact, the original Galaxy Fight 2 design for Tesse (then named Nicole) was very similar to Anita from Darkstalkers and an even earlier scrapped design for Tesse portrayed her looking near identical to Donovan's Midnight Bliss form. The game uses 2 punch and kick buttons and pushing the two together results in a special stronger attack. Like in Darkstalkers, you can preform a powered up rendition of a move by preforming it with both buttons instead of just one at the cost of some super meter. Also similar to Darkstalkers is the rolling wake-up, allowing you to move away from your opponent after being knocked down. This, however, is greatly emphasized and exaggerated in Waku Waku 7 and serves as the basis of it's game. Unique to Waku Waku 7, however, is the ability to bounce off of walls when knocked away and Hara Hara attacks, special Super Moves that have an incredibly long warm up time but do massive damage and are completely unblockable.


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