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The Community Spotlight 2020.12.26

It's the final Spotlight of March 2020.


Well, it seems odd to air an edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight the day after Christmas, but as a wise man once said "That's the way the cookie crumbles." No matter, I hope all of you found a way to celebrate the holiday, if you celebrate, it a manner that was safe and fun for you and those you love. A little happiness and cheer goes a long way; I know that all to well. This week, the Spotlight is opening the floodgates and is welcoming ALL USERS to share their GOTY lists and blogs for inclusion. If I missed your blog or list, just drop a comment and I will promise to include them next time! I traditionally continue hosting user-made GOTY content until two weeks AFTER the staff content has subsided! So, with that in mind, let's jump into the site-related housekeeping!

  • Due to pandemic-related production issues, the Giant Bomb tracksuits will be delayed. Social Imprints, Giant Bomb's merchandise partner, expects the delay to only be around one to two weeks. If you would like to get into contact about possibly cancelling your order, please use the link.
  • Everyone has until 12/31 to pick up a 30 day free trial of Giant Bomb premium! For those of you that have friends that might be interested in checking out the site and its back catalog, this is a perfect opportunity for them!
  • This time last year, Giant Bomb embarked on a journey to create a list that definitively ranked the worst songs of the 1980's before crowning a king of crap. So, by popular demand, the Giant Bomb staff plan to do the same with music from the 1990's!
  • Finally, as I have been saying for the past couple of weeks, Giant Bomb's GOTY Coverage is delayed until January.

GOTY 2020

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Author's Note: After a long delay, I finally got around to reviewing and compiling some, but obviously not all of the user-created lists on the site. If I missed your list or blog, PLEASE drop a link to it using the comments section and I will happily showcase it next week!

User-Created Lists & Blogs


Video Clips

Operation: Orphix Venom - Warframe with the Giant Bomb Community (By: @rapid)

Whenever a new event hits Warframe I know I can count on Rapid showcasing the most riveting moments of it on YouTube with other community members to boot. Remember, you can join the fun using this link!


The Hotspot Beer Brand (By: Ryan Langley)

As the cool kids say, "I'd drink to that." Also, this comes from Twitter users Ryan Langley. Remember, support artists however you can!

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fuck this guy
fuck this guy

I Spent My Summer Playing The Wrong Final Fantasy MMORPG - Part 2: This Is The Most Mean Spirited Game Ever Made (By: @zombiepie)

Everyone in the Giant Bomb community told resident Final Fantasy expert, ZombiePie, to get through the pandemic by playing Final Fantasy XIV. Instead, they played Final Fantasy XI and used this 8,000+ word write-up to share how the game damn near killed them!

12 Days Of The Shogun (2) (By: @apewins)

apewins is a huge fan of the Total War franchise from Creative Assembly, but they have one "mark of shame" with the franchise: they have never finished Shogun 2. So, they have started a 12 day journey to beat the game!

Is 13 Sentinels worthy of the hype? Read PurpleShyGuy's blog to find out!
Is 13 Sentinels worthy of the hype? Read PurpleShyGuy's blog to find out!

What's The Greatest Video Game: Super Mario 64 (By: @imunbeatable80)

As part of imunbeatable80's retrospective on the games of their childhood, they replayed Super Mario 64 and assessed how well the game holds up even by today's standards!

13 Sentinels Is Captivating, Genius And Sometimes Very Dumb (By: @purpleshyguy)

PurpleShyGuy played 13 Sentinels after people talked of it glowingly. Use the link below to read why they agree for the most part, but want more people to know the "sillier" parts of the game they think others are forgetting when they talk about it positively.

Go! Go! GOTY! 2020: Game 10: Genshin Impact (By: @mento)

Mento's going through the process of coming to terms with liking Genshin Impact, like the rest of us.
Mento's going through the process of coming to terms with liking Genshin Impact, like the rest of us.

This week, Mento gave Genshin Impact a shot after everyone spoke of it glowingly! Read their impressions of it, and where they think it ranks in their current GOTY list!

Tenet is Nolan's Most Interesting Misfire [OPEN SPOILERS] (By: @theoracleofgame)

theoracleofgame finally got around to seeing Christopher Nolan's Tenet and uses their blog about the film to share why they were largely disappointed by it. Feel free to read why they feel that way, and share if you agree or disagree!

Discussion Threads & Forums

Why is KFC's marketing efforts this year so intolerable?
Why is KFC's marketing efforts this year so intolerable?

Dan, Mary, And Mike Make A GOTY Video (By: @humanity)

A lot of users are sharing their enjoyment of the 2020 GOTY video Dan, Mary Kish , and Mike Mahardy made last week! Give it a watch and share your impressions using the link!

Steam Winter Sale 2020 (By: @denisxcore)

Have any of the sales for the 2020 Steam Winter Sale caught your attention? Share your pick-ups and recommendations with the rest of the community and feel free to join the community discussion if the Winter Sale this year is lacking the chutzpah of previous years.

What Cyberpunk 2077 Ending Did You Get? What Did You Think? (Obviously Spoilers) (By: @xanadu)

Would you buy a high spec version of the Switch?
Would you buy a high spec version of the Switch?

For those of you playing Cyberpunk 2077, here's a link to the community discussion about the game's ending! Use the link to share and discuss your outcome and if it resonated with you! Can you think of any way the ending could have been better? Join the debate NOW!

Would This Game Have Come Out/Been Fixed With Another One Year Delay? (By: @lilnatureboyx)

Speaking of Cyberpunk, how much do you think another year in the oven would have benefitted Cyberpunk 2077? Do you think CD Projekt RED could have afforded another year of development?

Dirt 5 & Dirt Franchise Post-EA Buyout Discussion Thread (By: @mightyduck)

Did you remember that Dirt 5 came out this year? Crazy, right? If you have played the game, join the community discussion about it and share what you think EA will do with a possible Dirt 6!

hello darkness my old friend....
hello darkness my old friend....

Nintendo: Where Do They Go From Here? (By: @berfunkle)

We have an interesting discussion thread on the forums debating and discussing Nintendo's "next steps" for the Switch. Do you think they should introduce a new SKU? What would a "high performance" Switch even look like?

KFConsole: Why Is This A Thing? (By: @berfunkle)

Hey, Giant Bomb community, what does everyone make of the KFC video game console? Can you imagine yourself picking one up? Do you want to see the site cover it? Do you think it can run Crysis?

Star Citizen PU Alpha 3.12: Assault On Stanton (By: @spacegg)

Unsurprisingly, Cyberpunk is still a major talking point on the site!
Unsurprisingly, Cyberpunk is still a major talking point on the site!

The community Star Citizen group welcomes you to join their Alpha 3.12: Assault on Stanton update discussion thread! If you have any thoughts, use the link above to share them!

Warframe - Operation: Orphix Venom (Event) (By: @rapid)

Speaking of community outreach, Giant Bomb's Warframe community welcomes everyone to join its discussion about the Operation: Orphix Venom event! Share your thoughts about the event, and network with other users if you need help!

User Reviews

  • A lot of people recommended that @yyninja check out Steins;Gate 0 after they said the enjoyed the original. Read why they found it to be an "appropriate" companion piece to a timeless classic.

Publisher's Note: @finaldasa wrote a thing about games or something.