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    All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros.

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released 1986

    All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. is a version of the game based on the Japanese radio show All Night Nippon.

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    All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. is a special Japan-only edition of Super Mario Bros. in which many of the game's enemies are replaced with celebrities. The game was originally presented as a raffle prize on the radio program All Night Nippon before going on sale at retail.


    All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. received a number of graphic and gameplay revisions that distinguish it from the original Super Mario Bros. Changes to the game include:

    • Goombas and Piranha Plants have been changed to big-headed caricatures of DJs Sunplaza Nakano and Tamori, respectively.
    • Microphones replaced the mushrooms found in the background.
    • The logo of the Fujisankei Communications Group, the media company behind All Night Nippon, is found on the flag at the end of each non-fortress stage. The logo also replaces the golden axe that sits behind Bowser in the fortress stages.
    • The Mushroom Retainers have been replaced with Japanese celebrities.
    • Princess Peach is dressed in a traditional geisha ensemble.
    • As with Vs. Super Mario Bros., the locations of ? Blocks and Brick Blocks have changed around, though the changes are different from Vs.
    • The starman power-up has been replaced with a hiranya, a symbol popularized by a Japanese radio show called Young Paradise.
    • The game contains many of the graphic revisions found in The Lost Levels (Japan's Super Mario Bros. 2), with the exception of the bricks, which retain their more simplistic appearance from the original Super Mario Bros.
    • The sound effect played when Mario comes to a skidding stop at the end of a run is the same used in Super Mario Bros 3.
    • World 1 is a nighttime world, rather than daytime.
    • Windstorms were removed, affecting the difficulty of the courses they were found in (most noticeably World B-1).
    • World A-3 had its cloud platforms replaced with the mushroom platforms from World 4. This was because the clouds occupied the same graphic space as the mushrooms in The Lost Levels.
    • World 4-4 and World 7-4 have their maze solutions revised.

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