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    Captain Veronica Dare is an ONI operative that drops into New Mombasa with Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck's squad in Halo 3: ODST.

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    On October 20, 2552, During the First Battle of Earth, Veronica Dare was a UNSC Navy Captain, and Section One Office of Naval Intelligence operative, under orders to execute a highly classified mission. The city of New Mombasa had been invaded by Covenant forces and the urban infrastructure AI running the city, the Superintendent, had been badly damaged. However, before being damaged the Superintendent had recorded seismic activity relating to a Forerunner artefact of great military significance to the UNSC, and of great military and religious significance to the Covenant. In an effort to secure the AI Dare requested a specific Orbital Drop Shock Trooper squad from the ship UNSC 'Say My Name' to aid her in her recovery of the vital data. At first the Admiral aboard the ship hesitated, but was forced to fulfil her request due to her status as a Section One operative.
    The squad consisted of Private First Class Michael Crespo, Lance Corporal Kojo Agu, Corporal Taylor Miles, and a new recruit known only as ' the Rookie'. The squad was also led by Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck whom Dare had previously had romantic relations with. They were told that their mission was to drop onto the Prophet of Regret's Cruiser in a mission to assassinate the Prophet. However, just before drop Dare assumed command of the squad, and during drop ordered the ODSTs to adjust the course of their drop pods so that they would miss the Carrier and land in New Mombasa. At this point the Carrier entered slipspace, leaving New Mombasa, and causing a large release of energy known as a slipspace rupture which scattered the ODSTs' drop pods.
    Dare's pod landed in Tayari Plaza, however she remained trapped in her pod and radioed Buck for assistance. When Buck arrived and found her helmet being carried by a Covenant Engineer he presumed her dead, however, it is actually likely that the Engineer freed Dare from her pod. The Rookie also found Dare's helmet some hours later while making his way through New Mombasa and investigating the fate of his squad. Six hours after drop Dare had reached the top level of the complex that house the Superintendent's systems. Here she met up with the Rookie who she was surprised to find had survived alone in the Covenant-controlled city.
    Dare and the Rookie fought their way to the Superintendent's core, where they found an Engineer that had not only fixed the Superintendent but also downloaded a subroutine of it known as Vergil, and with it all of the data that the Superintendent held. Dare and the Rookie began the task of attempting to escort Vergil out of the complex and soon met up with Buck who had ordered his squad not to escape the city after realising where Dare was. Dare hit Buck for disobeying his orders but kissed him for returning to save her, although both of them appeared embarrassed realising that Vergil and the Rookie had witnessed this.
    Dare, Buck and the Rookie fought through the streets of New Mombasa, protecting Vergil until they were able to reach the Coastal Highway and escort Vergil, using an Olifant garbage truck, to a point where Buck's squad could pick them up. Dare, Buck and The Rookie held off incoming Covenant forces, in a plaza off of one of the exits of the highway until their squad could pick them up in a hijacked Phantom. With Dare, Vergil and the rest of the squad on board the Phantom, Dare and Buck looked back at New Mombasa as it was glassed by the Covenant. Buck asked Dare if they could have a romantic relationship again to which Dare responded by holding his hand and saying "Win this war, then ask me that again".
    Nothing is known of what happened to Dare after this, except that she was present at Sgt. Major Johnson's interview with Vergil as it accessed the Covenant BattleNet, which is presumed to have provided the UNSC with information that was vital during the Second Battle of Earth. The war was eventually won though, with the Master Chief and the Arbiter's assassination of the Prophet of Truth.

    Physical Description

    • Height: 5'6 
    • Weight: 150lbs 
    • Hair colour: Blonde
    • Eye colour: Blue


    Veronica Dare was voiced by and modelled on Tricia Helfer, most famous for her role as '6' in Battlestar Galactica.


    • Dare is unlockable as a playable character in Halo 3: ODST's Firefight mode if players complete the campaign mode on Legendary difficulty.
    • Dare was first mentioned in transcripts released by the Superintendent during the Superintendent alternate reality game.
    • Upon first seeing the character some fans believed Dare was a Spartan-I due to her Recon helmet and her being referenced to as an 'S-1 type' (which was later revealed to refer to ONI Section One), however even before the release of the game this was confirmed by Joseph Staten to be false.
    • Dare was the first playable female character in the Halo series, not counting the alternate female voices for multiplayer Spartans and Elites in Halo 3.
    • If the player swaps their weapon for Dare's pistol it will always be missing seven rounds, one of Bungie's numerous references to the number throughout the Halo games.
    • Dare was at one time part of the crew of the UNSC Say My Name and was also present at the Fall of Reach.
    • Enemies in Halo 3: ODST will refer to Dare as male, while this is likely just an oversight in development (given that all the characters playable in campaign are male) it is also possible that the Covenant are unable to distinguish human males from females.
    • At one time fans complained about Dare's helmet appearing to be disproportionate to her body. Bungie stated this is not the case, and it has been theorised that Dare's helmet only appears disproportionate as players are used to seeing it being worn by Spartans who are much bulkier than normal humans. This debate over disproportion became somewhat of an inside joke for Bungie.

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