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"How old do you think I am, anyway? Now I'm getting depressed..." -- Nolan, speaking to Edward and Leonardo in a base conversation.

Nolan is the only member of the Dawn Brigade that is actually an experienced fighter (unless the player thinks that Sothe should count too) and as such, is not reckless or naive. Because of his experience, he can make sound judgments as well as good decisions whether it's in battle or not. Nolan also acts as a bit of a father figure to Edward and Leonardo, telling them to persevere and not let go of their dreams just yet. Of course, the two poke fun at his age on occasion, but they do respect his experience and wisdom. In a base conversation with Sothe, Nolan reveals that he has a hobby in reading.

Military Affiliation

As the "official leader" of the Dawn Brigade, he sides with Micaiah. And because he is one of the new characters introduced in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, he does not know anyone from the Greil Mercenaries and will not be recruited into their team by anyone until Part Four when all sides are on equal terms, and the player can opt to place him in one of three armies. Just like everyone else in the Dawn Brigade.


According to the Designer's notes:

Nolan was a successful merchant that lost his fortune and status when he was betrayed by his business associates. He lost faith in mankind and lived in the back alleys with no hope. He felt that the Mad King's War was none of his business, but had a change of heart when he saw that his countrymen's blood was being spilled by the Begnion Occupational Army, soldiers who had entered Daein as if it they could do as they pleased. Nolan decided that he must do what he could to save his country and people.

Somewhere along the way, Nolan rescues Edward and Leonardo in Nevassa as they are pursued by Begnion Occupational soldiers. Later, he and the two would run into Sothe and Micaiah, and because of their shared goal of saving Daein, would form the Dawn Brigade with Nolan as their leader. Of course, Nolan usually leaves the role of leader to Micaiah because people believe that the "Silver-haired Maiden" is Daein's light and miracle.


The support conversation in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn is less detailed and more simplified, so Nolan can have a conversation with anyone that he spends a lot of time with.

In his C support conversation, he tells the unit that they should call if they need help, and the unit should not overdo fighting because endurance is important. In his B support conversation, he asks the unit if they want to "storm the front line" and if the unit speaks first, then he'll take them up on their offer. In his A support conversation, he tells the unit that they must survive no matter what, and he'll do as the unit requests.

Unlike other members of the Dawn Brigade such as Micaiah and Sothe, Leonardo and Edward, and Aran and Laura, Nolan is not particularly close to anyone and does not have any puzzling bond support problems.

As it turns out, there is some unused content on the support system for Radiant Dawn. If Nolan were to have a support with certain characters, then he would have a full-length support conversation in the A support conversation only. Of course, the full-length support conversation for the A support was cut out. This may be due to Ike and Micaiah having an immense amount of potential A support conversations...and either of them alone would be too many.

The characters that were planned to have the special support conversation with (and the possible reasons) were:

  • Micaiah, Sothe, Leonardo, and Edward (all are original members of the Dawn Brigade)
  • Aran and Laura (part of the Dawn Brigade)
  • Nealuchi (Like Aran and Laura before him; no clue)


Nolan starts off as a level nine Fighter. When he reaches level 21, or uses a Master Seal when he reaches level 10, then he can promote to the second tier Warrior class. When he reaches level 21 in the Warrior class, or uses a Master Crown when he reaches level 10 in the Warrior class, then he can promote to the third and final tier Reaver class and gains the Critical +5 skill and the master skill, Colossus.

When he reaches Reaver class, he will also be able to use crossbows.

Unit Data

Base Stats

  • Affinity: Earth
  • HP: 9
  • Strength: 12
  • Magic: 0
  • Skill: 11
  • Speed: 10
  • Luck: 7
  • Defense: 9
  • Resistance: 3
  • Constitution/Build: 13
  • Weight: 13
  • Movement: 6
  • Weapon Grade: Axes - C

Growth Rates

  • Health: 60%
  • Strength: 45%
  • Magic: 20%
  • Skill: 70%
  • Speed: 60%
  • Luck: 60%
  • Defense: 35%
  • Resistance: 40%


Nolan has one ending at the end of the game. It is as follows:

Wise Champion - Nolan

Nolan wandered across the kingdoms, saving those in adversity. Stories of his altruism eventually became legends.


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