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    Druzzil Ro

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    Druzzil Ro is a goddess in the EverQuest franchise. She is known as The Matron of Art and is the goddess of magic.

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    Plane of Time
    Plane of Time

    Druzzil Ro is the Matron of the Art and more commonly known as the goddess of magic. Her influence is the inspiration for all who command the arcane, whether they worship her or not. While often considered a demigod, her influence reaches far and wide in the world of Norrath. Magic plays an important role in the daily lives of the world's people, and it is Druzzil's wisdom, intelligence, and power that makes it all possible. She epitomizes objectivity and is considered to be neutral among the pantheon of gods, acting as a balancing force between discord and order.

    During the Age of Turmoil, there was a period of time where the mortals of Norrath assaulted the Planes of Power in an attempt to free the ungod, Zebuxoruk, from his eternal prison within the Plane of Time. Although it was Druzzil Ro who taught Zebuxoruk to seek knowledge and share it in all forms, she stopped the mortals from freeing him at the last minute. She stated that it was her intent for Zebuxoruk to seek and share knowledge only if it did not affect the fate of others. In order to correct the actions of the invading adventurers of Norrath, Druzzil Ro was forced to reweave the fabric of time so that the events that transpired within the Plane of Time (battles with the gods and the defeat of Quarm), never actually happened. Her manipulation of time later led to the destruction of Norrath at the hands of the agents of Discord who traveled through weaknesses in the fabric of time to alter major events in Norrath's history. Through the help of Zebuxoruk, Norrathians were able to reverse the efforts of Discord and restore order to the universe.


    In most lore, Druzzil Ro is depicted as an elegant woman with Erudite-like features and stark white hair held back by a platinum crown featuring a single, shining gem. Her ebon skin is draped in a flowing golden gown with a long train. During the Age of Turmoil, when she appeared in front of mortals in the Plane of Time, she manifested herself as a simple human woman, wearing a purple robe.

    Among the Pantheon

    The Matron of the Art makes her home in the Plane of Magic. If it were not for Druzzil Ro herself, the realm would be a pure, white, infinite sphere of unblemished marble under a neutral gray sky. Though, when Druzzil is present, the realm takes the shape of her current mood and emotions acting as a canvas for her art. Several islands float within her plane, the largest and most populated being Arcstone, which home to her creations, the race known as the Scrykin. Mortals were able to first witness the Plane of Magic during the Age of Turmoil when Mayong Mistmoore achieved godhood and invaded the Plane of Music. Druzzil Ro opened her realm to the adventurers of Norrath in order to gain their help in ridding her daughter's realm of the new, corrupt god. She also aided Tunare and Karana in opening a portal through time to before the Elddar Forest was scorched by Solusek Ro, which allowed the mortals of Norrath to learn the secrets of Takish-Hiz, better preparing them for an assault upon Mayong Mistmoore.

    Druzzil Ro is the mother of Ayonae Ro, the sister of Solusek Ro, and daughter of Fennin Ro, the Tyrant of Fire. She is one of several gods who have yet to return to Norrath during the Age of Destiny.


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