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    Most known for developing the Ecco the Dolphin series, Novotrade was a game company founded in 1983 by the Hungarian government. They now go by Appaloosa Interactive.

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    Founded in 1983 by a consortium of Hungarian banks and businesses, Novotrade Software Kft. was started with a simple goal in mind: importing and selling foreign computer hardware and software as a means of bringing much-needed foreign currency into the nation. This was successful enough that the company expanded out into licensing software from Europe (primarily for the Commodore 64) for domestic distribution, and a US office (called Novotrade International LLC) was rapidly opened in Palo Alto.

    After Hungary shook off communism in 1989, both the Hungarian and US operations were merged into one business, and the company entered the videogames market with both ports and, later, original games. They are perhaps best known for the Ecco the Dolphin series on Sega platforms.

    In 1996 they rebranded and became Appaloosa Interactive.


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