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    Batman: Arkham City

    Game » consists of 23 releases. Released Oct 18, 2011

    When Gotham City's slums have been transformed into a secluded super-prison, it's up to Batman to uncover its conspiracy in the sequel to 2009's Batman: Arkham Asylum.

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    Batman: Arkham City Review 0

    Batman: Arkham City is an incredible sequel to a game with some of the most robust mechanics you'll find in anywhere in the medium.Picking up six months after the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum, the inmates of that institution and the violent prisoners of Blackgate Penitentiary have been rounded up after events that transpired in a comic series leading up to this game into a prison known as Arkham City at the behest of Dr. Hugo Strange. Strange, who came into possession of Batman's true identit...

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    Arkham City's nothing short of a masterpiece. 0

    When Arkham Aslyum was released just a bit over two years ago, I didn't know what to expect. The road for Batman games, hell, the road for any kind of licensed games were pretty terrible. But Rocksteady did the unthinkable, they created the best licensed video game ever made, until now.Arkham City is to video games what The Dark Knight is to films. It was started off on solid ground, and then takes a jackhammer to that solid ground and pounds through it, grabbing you and never letting go. Everyt...

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    A Disappointing Epilogue to an Excellent Game 2

    Following in the footsteps of it's predecessor, Batman: Arkham City stood up as one of the most enjoyable action-adventure games of recent years, and arguably the best Batman game we’ve seen. With it’s fantastically empowering combat system, impressive array of gadgets, and great presentation of its world and characters, anything coming after had a hell of an act to follow. Unfortunately, Harley Quinn’s Revenge just doesn’t reach anywhere near the bar set by the main game, and comes off as littl...

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    Harley Quinn's Revenge is fun, but weak in a narrative sense. 0

    A highly anticipated add-on to Batman: Arkham City, Harley Quinn's Revenge is going to be held up to some high standards. Unfortunately, in terms of both gameplay and narrative, it doesn't meet them.Anyone who's played the base game knows that Arkham City is a Batman experience to be remembered. Throughout the game there's a very well-crafted sense of progression not only in terms of the story, but Batman's capabilities and the similarly escalating threats he has to face along the way. Harley Qu...

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    Great Character dlc but Not Enough! 0

    The pack itself includes the character Nightwing, aka Dick Grayson aka the first Robin, his skin from Batman The Animated Series, and two challenge maps.   The characters himself plays great! He's faster than Batman and at times maybe Catwoman. The developers put just enough acrobatics and new moves to make die hard Batman fans accept him as a faithful adaptation. And he looks exactly how he does in the comics unlike 30 year old skin head Robin.  His new moves/gadgets are: escrima sticks, wrist ...

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    A Safe Sequel to a Already Steller Product 0

    I have a lot of mixed emotions with Arkham City..... in one hand I loved the game where in the other I felt slighted. I want to give a fair review to a game I truly enjoyed but maybe my expectations were too high. The game built upon a great, surprising game, Arkham Asylum, that came out a few years ago which had minor issues but didn't take away from the experience at all. With that said, Arkham City is the same way. Minor issues here and there that I have with the side missions being to short,...

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    Arkham City is a place everyone should go to. 1

    As someone who saw Batman Arkham Asylum as one of the greatest games of all time, and also as someone who absolutely loves everything Batman, it was hard not to have hype to the heavens for Arkham City, it’s also a little hard not to be a bit bias on just exactly this game that I am reviewing. But none the less, Arkham City delivers in every way that matters and delivers on what it sets out to do. It’s a thrill ride of an adventure with so many twists and turns you won’t know what to do with you...

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    Arkham City: Review 1

    I'm going to open this up with one simple statement. This is the greatest super hero game of all far.To start, the gameplay remains fantastic as always. It's the easy to be good at, difficult to master style from the first game, but with more animations and more capabilities. There are few things in the combat more satisfying than catching a kerosene tank that was thrown at you and tossing it into a group, taking out all of the mat once. Or being attacked by three at the same time and ...

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    Gotham's Got Talent 0

    I wonder if the rest of the Justice League gathers around the Fortress of Solitude and gossips amongst themselves their envy towards Batman. Superman doesn’t get to appear in any award-winning video games. Wonder Woman wished that the rest of the world spoke in hush tones about anything she’s done the way the world does the Christopher Nolan Batman films. Green Lantern fantasizes about having an animated series that matches what cartoon Batmen has done over the years. I’m sure Martian Manhunter ...

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    Shark repellent optional 0

    Batman: Arkham Asylum still stands as one of my favorite games this generation, primarily for its sublime mix of combat, exploration and stealth. Batman: Arkham City is able to replicate most of those strengths in ways you’d expect, but it also dilutes the overall product by trying to cram a lot of other mediocre stuff into the package. Fans of the original looking for more will find it here, but a few rough patches make Batman: Arkham City shine less brightly than it once did.My favorite thing ...

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    In need of direction 0

    The first game was revolutionary for it's great controls, interesting story and great take on the cast of batman characters. The sequel improved the controls but the story fell flat for me. The most enjoyable moments for me were the side missions featuring peripheral batman villains. The decision to make the game set in an open world was a mistake and contributed to me not finishing the game....

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    More Batman doesn't always equate to better Batman. 0

    If you want to talk about surprises in gaming you talk about Batman: Arkham Asylum. A videogame based off a hugely popular comic and film franchise is almost certainly doomed to mediocrity, yet the then unknown Rocksteady took Batman and made him a gaming icon by pulling off the best action-adventure game in recent memory. As the direct sequel to the most pleasant surprise of 2009, Batman Arkham City has plenty to live up to, and despite a few poor design choices, Rocksteady have managed to pull...

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    The boyscout does good! 0

    Arkham City is such a well polished game it makes the persistently nagging “good guy” batman attitude become a non issue even for me and I’m quite the supporter of eye for an eye justice.I’m no expert or even a fan of Batman fiction so a few characters in this title were a bit confusing but the core of the story was easy to follow and entertaining for even the most lacking Batman fans. The leading characters voice acting was superb and yet again the Joker is a shining achievement in character qu...

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    Is this game good? Does Batman look worried? 0

    Batman Arkham Asylum was a really cool, linear game with a great combat system, and fan-service oriented story that didn't really end that well. Batman Arkham City proposes new additions to the combat system, an open-world dynamic, and endless riddler challenges to complete or collect. Well, Batman Arkham City delivers on all fronts and surpasses it's predecessor in almost every way.The story starts off in the most awesome way possible. It takes place a little while after the events of Arkham As...

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    A License To Batman 0

    Fantasy, as both genre and concept, is a crucial principle behind a vast majority of video games. Whether you're trundling across devastated stretches of battlefield in some behemoth armored vehicle, or fighting off an armada of alien creatures orbiting the planet, or role-playing as a zombie-witch vampire-hunting dragon-slayer; these ideas tweak an essential nerve: they insert the Player into a situation they, in most cases, would never experience in reality, and empower said Player to practice...

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    The Best Superhero Game Gets Better... 0

    Note: The following gameplay videos might contain spoilers, so watch at your own risk.Batman: Arkham Asylum came out of nowhere in 2009. Yeah, it has Batman in it, but no one expected it to be that amazing considering the track record with games based on popular comic book heroes. Not only the developers Rocksteady created something special with that game, they set new standards with its combat system and nailing down how it truly feels to be the Caped Crusader. They're at it again with Arkham C...

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    A worthy sequel to one of the best games around 0

    How do you follow up the best superhero game of all time? This was the task that Rocksteady set themselves when going into creating a sequel to Arkham Asylum, one of the best games of 2009. Do you completely reinvent the genre once again, or try to create more of the same? Rocksteady chose the latter and it pays off, for the most part anyway."this time the setting isn't just an island full of villains, but in fact a full city"Story wise the game truly is a sequel to Arkham Asylum, with Batman on...

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    Batman Batman Batman! 0

    By the time I reached the conclusion of Arkham Asylum, I was spent. Exhausted. The thought of beating up another random group of thugs bored me to tears. I needed a break. So I ignored City when it came out in 2011, and sat biding my time, waiting for the right moment to leap from the shadows and back into the man I was born to be. And hooo boy – let me tell you: four years was all the break I needed. Arkham City may fail to reach the atmospheric highs of Asylum, but it is through and through a ...

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    Batman AC: Harley Quinn’s Revenge: Anything but in Loving Memory 2

    I’m going to preface this review by saying that I love the Arkham series more than I can ever describe, how it has portrayed Batman in such a manner as to make him both awesome and interactive is nothing short of a miracle; however, the DLC for Arkham City has been less-than exciting. Catwoman was a pointless addition, adding little to nothing in terms of storyline content, and wasn’t nearly as interesting as it was originally touted, so when I heard about DLC that would take place after the mai...

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    The Arkham Experience Is Still Unmatched, Even Two Years Later 0

    There was a time when Batman games were viewed with contempt. Like most of the licensed drivel that publishers would pass for games, these experiences were often short, under developed, and untrue to the methods of the world's greatest detective. It is for precisely this reason that gamers were so skeptical when Rocksteady announced Batman Arkham Asylum. Of course that game released in 2009 to heavy critical acclaim and even received numerous Game of the Year nods. But was Arkham Asylum's popula...

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    The Bat is back, and in top form. 1

    The wait for Batman: Arkham City has been a long one, especially after its predecessor Arkham Asylum blew away the gaming community back in 2009. Batman had long been a franchise that had done reasonably well in cinema, but laughably badly in the gaming world. Fans of the caped crusader always hoped that the next Batman game would be the gem they were waiting for. So, when Arkham Asylum was announced, many gamers were rightly skeptical. After all the garbage that made it to shelves with the Batm...

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    Batman Arkham City Review 0

    I originally thought that Batman: Arkham Asylum was the greatest Batman video game of all time, perhaps even one of the greatest entertainment mediums for the comic book hero ever made. But Rocksteady has left me dumbfounded and confused. Batman: Arkham City is so good, it makes the first game look bad!All of the classic elements I so dearly loved about the iconic bat growing up can be found in the game. From the witty, precarious humor of the joker and the many clashes you’ll have with him thr...

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    More Batman? Yes. Better Batman? Sadly, no. 0

    Let's get this out of the way right up front: yes, Batman: Arkham Asylum is my favorite game from 2009. And no, Arkham City is not a bad game by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, it is largely the same fantastic game we were treated to a couple of years ago. It pains me to say, then, that I didn't entirely enjoy my time with the Dark Knight's latest outing. There were frustrating elements to the game and a lack of the same cohesiveness that ultimately make it a solid sequel that pales in ...

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    The Greatest Game Ever 0

    Batman Arkham City is the greatest game this generation!  As I stated at one point or another Arkham Asylum is the best game I've played since the Metal Gear Solid series which is the highest complement any game could ever hope to get  Arkham City further fleshed out the great aspects of Arkham Asylum  becoming more Zelda like as appose to Metroid like that was Arkham Asylum     Now placing you in a closed off section of Gotham City as a new measure to imprison the criminally insane  every villa...

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    Batman Arkham City: Strange Days and Dark Knights 0

    As a game that was greatly anticipated following the surprise ’09 title of Arkham Asylum, Arkham City is a sequel that had a lot to live up to. The bar was set pretty damn high, so, was this title the cherry-on-top of an amazing, surprising franchise?Well…yes. However, even though Arkham City is a game that does a lot right, the lightning in a bottle effect of the first Batman game all but shattered any chance of this sequel ever surpassing it. That being said lets dig into the Dark Knight’s new...

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    Bigger, Battier, and Uncut. 0

    In 2009, Arkham Asylum reinvented the wheel not just for Comic Book license games, but third person action exploration games in general. With the fantastic blend of Rocksteady's patented free flow combat system, Metroi-like exploration based on gathering new tools and gadgets throughout the game, and a story that successfully represented a Batman comic arc in motion and brought back fan favorites Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill as Batman and his once and future nemesis The Joker, one almost had to ...

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    "Batman: Arkham City" Refinement over Innovation 0

    Batman Arkham City is a game of refinement not innovation. Batman Arkham City is the sequel to Rocksteady Studios' Batman Arkham Asylum. In many people's mind Arkham Asylum was the 2009 game of the year, so naturally, expectations were high coming into this game. Rocksteady definitely made another great game, but don't look for something new.Arkham city keeps all the same aesthetic you would want in a current Batman game. You feel like a predator while in stealth, every thug is scared to death o...

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    WHERE ARE THEY?! Arkham City Review 0

    The follow up to Arkham Asylum has some pretty big boots to fill. With Arkham City, Rocksteady has shown how you do a sequel to a masterpiece.In August 2009, the unthinkable happened. A videogame based on a licensed comic book character was released, and was not terrible. In fact, it was the opposite of terrible. Batman: Arkham Asylum was the pinnacle of superhero games, and was Game of the Year for many gamers and critics. Developer Rocksteady Games had come from relative obscurity to release o...

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    The Dark Knight Stikes Again 0

    You might think that comic book heroes are perfect as video game protagonists. Already imbued with demigod-like resilience, a wealth of well explained super-powers, and villains that complement them like black complements white, they should be perfect in this role. This has sadly not been the case. Usually reduced to shallow movie tie-in games that are, at best, poor and at worst, shameless cash grabs by movie studios trying to boost the profits of their movie, they have not been worth the discs...

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    World's Greatest Detective; Worlds Greatest Game 0

    The best analogy I can make is if the film Batman Begins is to Batman: Arkham Asylum the game, then The Dark Knight film is to Arkham City. Arkham Asylum was already one of the best action/adventure games to come out in a long time.Its mix of exploration, combat, and story telling set a bar that a lot of games have to compete with. Arkham City takes all of these elements and expands upon them in every way. Remember the fun you had playing as Batman? Now you get to play as Batman, Catwoman, and t...

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    Batman: Arkham City 0

    Batman: Arkham CityThe Batman is back and no crim is safe as developer Rocksteady Games delivers an impressive follow-up to 2009’s surprise hit.It’s fair to say that Batman: Arkham Asylum caught us all somewhat by surprise. Initial impressions seemed promising, but we’d been let down too many times by disappointing comic-book licenses to get our hopes up too high. Suffice to say that we needn’t have worried: the brains at Rocksteady delivered a deep, atmospheric and thoroughly entertaining exper...

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    A fully realized game world. 0

    If I had to choose between the dense, detailed, and populated open world of Arkham City or the sparse, sprawling tundra of Skyrim, I'd pick Arkham City any day. Every crevice of this game feels detailed and expertly designed. It's "small" by open-world standards, yet still an expansion from Arkham Asylum, but no area is left for randomly generated ornaments to fill the scene or copy-paste dungeons. It all feels lovingly handcrafted with puzzles and side-quests littering any square foot that isn'...

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    Another Fantastic Batman Experience 0

    Generally, licensed video games have had a bit of a sorry history. Save for a few exceptions they’ve largely been mediocre titles rushed out to squeeze money out of people who don’t know any better than to scoop up anything labelled with the name of a franchise they like. But in 2009 Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Asylum hit shelves, showing us that licensed video games can’t just be good but also truly great. In late 2011 its sequel Arkham City arrived, and once again Rocksteady proved their abili...

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    Batman is back, but this time things will be the same... I mean d 0

    This sums up the game fairly wellDo you like punching people in the face? How about wearing a costume? If you answer yes to either of these questions, then Batman: Arkham City might be for you. The game Batman: Arkham City is the sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum and this time around things have changed slightly. For starters the environment is now a semi-open world, open area but most buildings are inaccessible, with numerous side missions and Riddler objectives. Interactions with hostile NPCs th...

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    Expansion aside, the laser-beam story is as great as ever. 0

    What I enjoy most about Batman lore is the different perspectives that authors include to challenge the concrete wall of Bruce Wayne’s morality. In “The Killing Joke”, Alan Moore creates an ambiguous ending in which the reader must choose whether Batman can be corrupted or not. In Batman: Arkham City, the next environmentally logical step in Rocksteady’s perceived trilogy, like Arkham Asylum, Batman is battered and beaten, and by the end, through gradual wear-and-tear, his suit is ripped, and he...

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    Arkham City Does Not Disappoint 0

    When Batman: Arkham Asylum was released in late August 2009, it flipped all expectations for the game on their heads with its revolutionary combat system. The animation combined with the simplicity of just pressing a single button to counter an enemy attack with a brutal punch or kick was purely stunning. It doesn’t hurt either that the game delivered a fine story voiced perfectly by Kevin Conroy (Batman) and Mark Hamill (Joker). Mark and Kevin both reprise their famous roles in the much anticip...

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    Are you a chicken man or a BATMAN? 0

    Decidedly Batman Arkham Asylum had lots of room for improvement and people usually don't hate money so a sequel didn't take too long to come. Two years after the first game Arkham City arrived and tried the somewhat easy task of making everything grander. The island home to the most dangerous criminals seems to have lost its initial purpose and the political forces have clashed within Gotham, when things came to worse, Hugo Strange, highly proficient psychologist and advanced chemist, who worke...

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    In which everyone gets punked 0

    Batman: Arkham City is not a game without its flaws. Many of them, though, depend on the sort of gamer you are, and therein lies the catch. Despite on its surface being little more than brawler with one of the biggest and best comic book licenses to back it up, Arkham City is that rare game that could probably scratch all itches for all gamers. Want to track down ringing telephone booths? Use a multitude of gadgets in one close quarters free-for-fall? Knock out every enemy without ever being see...

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    Very good sequel 0

    Arkham Asylum was my game of the year when it was released. I got it on a whim just because I always liked batman, and it was the best comic based video game made to date, period.I was excited for the sequel, but when I started playing the game, I felt the permise was a bit ridiculous even for a comic book. The idea that gotham would just annex part of their city and let the super villans run wild is hard to shallow. But I have to admit, as the story played out, I begin to enjoy it more and more...

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    Batting a Home Run 0

    I shouldn’t like comic book games. I don’t even read comic books. I’m pretty sure I haven’t even touched one. My only experiences with super hero characters are watching the big-budget Hollywood adaptations of the last decade and loyally following Batman: The Animated Series as a child. I was Batman crazy as a kid, despite never reading a single comic book. I had the figurines. I had the clothes. I had the video tapes. I had everything but the comic books. And now, here I am, enjoying the sequel...

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    The Darkest of all Knights 0

    In 2009, Rocksteady released a little game called Batman: Arkham Asylum. It quickly became one of the most beloved superhero games ever made, and with good reason. Fast forward two some years, and we have a new title in the series, Batman: Arkham City.Arkham City takes place a year after the events of Arkham Asylum. Arkham Asylum has been deserted, and now all of the criminals have been moved to a secluded section of Gotham City, now called Arkham City. Supervillain Hugo Strange has somehow beco...

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    Just as excellent as the first game, if not better 0

    2009’s best game was also its most surprising one – Batman: Arkham Asylum. It was a game that rose out of the cesspool of comic book games with its incredible graphics, excellent combat, terrific voice acting, and levels that offered lots of exploration. Fortunately for us gamers, developer RockSteady understood why Arkham Asylum was such a great game, and they have matched their previous feat with another excellent experience – Batman: Arkham City. When it comes to graphics, voice acting, dialo...

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    Even better 0

    Liked:Roaming around a huge city, discovering crimes in progress, makes you feel like Batman out on the prowl.Enemies freaking out at what you’ve done makes you feel more like BatmanStellar Voice ActingExcellent combat that rewards you for timing and variationHuge amount of content available, but you’re not forced to go through any aside from main storyCharacter upgrades are rolled out well with content progressionDid not like:Bosses are mostly pretty generic 3-iteration affairsOff the bat, the ...

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    The World's Greatest Detective Is Back 0

    Batman: Arkham Asylum was nothing short of a gaming tour-de-force. It had fantastically simple, yet deep combat, a story that kept everyone hooked, and it was bursting at the seams with extra content. Rocksteady had quite a task ahead of them, if they hoped ever hoped to surpass the original game, but they have. Batman: Arkham City is everything that its predecessor was and more. The combat remains fantastic, while still adding a few more wrinkles of depth and enjoyment and the story is one of t...

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