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City of One

Ever since Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, the idea of hotswapping never died down for me as an exciting concept. Modern Combat did the best it could to provide that feeling of playing as an "Army of One," but clunky controls and confusing camera perspectives detracted from the potential experience.

It is my pleasure to write that Driver: San Francisco is the spiritual successor of hotswapping, and it's improved and much more fun. Forget being an "Army of One," you are now playing as a "City of One." The entire traffic of the loosely constructed replica of San Francisco is at your disposal to accomplish a variety of tasks.

You could win a race fair and square. Just race down checkpoint after checkpoint, avoiding traffic and passing opponents one by one. Or, using Driver's "shift" ability, you can embody yourself into another car in traffic, one that's not even participating in a race, and head on collide with your foes. Or better yet, shift into a semi truck with cargo on the same lane and make a generously wide wall to stop the street entirely while you slip away ahead. Needless to say, this is one of the most fun and exhilarating experiences I have had in a video game.

If you can get past the driftastic physics and a campy buddy cop story as Jeff stated in his original review, then you're set to hotswap like a motherf***er in this uniquely entertaining game.

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