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    Mickey is the youngest member of Edward Buck's ODST squad in Halo 3: ODST. He is an enthusiastic combatant, but he has never seen the Covenant destroy a planet.

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    Early life

    Michael Crespo was born on October 20, 2530 in Crisium City, Naniwa, Luna. Mickey has never visited earth before, he has only seen it from a transport craft window. Mickey's Mom & Dad were wanted by the UNSC government, for blowing up their buildings during the insurrectionist movements. Mickey's Parents died while wiring a bomb to a UNSC weapons base. Mickey never got to know his parents well because he was very young at the time. He was placed in foster care where he learned about the UNSC and their purpose.

    Military Career

    Mickey signed up for UNSCDF (United Nations Space Command Defense Force) service on June 4, 2548, as mandatory military service, which was a requirement from foster care. After mandatory service he had the option to quit the military, but he decided to stay because it was the only thing he considered home. Both he and The Rookie enlisted in the same year, and were both students before they enlisted. It turned out that they both knew each other before joining the UNSC. Mickey was a pilot and a crew chief on a Pelican drop ship for a while, before becoming an ODST with the rank of a private first class. Before the first battle of earth, he had undergone training as an EVA, finishing top of his class and successfully completing three HEV drops.

    First battle of Earth

    Mickey served during the first battle of earth in 2552. He and his squad, along with larger ODST forces were stationed on the UNSC Frigate 'Say My Name', and were informed that their mission was to drop onto a Covenant ship and assassinate the Prophet of Regret. During the drop into New Mombasa Mickey's drop pod got caught in an EMP blast as the Covenant ship entered slipspace and his drop pod smashed into The Rookie's drop pod, catapulting it off course. After Mickey rejoined with his squadmate Dutch, he and Dutch defended ONI Alpha Site from Covenant attack. After defending the base Mickey acquired a NMPD Pelican drop ship and attempted to pick up Buck and Romeo at the NMPD headquarters, but were attacked by two Banshees that shot them down.

    Eventually Mickey was reunited with the rest of his squad, apart from The Rookie and Veronica Dare, and was aboard high-jacked Phantom, heading out of New Mombasa when Buck ordered the squad to go back, after realising the location of The Rookie and Dare. Eventually Mickey, his squad, Dare, and a Covenant Engineer containing vital data from the Superintendent managed to exit the city on the Pelican before New Mombasa was glassed.

    Physical Description

    • Home World: Luna
    • Height: 5'9
    • Hair: Brown
    • Eye Color: Black
    • Date Of Birth: October 20, 2530 (age 22)
    • Weight: 160lbs

    Voice Actor

    Mickey was voiced by Alan Tudyk, most famous for his role as 'Wash' in sci-fi television show Firefly.


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