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    A female Oneltes, she predicted Leonhardt's arrival. Being what she is and her ability to 'see' with her third eye, she is hunted, but dosen't mind one bit.

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    Where you meet Vira-Lorr:

    You meet Vira-Lorr in Elfville at level 3
    Usually staying deep in the frontier she is sought out by people so they can know their future and hear her predictions. She is even visited by the governing class of Gridamas and Rigulus, which brought a rumor that Gridamas Invasion of the Frontier was done to gain her power. But lately the Oneltes can only see visions of Leonhardt.
    Even with her powerful third eye she cannot avoid visions of the man, so, with her curiosity peeked, she makes up her mind when leonhardt shows up at Elfville with Ellis and Borgnine in tow (as predicted) that she would travel with him, to see how he may change the furture.
    Vira-Lorr is proud of her third eye, and though she may become a victim of an Oneltes hunt she dosen't care. All she wishes to do is be herself and live how she wants too. Though her behavior seems reckless at times she takes the concept of death seriously, she only refuses to hide because of who and what she is.

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