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    Dutch is a member of the ODST squad featured in Halo 3: ODST. He is a heavy-weapons specialist and deeply spiritual. He is voiced by Adam Baldwin.

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    Dutch is a man of deep spiritual conviction and holds his comrades in high regard. A master in close range combat and heavy weapons. This ex-trucker is also able to operate many different vehicles with a high degree of efficiency . Born in 2519 (33 years ago) he is the second oldest of his squad. He enlisted in 2540. After becoming a Corporal, he befriended Romeo and keeps his mouth in line when it needs to be. Dutch became a more serious man when a fellow marine (Gretchen), with whom he had a relationship with and later married, was hurt badly by a mine in combat. He changed on that day, always remembering her pain. 

    Physical Description

    • Date Of Birth: June 3rd, 2519 (age 33) 
    • Home World: Mars 
    • Height: 6'2 
    • Weight: 170lbs 
    • Hair Color: Brown 
    • Eye Color: Brown

    Voice Actor

    Duth is voiced by Adam Baldwin, most famous for his role as 'Jayne' in Firefly.

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