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    NES Open Tournament Golf

    Game » consists of 10 releases. Released Sep 01, 1991

    An NES golf game starring Mario. NES Open Tournament Golf features Stroke, Match, and Tournament modes on three different courses.

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    NES Open Tournament Golf is a golf game released on September 1, 1991. While similar in many ways to Golf U.S. Course released on the Famicom Disk System, It features only 3 courses, as opposed to the 5 courses that were featured in the Famicom version. The included Courses are America, Japan and United Kingdom. It is thought that the two cut courses from the Famicom version were removed due to the difficulty. There are also some changes in music between the two versions.


    The first player plays as Mario while an optional second player can play as Luigi. There are also appearances by Princess Peach and Princess Daisy as Caddies. In the game there are four modes that a player can choose from.

    • Stroke Play-Stroke play is a leveling system that can be played to raise between ranks. They start out as a beginner and then move up to amateur, semi-pro and professional.
    • Match Play- Is a versus mode against AI opponents that increases in difficulty as they progress.
    • Tournament- Tournament mode allows players to play for position against AI players. After every round they are sent to a higher difficulty player. The player also earns in game money than can be bet against an AI player as you play one hole and compete for the lowest score.
    • Clubhouse-is an options menu that allows you to view various stats such as money earned, choose clubs and clear saved game data.


    North American Courses

    • US Course
    • UK Course
    • Japan course

    Japanese version

    • Japan course
    • Australia Course
    • France Course
    • Hawaii Course
    • UK Course
    • Extra Course

    Between some version the holes of courses change and are located on different courses, such as hole 1 in the Australia course is hole 9 on the US course.

    Player Roster

    1. Barry
    2. Billy
    3. Bruce
    4. Carrie
    5. Colleen
    6. Dayv
    7. Denise
    8. Don
    9. Earl
    10. Elizabeth
    11. Fred
    12. Gloria
    13. Jeff
    14. Jim
    15. John
    16. Kim
    17. Leslie
    18. Lynn
    19. Mark
    20. Mary
    21. Paula
    22. Pete
    23. Steve
    24. Tina
    25. Tony
    26. Miki
    27. Iwata
    28. Hiro
    29. Nakajima
    30. Onozuka
    31. Mishima
    32. Tsuchiyama
    33. Miyamoto
    34. Shirota
    35. Todori
    36. Uemura

    The players on the roster are the people that Mario and Luigi compete against. Player 27-36 are all named after Nintendo employees that worked on the game.


    The game was first released on September 1, 1991 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was re-released on the Wii Shop in the spring and summer of 2007 in Japan, Europe and North America. NES Open Tournament Golf was again released on the 3DS as part of the Ambassador Program as a way to thank early adopters of the Nintendo 3DS handheld system. It was later released to the general public at a price of $4.99.


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