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Yuki kneeing Alamis in the chin. 
The second child of the missing King, she is a practitioner of "dynastic wrestling". She's certainly no princess that needs rescuing!  
age: 17 
weight:  53 kg
height:168 cm 
ProximityMove NameCommandDescription
 Close High Crunch Up-forward, heavy attack Yuki knees the opponent in the face.
 Close Hurricane Bomber down, left, right, special Yuki performs a takedown on the opponent, dropping to the ground with her elbow in their face.
 Close Kebradora Conhiiro(?) right, up, down, heavy attack Yuki grabs the opponent and slams them to the ground over her leg.
 Close Drop Kick jump, right, special Yuki drop-kicks the opponent, sending them flying back (and moving them away from her)
 Far Planchajump, up, special Yuki somehow manages to proper herself forward with great force while in mid-air; this brings her close to the opponent.
 Far La Keblada left, right, jump Yuki vaults off a tree that always happens to be in the right place and performs a body splash/knee drop on the opponent.
 * Frankensteinerwhile advancing, down, heavy attack Yuki runs at the opponent and.. well, performs a frankensteiner on them. This can only be done while moving forward.
 Far Neuro Power Slide half circle forward, special Yuki fires a blast of energy at the opponent.

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