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Earth 2150 takes place in the 22nd century. The three main participants are the ED (Eurasian Dynasty - Effectively Russia and Europe), UCS (United Civilised States - 12 states of the USA) and the LC (Lunar Corparation - Moon Colonists). The main aim of the campaign is to collect enough resources to construct an evactuation ship, due to the constant war pushing the Earth towards the sun
The game used basic RTS conventions similar to Command and Conquer but included the abilty to modify units by changing weapons on various hardpoints. In addition, weather plays a key role with a full day and night cycle.


Eurasian Dynasty - A new Mongolian Empire, the Eurasian Dynasty uses modern day weapons (such as helicopters, tracked vehicles and modern ballistic weapons) in their campaigns. They do use some science fiction weapons in the shape of the Lasers, Ion Cannons and Noise generators. They have the most powerful navy
United Civilised States - 12 states of the USA, their military consists entirely of unmanned robots. They use 2 legged mechs and weapons stripped from crashed UFOs (such as plasma cannons and anti gravity units for aircraft). Their focus is the ground battle
Lunar Corparation - Colonists from the moon who were cut off from Earth during the 3rd World War. Use entirely anti-gravity units with a focus on solar power (meaning no power generation at night). Normally pasifists, they have come to Earth to gain enough resources to build their own escape ship.

PC Requirements

Windows 95/98; 
Pentium II 233 (Min.), Pentium II 400 (Rec.); 
4x CD-ROM drive (Min.); 
32 MB RAM (Min.), 64 MB (Rec.); 
4 MB 3D accelerator card (Voodoo 1 or better); 
DirectX compatible sound card; 
450 MB hard drive space; 
DirectX 7.0; 
Windows Media Player 6.4.

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