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My Limbo Review 0

This little boy awakes in the darkness, what we see is just a shadow of his body, where is he? In Limbo. This game is beautiful in the eye, black and white, shades of grey. This small 2-D platform game, is about a boy in search of his sister, in this world of paranormal fluently created puzzles, that persistanly can leave you feeling like, is that really going to work?  What I enjoyed about the game the most was the fluency of the game, is something that you can start and actually play all the w...

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LIMBO Review 2

   LIMBO is one of those games that’s going to be hard to review let alone talk about without treading the line of the “spoiler zone.” PlayDead has created a beautiful game in the same vein as Braid or the recent P.B. Winterbottom. The simplicity of the controls doesn’t hamper the challenge that waits in LIMBO; expect to have some interesting concepts thrown at you. With LIMBO, PlayDead has set out to create a game that would make them a staple in gamer’s minds, and the story that unfolds is ...

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Beautiful and haunting 0

Can I talk about Limbo without talking about Braid? An interesting question to pose myself, mostly because Braid is one of my all time favourite games. In fact, just by starting the review of the game this way, it's quite obvious that I can't. Don't get me wrong, both games are very different in their mechanics but they are both arty puzzle platform games that have an amazing amount of resonance. In a way though, Limbo is the antithesis of Braid. Where Braid offers complexity through text, colou...

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Amazing Style, But Lacking In Substance 0

Limbo is a game that knows what its trying to do and does it very well.  Unfortunately, it's not trying to do that much, and so the end result is a bit emptier and a much shorter than you would hope.  It might be worth it to you as an experience, but if your gaming budget is tight, I can't really recommend you buy this over many other XBLA titles with more depth.  Limbo is in essence a puzzle platformer.  You'll need some logical thinking, pinpoint timing, and quick reflexes in order to get thro...

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Fuck, I dunno. 2

You know, Limbo is exactly the kind of game that should appeal to me. It's a 2D platformer, already big points there, with a very unique atmospheric setting and visual style. I mean, this is the kind of shit my dreams are made of. The being said, after completing the game in a very intense single sitting I can say without regret: "meh."   Look it's not that Limbo is a bad game, It's just a very uneven experience. The first few sections of the game are fucking fantastic by anyone's standards. You...

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LIMBO Video Review 1

If you guys need a written review, I could probably muster one up, but I think you can get the just from the Video Review =)    ...

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The Ambassador of Bleakness 0

Limbo is a strange creature. I mean, just look at it. It takes just the simple ideas of a platformer mixed with some physics-based puzzles and wraps it in a weird world that is teaming with atomsphere. In simple terms, Limbo is Flower with much less of the  pretentiousness.  Limbo doesn't have much of a storyline to speak of. All the plotline for the game can be read when you are actually buying the game and reading it's description on Xbox Live. You are a young buy, lost in "Limbo". The boy has...

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I'm never going to go into the woods again. 0

  LIMBO Xbox 360 Arcade Release Date -July 21, 2010    Imagine waking up from your sleep in the middle of a grassy field out in a creepy black and white forest. Dwarfing you with its tremendous size and a sinister atmosphere to match, you will soon find out there aren’t too many good things going on in this forest. In fact it’s filled with evil creatures, life threatening traps and mysteries that just can’t be explained. What little sunlight you see breaking through the canopy to the fore...

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Limbo Review 0

Every year there seems to be that one game that pushes the boundaries of art and video games. In 2008, it was Braid. Last year, it was Flower. And this year, it is Limbo. I won't indulge you on if I think Limbo is "art" but I will say that Limbo is one of the most tightly made and rewarding puzzle games I have ever played.   A big problem that many people had with Flower was that it seemed like art for art's sake. Limbo doesn't have that problem. While the game is certainly beautiful, the g...

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Limbo 0

You know the feeling you get as you slip out of a dream with a start? That rush through darkness, like a free-fall your subconscious must end before the fall ends you? That's Limbo.  As a faceless shade of a child, the player controls a hellion bent on destroying everything around him to seek out his lost sister. Or is he the one who is lost? Limbo raises a myriad of questions throughout its five or so hours. You may even be saying, "hey, I couldn't help it if I made the boy wreak all of his sur...

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Limbo, it's a game I'm glad I didn't miss. 0

             2D platforming and simple, yet elegant controls make this game perform beautifully with the stunning and dark environment around your character. Playing this game I never felt like the many many deaths were anything but my error which is astounding and frustrating at the same time. I jumped too soon, hit that button too late, forgot a box back in the level, and so forth. Survival relies on your own intelligence, observation, and quick thinking to enable you to beat this game and its...

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Ambiance, Mood and Simplicity 0

   Ambiance is what defines Limbo as a game that is both stunning and appreciable despite its obvious simplicity. The simple graphics, controls, audio and interface all establish a mood that is present throughout the entire game and that is at the same time, immensely profound. This mood and the game’s refreshing simplicity are what separates it from most modern games and yet still presents it in an incredibly appropriate manner. With a quiet and haunting ambient soundtrack along with ...

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Your mind is the scene of the crime. 0

Inception is a 2010 movie directed by Christopher Nolan (most famous for the 2002 film Insomnia, of course) with Leonardo DiCaprio and a band of dream invaders. They’re on a mission to…and you should probably skip this one paragraph if you haven’t seen the film yet, and you should perhaps be disappointed in yourself if you haven’t. Well they enter the dreams of the rich heir (Cillian Scarecrow), and then enter the dream rich heir Cillian Scarecrow’s dream in the dream world, and then enter the ...

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Beautiful, and seductive one night stand of an XBLA title 0

When I tried Limbo I couldn't shake the feeling that the game felt like a one-trip pony but in a good way. First things first Limbo without a doubt this year's most unique XBLA title to be released yet as the visuals are amazing as it is frightening. In this journey, we follow the exploits of a boy who enters the realm of Limbo and that's pretty much the story in a nutshell. Many critics love this game enough to warrant the 15 bucks the game asks of you but here's what the issue is when it comes...

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A boy awakens unto a grayscale world 0

In a dark grayscale forest a pair of eyes open to the black world.   A boy awakens and departs into the silhouetted landscape. Towards an unknown and distant goal, driven by a hidden desire, a lonely journey begins, one fraught with danger. Fearsome terrifying creatures hunt the boy, vicious traps lay in his path, mysteries advisories stalk his ever move. Surviving against the darkness the boy moves ever forward, on to a dream. Limbo is something hard to explain, it’s not simply a game, but an e...

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I Wanna Be The Guy, But Now It's All Dark And Sad 0

I'm sure when it dropped in 2010, Limbo was an impressive piece of work. People were still high off the frankly amazing puzzle-platformer Braid that showed just what games could do, thematically and mechanically. People had tried (and, indeed, are still trying) to incorporate the mechanics of the game directly into the theme and purpose in a way that Braid somehow managed. We've come close, and Gone Home is one of the better examples, but my point is Braid was a real watershed moment that foreve...

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XBOX 360 Review: Limbo 0

Limbo, when viewed on the surface, seems like a very simplistic game. After all it is a platformer that is displayed in black and white, contains just three actions the protagonist can perform at the behest of the player and contains virtually no narrative. But if one were to only view Limbo on the surface they would be missing an awful lot. What they would be missing is a beautiful game that takes players on a journey through a hellish, yet fantastical world that leaves nearly everything open...

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Everybody (should play) LIMBO 1

  It can be difficult to talk about Limbo without breaking the spell of what makes this game so incredible.   As you wake in this incredible world you get the feeling that you are slowly being drawn into a madman’s dream.   The contrasting black and white visuals make you constantly question your surroundings.   There is no music to speak of but the audio track is amplified in a way that continually pulls you deeper and deeper into the dark forest that the story takes place in.   As you begin yo...

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A good puzzle game, nothing more. 1

Limbo will ultimately be a very divisive game. Many players will cheer for its artistic narrative and the game's ability to convey emotions along with atmosphere in ways most games don't. Other people like myself look at all the aspects that Limbo utilizes to set itself apart and say “so what”. Limbo is just a physics-based puzzle game that's in black and white, and has a “story” that's very disconnected from the game itself. Limbo is a shinning example on how to make a puzzle platformed in 2010...

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An Artistic Masterpiece 0

There is something to be said for games that make an impact. In a world increasingly filled with semi-identical modern shooters, Limbo comes as a breath of relief and a really incredible experience. It's worth every last dollar you'll spend on it.  Limbo is one of those artsy indie games that doesn't take the time to explain itself. This definitely is the right idea - the lack of exposition just makes Limbo that much more resonant and spooky. You're a little kid, lost in a forest somewhere, supp...

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A Combination of Breathtaking Visuals and well Designed Puzzles 0

  Over the last few years we have learnt that downloadable titles or just independent games in general are no longer to be sniffed at by the general populace. Playdead’s ‘Limbo’ has earned its place among games like Braid and Flower, due to its unique monochrome colour scheme, and it’s striking use of multiple layers used in a unusual way to create depth. Yes you heard me, Limbo does not have any colour, the whole game is rendered in various shades of gray, black and white. There is so m...

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Everyone should try this side scroller! 0

 The Good – It’s a side scrolling game, in which you’re a little boy looking for your sister in the woods…..but only in the beginning. What follows are a countless series of puzzles to get through to the end. No two are the same, it gets very challenging, but it’s never impossible. I didn’t even have to look up anything online It’s somewhat reminicent of Braid, another downloadable game that I freakin’ loved. But that’s where the comparison stops, for the most part, there’s no time bend...

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This state of mind, makes me feel more real, than ever. 0

You awaken in a quiet darkness. You can barely see five feet in front of you. All you remember is that your sister was right around that tree trunk, digging... Wait a minute... Where is she? Where did she go?! You think to yourself, "How long was I asleep? Wait, what time is it?" You get up from the warm body shaped indent under a massive Oak. You walk to the left and there is only this blockade, and next to it an egg. You try to pick it up, but as soon as you touch it, it breaks, leaving nothi...

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A mediocre game that was propped up as "the next Braid" 0

Right after Braid, people started looking for "the next Braid". Not having played the majority of indy games out there on Steam or Playstation network, I can't say whether or not that game has been found. I can tell you one thing, however. Despite what you have been told, Limbo is most definitely not it. It is an indy, artsy game with lots of puzzles. That's where the similarities end. The game is a mediocre platformer, with poor gameplay that is disguised by an interesting presentation and a cr...

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Straight From A Nightmare 0

There are few things in gaming that are as creepy and edgy as the world of Limbo, while still never resorting to simple "jump scares" and grotesque monsters displayed in graphic detail.  When you're about to die in Limbo, a lot of times you'll see it coming for at least a few seconds, and the horrible panic that ensues causes you to flail around looking for an escape, but quite often you just aren't fast enough.  That's the real genius of this game's atmosphere - the game forces you to think fas...

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Limbo will dance under all cynicism and into your heart 0

  Limbo an Xbox live arcade game released as part of Microsoft’s now annual summer of arcade extravaganza in 2010, is a puzzle platform game by Playdead, featuring a strikingly understated black and white art style and minimalist storytelling. There is no explicit story really, nor is there any narrative text or dialogue in the game. You simply wake up as a young boy in a wood and just run from right to left until the end. Now obviously it not as simple as just running to the right, there a...

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Help The Boy find his way in LIMBO 0

He wakes to find no one. The forest does not grant him a warm welcome. It is quiet, dark, and scary, the very epitome of a nightmare. Unaware of the danger ahead, he stands up, ready to begin his search. The Boy in the forest At it’s core, Limbo is a simple puzzle platformer in terms of it’s game-play, but that’s not the focus of what you will take away from this game. The dark and unforgiving atmosphere, and the journey to escape will draw you in from start to finish, making it one of the most...

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fantastically short 0

When first firing this game up my jaw dropped from the gorgeous visuals, and fluid motion. The style oozed a film noir I've been dying to see in a  game, and the puzzles took over the majority of my time. But that time was sadly far too short as I soon realized that the game itself is really only a few hours long at most. I applaud Playdead for making such a unique experience, and can only hope it expands to something a tad longer......

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Great atmosphere, but not much content. 0

Limbo is a clever, artsy game with some great moments and a chilling atmosphere. The controls feel great, and the constant fear of death combined with the will to explore further makes this game work quite well.    The first thing you'll notice about this game is it's minimalist design. It's all black and white, and there is no music and hardly any sound effects. It's animated very well, and feels very fluid because of it. Obviously, if this game was in colour, it would lose a lot of its atmosp...

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How low does it go? 0

Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade platform has endured quite a rocky road since its inception at the launch of the Xbox 360. Originally, the 50 megabyte limit for games available on the service pushed it into a corner populated by bad ports of old arcade games and Geometry Wars. That horrid space limitation has since been lifted, and XBLA now serves as a veritable shopping mall of games encompassing all genres, from multiplayer shooters to games like Limbo, which would not have received any attention...

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Limbo Review 0

 It starts with shot of the bleak landscape of a forest. A world that is black and white with shades of grey. After a moment a pair of eyes flicker open and a boy rises up out of the grass to begin his arduous journey of running to the right. This is how Limbo, the first game of this year’s Summer of Arcade, opens up. And that’s all the game really gives you to go on at the start. Throughout the rest of the game it drips out little hints behind what’s going on in the story, but even by th...

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Dark and moving... 0

The first thing you notice about Limbo is how unique the art style of this game is; the second, that you control a little boy. It won't be too much longer before you see him die - and then die again, and again - and by the time you are 20 minutes in, you have seen him die in so many different ways, you don't know whether to be horrified at the continual grotesqueries which befall the boy, or mesremised by the many and varied ways which have been programmed for him to meet his end.  While you swi...

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A little boy wakes in the woods. 1

Limbo - the first game out of the stable for this year's Summer of Arcade - is a haunting, bleak and often disturbing little experience. At it's core it's a side-scrolling adventure with puzzle elements - but really it's a lot more than that. Limbo is a gently-paced tale of a little boy lost in the woods and it's in the telling that it shines.Completely lacking in color, the presentation is hyper-minimalist. There is no (re-callable) music, nothing in the way of a HUD and zero dialog.A little bo...

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Brutally beautiful in every way; Limbo is a short, unforgettable experience. 0

Xbox Live Arcade has seen several memorable indie games in the past few years with the likes of Braid and Castle Crashers. In 2010 one of the stand-outs was undoubtedly Limbo, developed by a small Danish team in Playdead.Limbo is a fairly short and simple puzzle platformer with a simply gorgeous graphical style. You take the role of a young boy who inexplicably wakes in a forest. There is no opening cinematic or dialogue to explain the situation – it just is. The basic gameplay consists of runni...

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Basically good. 2

This stark, monochrome, gothic Xbox Live Arcade title has far more merit and value based on its simplicity rather than its complexity. In a world where current-generation games are loaded with technology and eye popping experiences, Limbo defies these trends and takes an introspective mantra where less is definitely means more. Before everyone starts jumping on the bandwagon that Limbo is this year’s Flower or is just a reincarnation of Braid, let me guarantee you that Limbo has far more going f...

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A dreamlike experience so good you’ll be asking to be pinched. 2

A boy opens his eyes and sits up in the tall grass, surrounded by a dreamlike grayscale forest, which seems to engulf him with its eerie silence and massive scope. The boy runs behind the blurred images of trees and boulders in the foreground, while streaks of ghostly white light sneak into view between trees far away in the distance. Moving onto a rotting log, outcropping a cliff edge, the player is given an uneasy sense of scale as the small stature and vulnerability of the boy is revealed. Ex...

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Visual artistry and well-designed puzzles collide in Limbo. 0

I really have to leave it to indie developer Playdead for this magnificent Xbox Live Arcade title. Because while Limbo may look like a simple and by-the-numbers 2D-plattformer with a film-noir look to it--It turns out to be something much, much more. Limbo offers no exposition, no in-game tutorial or any form dialogue whatsoever and the lack of any narrative direction is one of the key elements in Limbo that will really draw you in. The basic setup is that you play as a young boy who wakes up ...

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It's all about the fall. 0

Limbo is all about the slow descent through an absolutely horrible place.  It's harsh, sometimes startling, vastly unsatisfying, and almost perfect.  Limbo is minimal at its best.  There is no exposition, no words (aside from one larger-than-life sign), no real soundtrack, no tutorials.  Everything you need to know about the game you will learn through subtle environmental clues, assuming of course that you're paying close attention.  If you're not, trial and error will be your guide.  The syste...

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Living with Loss: Where LIMBO Takes Us 0

This review is taken from my published piece at The Atlantic in Washington, DC. The original can be found online here.   What life awaits after death? Most forms of expression, from books and films to poetry and philosophy, have taken turns pondering on it, and the maturing world of video games is no exception.LIMBO, in spite of all appearances, isn't one of those games. The brief, downloadable video game for Xbox 360 appears to dwell in the afterlife—and beautifully so—with creepy inhabitants, ...

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Limbo is a haunting and masterful journey 0

 Limbo is a dark game. Many developers claim that their games will illicit a strong response from the player, but very few do. It is all the more amazing, then, that what may be the most powerful experience released this year has but one line of setup, no dialogue, and not a single cutscene. Instead, Limbo creates reactions from the players through its oppressive, crushing, and suffocating atmosphere. Limbo is a game of no color and little light. Inky blacks permeate the screen, while des...

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Survival of the fittest 0

From the moment I first saw Limbo, I was intrigued. It draws you in with a stunning aesthetic that immediately has you wanting to see more. What I didn't originally realize is how this first impression is pretty emblematic of the game as a whole. Limbo is a game that constantly strives to keep you interested, going to great lengths to make sure every single moment is as polished as possible. It's an exciting ride for sure, and while it may not last quite as long as you might hope, every minute i...

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Beautiful. Lonely. Dark. Nightmarish. Bizarre. 0

Limbo is an experience worth the price of admission.  Though a steep 1200 point price tag, I can't recommend it enough.  Yeah its got the whole "artsy fartsy" vibe kicking.  But in the end, you'll think to yourself that for the few hours you played through it.  You really felt like you were in limbo.   It's a platformer/puzzle game presented in complete black and white.  Not much of a musical score, only ambient sounds from the enviroments.  It's a rather simple looking game.  Add all that toget...

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Like the titular realm, Limbo is neither abhorrent nor wonderful. 0

Ah, Limbo. It has been called this year's Braid; a masterpiece; perfect, even. Let's have a look-see, shall we?  Limbo is a puzzle-platformer. And I'm going to address the game's largest problem immediately: Both the puzzles and the platforming are completely devoid of any challenge. The former virtually never require more steps than can be counted on one hand -- move a box, pull a lever, climb a rope and you're done;  that's roughly how most of the puzzles go down -- and since the tools needed ...

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Why Limbo Sucked 4

With all the end-of-year awards popping up now, I figured I should finally let my complete and utter distaste for this game out of hiding.  The source of my loathing is very simple: When you begin a new game of Limbo, there is absolutely no indication of when the game has actually started.  It just transitions into a completely black screen.  How are you supposed to know that there is a boy sleeping on the ground with his eyes closed?  After waiting for something to happen for a few minutes, I f...

3 out of 9 found this review helpful.

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