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    Leonhardt Raglan

    Character » appears in 2 games

    The main character of the first Generation, Leonhardt, called -Golden leo- Is the leader of the 11th Regiment and fights at the front lines for Gridamas.

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    Where you meet Leonhardt:

    He is generation one's protagonist; met at level 1.
     Called -Leo- by his friends and well known as -Golden leo- on the battlefield due to the way he fights and the golden sword he carries. He is an impoverished aristocrat who is serving as an assistant to the Gridamas Frontier Garrison. Always fighting at the front line he gains the soilder's respect and adoration, though he isn't very favored by the other Aristocrats who lead the other Garrisons.
    His status with the other Garrisons is stained at best, because of his impoverish aristocratic status cause's him to be put in the most dangerous missions at the request of the other Garrisons, thanks to Braham and House Klavis.
    He accepts his fate and the stigma attached to his name, but he wishes to rebuild his house, and restore the very name that is tarnished. He will not take revenge for it was his father's will not to do so against those who caused all of it to happen in the first place. So he became distinguished on the battlefield, the better and fiercer he fought the more reputation he would earn, to once again, get his house back in favorable light. But as time wore on he begins to question the purpose's of battle as a whole. 
    Everything changes upon meeting a little elf girl, seeing the sight, and the fear in her eyes as they were to strike her down, forced him to throw away his knighthood and the order of his very country of Gridamas to save her from the very men he's fought beside for so long.
    He loses this fight begins to succumb to his fatal injures, caused by Melchoir and his ally, the Black knight. With his last breath, he makes a vow to Dyshana, a mysterious woman who appears before him, to give his soul and his generations to come, to gain the power he needed to save this girl. Dyshana agrees and gives him the power, pleased with his choice, saving his life but binding it at the same time, he and his descendants are now her spirit vessels, a contract that cannot be escaped. 


    Leonhardt meet's three women throughout his journey, each giving the possibility of being his bride at the end of generation one. It is up to the player to choose which of these ladies will be the one to become the mother for the next generation Protagonist. All three ladies have their advantages and disadvantages, the better she is the better your son will turn out to be.
    Choices are: 

    You will marry one of these women at the end of generation one to continue the game on into generation two. Stats will carry over, vitality, magic, intelligence, ect, depending on who you marry int he end. There is no right or wrong choice. It all depends on the player.
    Take Note, if you are aiming for a certain lady make sure she is in your party, it will help the affection gauge increase easier, and it will improve your stats for the next generation when you marry said girl.

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