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    One of the few remaining high elves, she was the reason that Leonhardt became a Soul Vessel for Dyshana. Taking the contract to have more power to keep Ellis safe.

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    Where you meet Ellis:

     Ellis(young) joins in the prologue of at level 1 And in generation two (older) at Grugund Kingdom. (possibly at whatever level you leave her in generation one.)
    One of the very few remaining high elves, when her parents passed, her grandfather Teonor took care of her. She was visiting Mimas whens he encountered a Gridamas invasion and her entire elf escort was murdered before her.
    She was saved by Leonhardt's heroic actions and he told her to flee, promising to join her later. Though unbenonst to her he was fatally injured in the fight. The critical situation forces a higher power to emerge from the young high elf and she summons a Larva, a servant to protect her. The sudden rush of power throws her into unconsciousness with only her Larva servant: Borgnine to watch over her.
    When Leonhardt returns after making his contact with Dyshana he finds the Larva hovering over the small High elf girl and reacts with violence, to save her from this 'monster'.
    Ellis manages to regain consciousness and call a stop to the fight, saying that Borgnine is her friend, and servant and he kept her safe in Leonhardt's absence.
    She is friendly happy, and has strong opinions for such a young girl. She falls in love with Leonhardt but is unable to express this, and it becomes too late when he becomes apart of the seal.

    Generation two:

    During generation two Ellis has grown into a young woman and serves as Leonhardt's son's surrogate mother. She cares for children with kindness and deals with the stress with an encouraging smile. 
    Vera-Lorr helps keep an eye on the growing Ellis and finds it funny to watch her look after Leonhardt's offspring. Often teasing the young elf because of it. Not that Ellis seems to mind. Raising his son becomes her driving force in life, and it shows in her mothering and actions she takes towards the boy that her feelings for Leonhardt still linger. Though, they are never to be known by the long gone man who saved her life all those years ago...

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