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    Paludal Caverns

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    Paludal Caverns is an underground marsh that leads up from Shadow Haven into Hollowshade Moor on the surface of Luclin above.

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    Recondite Bandits
    Recondite Bandits

    Paludal Caverns is a marsh of fungus and mold that lie directly below the Hollowshade Moor. While some will become nauseous from the musty smell of the place, many younger adventurers find it a great place to hunt. An entrance to the caverns can be found on the south end of town in Shadow Haven, making it highly convenient for many newcomers to Luclin. The dripping water that seeps in from the moor above has carved dozens of caverns and tunnels over the passed centuries. The largest body of water in Paludal is found close to Shadow Haven and is known as Lake Recondite. It is named after the bandits who have established a village here. Many of the tunnels are teeming with fungus men and mutants known as phlarg fiends. The Shik'Nar insects also have a home here. For reasons unknown, they seem to be guarding a massive fungus man known simply as The Reishicyben. Vah Shir bards will tell tales of the Reishicyben, citing that he is able to see through flesh and bone straight to the soul of any who come before him. Some believe the Shik'Nar worship him. Pushing north through the tunnels will eventually lead to the surface in the Hollowshade Moor, while heading southbound will also lead to the surface, but in Shadeweaver's Thicket. While the tunnel system may be quite confusing to newcomers, the dozens of tradesmen making their way back and forth between Shar Vahl and Shadow Haven should make the ways in and out fairly obvious.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Haven Smugglers
    • Lake Recondite Bandits


    Notable NPCs

    • Ch`ktok
    • The Minnowgulper
    • The Reishicyben
    • Yelloweyes

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