Do you like the new direction of God of War?

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Poll: Do you like the new direction of God of War? (712 votes)

Yes 78%
No 5%
Undecided 13%
Other / See Results 3%

Personally I LOVE the "Dad of War" angle.

I like the new camera, change of scenery, and what we've seen of the gameplay, sure, but it's the bigger changes that actually excite me. Kratos being more human? Teaching a son? Growing out a sick beard? Count me in!

Beyond the gameplay and story, in a purely "styyyyyyyyyyyyle" sense, the fact that the aim is for the entire game to be shown in one continuous shot, with no cutscenes, loading screens or cutting between camera angles or cutting forward in time, is NUTS.

Finally, the only thing I was worried about (a lack of bombastic set pieces) has been settled in Corey Barlog interviews where he's said they will still have that in the game (where it makes sense, of course). They just wanted to show an intimate scene for the first reveal to demonstrate the new direction for the franchise.

Anyway, I'm clearly pumped, but what do you think?

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#1 Posted by MC_PEA (3 posts) -

For me i've never cared about God of War (played half of GoW 1 and gave up) but that demo made me interested

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#2 Posted by CheapPoison (1127 posts) -

I voted yes. I will make the little comment that it is hard to say if this will be the right direction, but it does seem to be a good direction for them. They could never touch the gameplay of better games in that genre (Devil May Cry,..) so going for something completely different might work.
Although, this is just very much following what is popular now, open world, rpg, dark souls.

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#3 Posted by Zeik (5221 posts) -

Like Jeff, this is the first time a GoW game has intrigued me much at all.

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#4 Posted by N7 (4159 posts) -

I love it. I was into GOW 1-3, never got into the PSP ones, but once I heard David Jaffe's plan to move into other mythologies I was hooked. Every sequel thereafter was so unbearably boring.

Now, they are doing something new and taking the series into another direction entirely. It can only lead to good things.

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#5 Posted by RueTheWhirl (61 posts) -

I really liked God of War 1-3 but if you'd told me a new God of War was being made I probably wouldn't even be interested. After seeing the press conference though, I'm genuinely really excited for this new one.

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#6 Posted by crithon (3979 posts) -

i feel like we haven't seen the big thing about it. There's a floatiness to the animation and during Tomb Raider 2013 I could point exactly the moments where Cory Balrog was involved in. Like right now it's mocap toned down, I'm waiting when we will that happen, I mean it's in that killing the giant beast.

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#7 Edited by Trilogy (3208 posts) -

Not really. I've only ever played the first game, and I really enjoyed it at the time. I don't have God of War fatigue, but I understand why they would make significant changes. I just think it looks a little dull so far, but I've only seen what they've shown at the press conference. To me, different doesn't automatically make something good, even if different was desperately needed. It has to be the right kind of different. I need to see more I suppose.

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#8 Posted by ToTheNines (1672 posts) -

I'm afraid it's another Souls clone, though it's way too early to judge.

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#9 Posted by Dayve86 (177 posts) -

I loved the first two God of War games. God of War II is one of my favorite games from that generation. By the time God of War III rolled around I still enjoyed it for the spectacle and gameplay but I definitely didn't care about Kratos or his story anymore. I bought God of War Ascension when it came out and still to this day have only played about 90 minutes of it. (That said when Ghost of Sparta came out I did really enjoy that).

Either way after this break of time and how much I loved those games at one point I would have gave a God of War game on PS4 a chance but my expectations were pretty low. I thought they'd either go for a new start or just go even bigger than God of War III and just try to rope people in with the huge spectacle.

I'm really glad I was wrong and what they've shown so far has blown me away. I never thought I would actually care about Kratos as a character again but it seems like they've gone and done it. Just that little moment of Kratos reaching for his son after he killed the deer makes him more human than anything in the previous games. Slowing down the pace, making the gameplay more deliberate, seemingly making it a more open world, introducing more RPG character mechanics, etc. It seems like they're making all the right decisions. I'm completely into it based on that reveal.

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#10 Posted by Redhotchilimist (2971 posts) -

Not really. I love the character action game/3d brawler/whatever genre. What they showed looked nothing like that and more like a cinematic tomb raider deal, so while it's fresh, it's maybe not my kinda thing. But we'll see, right.

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#11 Posted by hans_maulwurf (642 posts) -

I think it's just dumb in a dumb way to carry on the story in another mythology with the same dude. But I've never been interested in the series anyway and I can totally live with GoW games continuing to not appeal to me.

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#12 Posted by mems1224 (2511 posts) -

Kind of indifferent right now. They're saying there is more of a focus on Kratos and that the kid is a major part of the game and thats pushing me away more than anything

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#13 Posted by Teddie (2157 posts) -

Honestly, doing literally anything new with Kratos's character is an improvement as far as I'm concerned.

I was never huge on the gameplay in this series, but always liked the set-up and spectacle of them enough to play 'em. This reboot seems like the perfect change-up of removing the things I didn't like, while keeping (and hopefully improving) the parts I did like.

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#14 Posted by rethla (3725 posts) -

I do love vikings and i love Tombraider and i loved the first God of War games but im not so sure combining those 3 are the best way to go. They already messed up the combat completly in Ascension and i hope this wont be a repeat of that.

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#15 Posted by Veektarius (6413 posts) -

I downright hated the traditional God of War series. While I would say the trailer looked okay, I would also say that I don't trust that it is representative of the whole thing and I'm not inclined to make a decision based on it.

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#16 Edited by IVDAMKE (1824 posts) -

I've always thought Kratos was a garbage character so it's a welcome change, so yea I like the change but I was never big on previous GoW games. I hope they improve the combat from the showing though, that shit looked rough. Since I've always thought GoW was a bad character action franchise this change will make me accept less than perfect combat though.

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#17 Posted by ATastySlurpee (679 posts) -


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#18 Posted by nickhead (1264 posts) -

I liked the old God of Wars a lot because I didn't take it seriously. I think this direction is...interesting I guess, but I'm not sure how on board I am yet. I need to see a lot more gameplay.

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#19 Edited by Retris (436 posts) -

The Last of Us but with a Spartan Demigod beating down beings from Norse mythology? If the gameplay and the story turns out good I totally like the sound of that.

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#20 Posted by Bollard (8184 posts) -

The new God of War trailer actually made me give a shit about a game called God of War... Never expected that to happen.

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#21 Posted by glots (4382 posts) -

Well, I don't know about the gameplay changes, since I obviously haven't played it yet, but if the feel is good, I don't mind them changing it up from the more basic hack 'n slashing.

Can't really say about the setting though, because it just feels so odd to see the same character in a different environment, where he assumedly moved to, after having killed a whole bunch of gods and titans. I'll say that it did manage to make me want to know more about the story if anything.

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#22 Posted by clagnaught (2140 posts) -

I'm down with the new direction. I have enjoyed God of War through God of War III. Ascension is the quintessential example of how long the previous generation of consoles was and was just a dud in general. And I haven't played through the portable games. Another game like that, with that formula, with the same pace, with the same camera angles panning across the screen to show you this specific area has been unlocked, with more "ARES!!!" Kratos would be too much for me.

I kind of rolled my eyes when they said at one of the PlayStation Experiences that Santa Monica was making a new God of War. Seeing what they are going for, however, I think it's awesome.

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#24 Edited by Anund (1258 posts) -

I guess I am in the minority here because I really loved GoW 1 to 3. In fact, the first God of War was singlehandedly responsible for getting me back into the console world after only gaming on the PC for something like 10 years (I didn't buy a PS2 until 2005). I always found Kratos a highly enjoyable character and I feel he gets shit on way too much by people on this site.

That said, this new direction for the series looks amazing. I can't way to play it.

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#25 Edited by Ezekiel (2257 posts) -

No. It looks generic, like they're going for the typical modern cinematic presentation. Another sluggish walking and talking game with a zoomed in over-the-shoulder camera that limits the action and makes it harder to see the epic environments. I can already tell the dialogue is going to be awkward by the way Kratos encourages his son to be self-assertive and two minutes later goes, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! ONLY FIRE WHEN I TELL YOU TO FIRE!!" I would have preferred a new protagonist.

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#26 Posted by hermes (2629 posts) -

I have decided to wait and see.

Not that I don't like the new direction... I do; and I welcome it because it is about time they made some changes. But I am going to wait to see a little more to decide.

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#27 Posted by csl316 (15001 posts) -

Yep, loved the old games but I'm excited to see just how many risks they're taking. Seems like they're making an entirely ddifferent game.

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#28 Posted by sammo21 (5975 posts) -

I love God of War 1, 2, and both PSP/Vita games. God of War 3 was technically a great game but the awful writing in that game turned me off to the series. If they can make Kratos a character who is reflective and a cool character again I will be super happy. I also dig they are even giving it a more personal fighting experience opposed to just going into arenas and doing mostly long ranged melee attacks.

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#29 Edited by OurSin_360 (6197 posts) -

My biggest concern is the combat as it just looks rather slow and clunky. Im all for introspective Kratos with a kid but im also worries a bit about how they handle that narratively and in the gameplay and whether itll make things slow and boring. God of war is definitely one note but they did thay note well imo and the gameplay was always fast with cool boss fights. So i guess I'll just wait and see

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#30 Posted by deepcovergecko (261 posts) -

Even if the game is not good it's funny there are people upset on Twitter that it's a "Bad Parenting Simulator".

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#31 Posted by Dragon_Puncher (619 posts) -

Yes! I was ready to completely write off another GOW, but they really did something new and interesting to a series that has pretty much been the same for six games. Props to em!

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#32 Edited by Damodar (2185 posts) -

I don't know if I would have been interested in more traditional God Of War, but hopefully it hasn't just turned into an imitation of the third person action game du jour that is the Souls series. But I guess it says something about how tired things had become that they've changed it so much.

Biggest disappointment is that they've changed so much, going as far as a completely different geographical setting etc but it's STILL Kratos. I just think he's an awful character. I can get behind a good anti-hero style character, but Kratos is immature and whiny, with very little motivation beyond he's really angry. Father issues too, I guess, but there's nothing there to relate to or get attached to except for I guess "Who is he going to be a real dick to next??!?". Well, to be fair, that's pretty much based on God Of War III. I don't remember if I disliked the character as much in GOW 1 and 2, but I think he was preeeetty thin in those.

It would have been much more interesting if they'd at least done the same thing as the other new entry into a tired series with the name G___ Of War and brought in a new protagonist.

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#33 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (7649 posts) -

I think I played the demos of the first two God of War games and that was about it. The games were more of a punchline to a joke, than an actually game I every though about playing. But, I am interested in this game. If it really is a game that continues to have a slightly slower more thoughtful/tactical battle systems with a more 'emotionally complex' story than I'm all for it. Understand I get that there needs to be some fun it it, and if you get your rocks off seeing Kratos bang some chicks that's fine. Maybe give the women in the game some agency or reasons to bang him, and let them be fully developed characters who exist in that story for dozens of other reasons. Perhaps, make the battle less frantic and button-mashy and a bit more tactical. Don't kill off all the side characters to make Kratos mad or to provide over the top 'motivations'.

Understand, I don't want the fun sucked out it. I'm not here to "yuck" anyone's "yumm"; but I would like the fun to make a bit more sense and be a bit more mature. This game looks interesting and I would hate to think I was tricked with that early trailer if teh game goes back to the same old game play and tone it had in the past.

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#34 Posted by TheHT (15875 posts) -

Very much so! God of War's had a bunch of games (and remasters of those games) in recent times, so some reinvention is more than welcome.

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#35 Posted by Rafaelfc (2243 posts) -

Yes that trailer blew my mind.

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#36 Posted by TheWildCard (700 posts) -

I'm not completely sold on the gameplay (simply because we haven't seen that much of it, and I wasn't that tired of the old style yet) but the series seemed like it was in such a narrative dead end I hated the thought of going back to Kratos again. But I'm all for writing him as having matured and as less of a caricature, and in that respect I thought the demo super effective. I'm shocked I'm as interested as I now am in another God of War.

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#37 Posted by Monkeyman04 (2801 posts) -

I never beat the first one. Got to Hades and just stopped playing, but with that said I love the new direction of the new game.

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#38 Posted by Zevvion (5965 posts) -

Yes, because the original God of War was tremendously overrated. It was way, way too easy for the type of game it was and it wasn't nearly complex enough. This style makes that concept fit a whole lot better. It really needed that small injection of Dark Souls deliberateness.

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#39 Posted by Humanity (18945 posts) -

It remains to be seen. There is something to be said about how fast the original combat was compared to what they showcased in that scripted demo. I don't think any God of War fans were chomping at the bits to slow things down. People wanted more depth, like a Bayonetta or Devil May Cry, not slower and more realistic combat.

Also I get why they gave him an axe because of the setting but man what a lame weapon choice after those amazing chain-blades.

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#40 Posted by Colonel_Pockets (1315 posts) -

I'm very interested in this game, but the combat did not look great. I'm confident that Santa Monica Studio can make this a great game though.

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#41 Edited by KillEm_Dafoe (2657 posts) -

I was a huge fan of the main series. GoW2 in particular is one of the best gaming experiences I've probably ever had. That said, I felt they made enough of them and would've been fine if they dropped the series. This new approach is not something I ever really expected, but it's definitely welcome and has me very much intrigued. If they must continue the series, this is the way to do it.

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#42 Edited by doctordonkey (1854 posts) -

I mean, companies realized that character action games just don't sell any more, so making another one in the same style would have been a bad financial move. In place of every single DMC/Bayonetta/God of War game there is instead going to be a game that heavily borrows from Dark Souls and TLoU, because that is what sells.

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#43 Posted by Nilazz (836 posts) -

Loving it, we've had enough games in the old style already so seeing these changes feels fresh!

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#44 Posted by Hunkulese (4225 posts) -

I'm finding the praise for the game to be super weird. The demo didn't really show much and everyone is just excited like it's nothing like any of the GoW games. Would people be excited about it if it was a new IP.

It really seems like they're trying to deceive people because they didn't think it would sell as well without the God of War name. It doesn't look like they've kept anything from the series.

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#45 Posted by Beyond_Recall (129 posts) -

Definitely. I was initially disappointed to see that Kratos was still the main character--it struck me as a commercially driven decision that clashed with the overhauled setting and tone. But the crew's impressions last night made me more comfortable with it, as they made it sound like Barlog really wants to overhaul the character as well.

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#46 Posted by ThePanzini (744 posts) -

I'm finding the praise for the game to be super weird. The demo didn't really show much and everyone is just excited like it's nothing like any of the GoW games. Would people be excited about it if it was a new IP.

It really seems like they're trying to deceive people because they didn't think it would sell as well without the God of War name. It doesn't look like they've kept anything from the series.

Taking a known franchise and flipping it on its head or adding a twist is often far more interesting. Having only played GOW3 Remaster and not liking the combat or camera angles, the new look has peak my interest plus being a direct sequel has me very curious. More often than not new IP fail they are inherently very risky its much harder to grab someone attention with the unkown.

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#47 Posted by MATATAT (1225 posts) -

I enjoyed the first couple God of War games at the time, and from a gameplay perspective, but I thought Kratos was a lame character. I don't really like the cut of his jib, and hes very one note.

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#48 Posted by The_Nubster (4289 posts) -

I'm interested. I thought that the dialogue in that trailer was pretty awful and I'm not sold on having a kid around at all times, but it's interesting to see them try something new. God of War 3 will always exist so I can go back to that if I ever need to, I say they try whatever they want with the new one.

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#49 Posted by John1912 (2504 posts) -

I thought it looked great! I really prob wouldnt be that interested if it was another bottom masher. If they can slow the combat down a bit, but also keep the GoW intensity, and hopefully add some nice depth in the combos, it looks like it could be amazing! Prob most interested Ive ever been in the series. They were always more I should play them as a technical show piece, then really wanting to.

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#50 Edited by Whitestripes09 (918 posts) -

I think it's a good decision to have this series take a new direction, but if it's going to be a story driven game then it needs to have some pretty great writing. The decision to have Kratos as the MC seems like a mistake already because his journey pretty much concluded in 3. What we have seen so far is... meh. It's kind of generic, but there's potential to at least have great bonding moments between Kratos and the boy. I hope this is less "teaching my boy to be a man" and more "Kratos finding redemption through a new life and world"

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