Jaggedpine Forest

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    Jaggedpine Forest is hidden beyond the mountainous northern borders of Qeynos Hills and Surefall Glade.

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    Jaggedpine Forest
    Jaggedpine Forest

    Jaggedpine Forest was not open to the public for an extensive period of time. Its secrets have been guarded by the druids and rangers of Karana. The region was first settled long ago by a nomadic tribe of humans who had just broken away from their barbarian forefathers. When many other humans founded Qeynos, Karana's followers befriended them. Antonius Bayle III decided to seal the entrance to the forest to protect it from the impeding war and corruption that came to Antonica during his reign. The gnolls of nearby Blackburrow inadvertently tunneled there way into the forest and have since built a temple to Brell Serilis there. Antonius Bayle IV decided to reopen the entrance within Surefall Glade to help defend the region from the gnoll menace. The forest is full of wildlife, which has brought greedy poachers to region. The Jaggedpine Treefolk offer rewards for those who can show proof of slain poachers. The Hatchling River divides Jaggedpine from the Unkempt Woods to the east, which still remain unreachable by Bayle's decree. The potameides of the river have inexplicably become hateful to any and all visitors to the Jaggedpine Forest. Many believe that the Unkempt have a hand in this.

    Jaggedpine Forest was added to the world of EverQuest in a free patch on June 24, 2002.

    Neighboring Zones

    Commerce & Tradeskills

    ShopGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    Druid CampBank, Food, Water, General SuppliesBaking, Pottery
    Gnoll CaveBank, Food, Water, General SuppliesBaking, Pottery


    Notable NPCs

    • Ancient Treant
    • Barducks Darkpaw
    • Chef Brargus
    • Cheyloh Greenwood
    • Darkpaw Oracle
    • Darkpaw Warrior
    • Elishia Blackguard
    • Fiercewind
    • GoldenTalon
    • Jerg Oakenfist
    • Lameriae the Alluring
    • Myraephe the Pure
    • Oracle Jaarl
    • Queen Nhyalia
    • Reynold Blackguard
    • StormClaw
    • Vaurien Sticklebush
    • Yranik Blackguard
    • Zed Sticklebush

    Notable Items

    • Anaconda Fang Knife
    • Ancient Treant Branch
    • Ancient Treant Wreath
    • Azure Bracer of Virtue
    • Barkleather Armor
    • Bear Fanged Glove
    • Boots of Stalking
    • Bracer of Acuity
    • Burnoose of the Halfbreed
    • Cloak of Shimmering Water
    • Collar of Stalking
    • Decanter of the Apothecary
    • Dew Woven Armor
    • Eye of the Griffon
    • Fiercewind
    • Griffon Wing Cloak
    • Guardian of the River
    • Jaggedpine Druid Armor
    • Long Fanged Glaive
    • Mithril Knuckles
    • Nyahlia's Nullifier
    • Oakenfist Gloves
    • Partisan of Stampede
    • Pine Shaft Pike
    • Sack Full of Rocks
    • Sap Stained Gorget
    • Sap Stained Boots
    • Satchel of the Hatchling
    • Shawl of the Hatchling
    • Shimmering Globe of the River
    • Shimmering Potameid Idol
    • The Silver Nemesis
    • Stormclaws

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