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    A cleric from Daein, spent her childhood with Aran.

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    "You have caused more suffering than any being I've ever met. Did you not learn that the goddess will someday punish those who harm others?" -- Laura, when fighting Numida

    Being a priest, Laura is very pure and devoted to the goddess. It is also already clear that she fights for what she believes is right. She is also quite positive. As befits a healer, she is both kind and gentle, and she will do whatever it takes to help people that are in need of help. Although, Laura can be misled at times. She once believes that the Dawn Brigade is a group of bandits when she talks with Aran. She then goes on to tell him that even though they're both bandits now because they've joined the Dawn Brigade, they have to be "honorable" bandits. Micaiah doesn't understand how Laura mistook them for bandits, and Aran tries to grasp the concept of an "honorable" bandit.

    Military Affiliation

    Laura is one of the new characters in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, so she serves under Micaiah's command in the Dawn Brigade, and later in the Daein Liberation Army. And like every new character that fights under Micaiah and Pelleas, she too is not familiar with anyone from the Greil Mercenaries, and will not be recruited to their side by anyone else ever. At least not until Part Four when all sides are on equal terms and the player can opt to place her in one of three armies.


    Laura was living in a small town in Daein where the abbot was teaching her to do the right thing, the way the goddess, Ashera, would want them to. However, her abbot fell sick at the time when the Begnion Occupational Army came to Daein to do as they pleased. One group from the Occupational Army stole the medicine she needed for her abbot. After that, the Dawn Brigade had bumped into her, and she pleaded for them to help her get the medicine for the abbot back. Micaiah agreed immediately, and the player is put into a chapter to recover the medicine, raid chests, and kill soldiers. After they get the medicine, Laura has disappeared, so Micaiah goes to search for her. It is revealed that Jarod has captured Laura, using her as bait to capture Micaiah as well. The two girls are later locked away, and they meet Ilyana, Aimee, and Kurth. Sothe comes by shortly to free them, but soldiers have surrounded the prison to keep them from escaping. Just then, the rest of the Dawn Brigade appears. Sothe questions how they managed to sneak past security, so Nolan and Edward say that a Begnion soldier ordered them to follow him if they were going to save Laura. Micaiah and Laura then question why a Begnion soldier would mention Laura's name.

    Laura and Aran
    Laura and Aran

    As the fight goes on, a blue soldier appears very early. Laura will comment that he looks familiar. If the player allows Laura to talk to him, she finds out that the soldier is Aran, her childhood friend! She asks why he, a Daein, would side with Begnion. He says that he's not sure if he considers himself a Daein since a family of merchants from Begnion took him in, but he could never bring himself to hurt Laura, who's been like a little sister to him. He then tells her to run for her life now, but she says she can't abandon Micaiah and Sothe, who have risked their lives for her to get the medicine and are still risking their lives for her. Aran concedes, and says he can't support the horrible things Begnion is doing to Daein. He then decides that he will fight for what's right, the way the abbot taught them, and he'll get her and everyone else out of this place. She cheers for him and says that he hasn't changed a bit; still so considerate.


    Unlike Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (and most other Fire Emblem games), the support conversation (and system) are much more simplified in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Laura can have a support with anyone she spends a lot of time with. She can also only have one support with one character at any given time. For example, say Laura has a support with Leonardo, but the player decides that a support between Laura and Aran would be better. To make a support between Laura and Aran, the player would first have to delete the support between Laura and Leonardo before letting Laura make a new support with Aran. She cannot have a support with both characters at the same time.

    In her C support conversation, she will tell the unit to stay safe. In her B support conversation, she tells the unit she wants to go with them to protect them. In her A support conversation, she says that something strange has happened. She confesses that she thinks of the unit during the goddess's teachings. She then pleads the unit to not die because she doesn't want the goddess to take the unit away from her.

    In most Fire Emblem games, two characters who have a particular bond yield a special ending if they have an A support. One can expect that Laura and Aran have a special ending if they have an A support, but for whatever reason, they do not.

    As it turns out, there is some unused content on the support system for Radiant Dawn. If Laura were to have a support with certain characters, then she would have a full-length support conversation in the A support conversation only. Of course, the full-length support conversation for the A support was cut out. This may be due to Ike and Micaiah having an immense amount of potential A support conversations...and either of them alone would be too many.

    The characters that were planned to have the special support conversation with (and the possible reasons) were:

    • Aran (childhood friend. Obvious)
    • Ilyana (both use magic and are female)
    • Fiona (both look up to Micaiah and are female)
    • Meg (both are in the Dawn Brigade and are female)
    • Micaiah (Laura is part of the Dawn Brigade)
    • Nealuchi (Like with Aran; no clue)
    • Nolan (no clue)
    • Tanith (Laura is sweet and kind. Tanith is feared and strict)


    Laura starts off as a level 1 Priest. When she reaches level 21 or uses a Master Seal when she reaches level 10, then she will promote to the second tier Bishop class and can now use Light Magic tomes in addition to staves. When she reaches level 21 in this class or uses a Master Crown when she reaches level 10 in this class, then she will promote to the third tier Saint class and gains the Master Skill, Corona.

    Strangely enough, Laura is a priest even though she is female. In other Fire Emblem games, as well as in real life, only men were priests.

    Unit Data

    Base Stats

    • Affinity: Wind
    • HP: 16
    • Strength: 3
    • Magic: 8
    • Skill: 3
    • Speed: 5
    • Luck: 8
    • Defense: 2
    • Resistance: 10
    • Constitution/Build: 5
    • Weight: 5
    • Movement: 5
    • Weapon grade: Staves - D

    Growth Rates

    • Health: 45%
    • Strength: 20%
    • Magic: 70%
    • Skill: 70%
    • Speed: 70%
    • Luck: 50%
    • Defense: 20%
    • Resistance: 35%


    Laura has one ending at the end of the game. It is as follows:

    Carefree Saint - Laura

    Laura returned to her home's church and became a mother to many orphans, all of whom loved her gentleness.


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