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Zobek, one of the noble founders of the Brotherhood of Light.

Voiced by Sir Patrick Stewart, but physically modelled after Sean Connery, Zobek was one of the three founders of the monster-hunting organization known as the Brotherhood of Light, along with Cornell and Carmilla. After doing an incredible amount of selfless heroism in the name of good, the three founders used an artifact called the God Mask to shed all evil in their souls and become spiritual beings composed of pure good, which ascended into Heaven to be advisers to God Himself. However, the evil left behind was not simply destroyed; the bodies of the three Brotherhood founders came back to life as monstrous beings of pure evil, with incredible supernatural powers. The three of them each took a fragment of the shattered God Mask as a truce with each other, and promptly began raising an army of monsters in their own, twisted images, Cornell becoming the first werewolf, the Dark Lord of the Lycanthropes, Carmilla becoming the eternal queen, the Dark Lord of the Vampires, and Zobek becoming the master of all necromancers, the Dark Lord of the Dead. Together, they were known as the Lords of Shadow, and feared by all mankind.

Zobek as he appeared to Gabriel in 1047.

In the year 1047, Zobek began to crave dominion over all the Earth, but did not believe he could take on the other Lords of Shadow in direct conflict. So he created an elaborate plan, finding the modern Brotherhood's mightiest champion, Gabriel Belmont, and using mind control to force him to murder his own beloved wife Marie and then forget all about it. Now overwhelmed with grief, Gabriel set out on a journey to find a way to bring her back to life, and learned of a rumour that the God Mask could resurrect the dead. At this point, Zobek appeared to Gabriel in the guise of a mortal member of the Brotherhood, and served as an ally to him. In this guise, Zobek also serves as the narrator for the loading screen journal entries in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, recording his observations of Gabriel's progress.

Zobek's true form as Dark Lord of the Dead.

Although he leaves Gabriel's side in the territory of the lycans, he rejoins him in the land of the vampires, and they spend quite a bit of time battling evil side-by-side. Ultimately, Gabriel succeeds in slaying Cornell and Carmilla, and travels to the Land of the Dead, fighting zombies, skeletons, necromancers, and even a titanic dracolich, in order to confront the Dark Lord of the Dead. Upon arrival at his final destination, where the third piece of the mask is kept, Zobek reveals his deception and gleefully explains his plotting, then uses his power over the gauntlet Gabriel wears to casually murder him. Before he can even put the mask on, however, Zobek hears the voice of Satan informing him that in truth, he too was manipulated, and it was the Devil's plan all along. Zobek then bursts into flames and dies, before Gabriel is revived by the power of Marie Belmont's love, and defeats Satan in single combat.

The post-credits scene in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow revealed that Zobek somehow revived himself after his encounter with Satan using his Necromancy, and in fact survived into the 21st century. Although Zobek did not appear himself in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate, a Necromancer appears to fight Simon Belmont, Gabriel's grandson, intending to claim the Combat Cross of Trevor Belmont, Simon's father, for his master Zobek. Simon defeated him and kept his father's Combat Cross for himself.

Zobek, as he appears in 2047.

In the year 2047, during Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, the Acolytes of Satan prepare to help the Devil return to Earth, and Zobek becomes afraid, knowing that if Satan returns, he'll capture Zobek's soul and torture him for all eternity in the deepest pits of Hell. His only hope lies in the only being who ever defeated Satan in combat, Gabriel Belmont, who later became the vampire lord Dracula, sacrificing his humanity in order to save the world from a demon called the Forgotten One. Although Dracula had disappeared five hundred years earlier, he is located, in a vastly weakened state, by Zobek's loyal Lieutenant, and Zobek, who now doesn't try quite so hard to hide his evil nature, letting his black and yellow eyes show through, explains the situation to Dracula, who would suffer just as terrible a fate as Zobek were Satan to return. Despite his intense hatred of Zobek, Dracula reluctantly agrees to help him and prevent Satan's return, in exchange for Zobek giving him the one thing he desires; true death, and being freed from his eternal vampire life, by way of Gabriel's old Combat Cross, the Vampire Killer.

Zobek's ultimate form: Death.

Things go according to plan for a while, with Dracula killing the first two of three of the Acolytes, but when he goes to confront the third, he is prevented from interrupting the summoning ritual by Zobek's Lieutenant, who is revealed to have been replaced by Gabriel's son Trevor, who had long ago been transformed into the vampire Alucard. Alucard restores Dracula's missing memories and reveals that the two of them had plotted together five hundred years earlier to fake Dracula's death in order to bring about this very chain of events, so that they could strike down Zobek and Satan and save the world from their evil once and for all. Upon realizing that he had been played the way he once played Gabriel, Zobek flew into a furious rage and teleported to the dark church where the third Acolyte had just escaped, where he promptly transformed into his nightmarish true form - Death. He engaged Dracula in a furious battle wielding a whip-like scythe made of bones, and using his necromantic powers to summon zombie minions into battle, but in the end, Dracula defeated Zobek, and impaled him with his icy Void Sword, freezing him solid, before shattering him into dozens of pieces, utterly destroying him once and for all, and ending Gabriel Belmont's quest to defeat the Lords of Shadow one thousand years after it began.

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