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    A fictional district of Tokyo known for its vibrant nightlife and heavy yakuza presence. It is a major location in the Yakuza series.

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    Kamurocho is a fictional metropolitan district of Tokyo, Japan that serves as a major setting in the Yakuza series. It is based on the real-world Kabukichō, Tokyo's most well-known "red-light" district. Like its inspiration, Kamurocho is famous for its vibrant nightlife, featuring a wide variety of shops, restaurants, nightclubs and video arcades. It is also a district heavy with the influence of rival yakuza families who constantly struggle for control of Kamurocho, particularly in regards to illegal activities such as underground gambling parlors, loan shark money-lending operations and brothels. At the heart of Kamurocho is the Millennium Tower, a huge skyscraper which serves as a key location for many plot-critical events throughout the series.

    Points of Interest


    • Alps Tea House (Cafe Alps)
    • Matsuya
    • Gelateria
    • Shellac
    • Atenshi (Earth Angel)
    • Smile Burger
    • Bantam
    • Pronto
    • Kyushu No.1 Ramen
    • Sushi Gin
    • Kanrai


    • M-Store
    • Poppo Tenkaichi
    • Beam
    • Ebisuya
    • Poppo Shouwa
    • Poppo Nakamichi Alley
    • Don Quixote
    • Le Marche
    • Kotobuki Pharmacy


    • Club Ageha
    • Club Koakuma
    • Love In Heart
    • Asia
    • MEB


    • Club Sega Nakamichi
    • Rokuronsou Mahjong Parlour
    • Karaoke Palace
    • Club Sega Theatre
    • Yoshida Batting Centre
    • Mach Bowl


    • No.3 Park
    • Millennium Intro
    • Stardust

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