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    Ace Combat

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    A series of air combat, mostly jet fighter, based games that have consistently walked the line between arcade style action and simulation style physics.

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    Ace Combat is a franchise of air based combat games featured almost exclusively on Sony systems. The Ace Combat games are known for the large amounts of plot exposition featured in the later titles. Most of the games are set in an alternate history Earth known to fans as Strangereal although some games take place in a near-future real Earth.

    The games are rely heavy on dogfighting and the bombing of ground targets. Most planes featured in Ace Combat are real life aircraft or exist as prototypes, conceptual designs or experimental aircraft. Starting with Ace Combat 2, every Ace Combat game introduces a fictional superplane that is most powerful plane in their respective game. The game also makes use of fictionalized superweapons, ranging from AI guided planes and dronefighters, giant sky-based aircraft carriers and railguns capable of launching payloads of varying size and destruction.

    The Ace Combat series is also known for its very dramatic soundtracks, from driving hard rock and sci-fi electronica sounds to full orchestras pounding out grand cinematic-like scores.


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