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Fennin Ro 
Fennin Ro 
Fennin Ro is the second entity created by The Nameless and was tasked with shaping the chaos of the universe.  To do this, Fennin used the element of fire, which he now governs as the Tyrant of Fire.  The title of tyrant is fitting, as he is known to be brash and having a short temper.  Fennin Ro is believed by many to be a chaotic god, much like the element of fire itself.  He retains a strong influence on the Wheel of Order and Discord, and of the other elemental gods and goddesses, Fennin has shown the most interest in the lesser gods of influence and nature.  This trait is also carried by his son, Solusek Ro, who often meddles in the affairs of lesser beings, namely mortals.  The elemental gods and their actions cannot be fully comprehended by mortals or even the lesser gods.  Therefore, very few mortals worship Fennin Ro, but he is highly regarded among the countless wizards that worship his son.


In most lore, Fennin Ro is depicted as a dark skinned, muscular man.  His hair and beard appear to be made of flames while his eyes are a burning red color.  Often he is shown with pointed ears and fangs.  During the invasion of his plane in the Age of Turmoil, Fennin Ro manifested himself as a towering winged demon.  Lava flowed down the spine of his obsidian exoskeleton.

Among the Pantheon

Fennin Ro is the father of Solusek Ro and Druzzil Ro, and the grandfather of Ayonae Ro.  He makes his home in Doomfire, the Burning Lands, commonly referred to as the Plane of Fire.   Fennin Ro is one of several gods who have yet to return to Norrath in the Age of Destiny.

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