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Games I Played/Finished in 2013

I'm starting this list a little early because I consider my "GOTY" consideration to be done after the week of Christmas, which has passed. So here's some games I've been playing

List items

  • 3/5 - A beautiful story wrapped around an awful game. The mechanics are terrible and I constantly had to fight my wanting to stop playing just to see it to the end. Overall a positive experience, but just barely.

  • 3/5 - Liked it at first, lost all interest in continuing the campaign and my issues with multiplayer have only got more complicated. Too bad.

  • 4/5 - Haven't played it a significant amount until this year, and man this game is rad. Sort of plateaus at a certain point in the game, but still good fun.

  • 3/5 - After getting within 10 hours of the end and being utterly exhausted of this game, I gave it up and watched the ending on YouTube. It really loses it's appeal when your tactics stop working with little feedback on how to improve. The writing is awful and that persisted all the way till the end. Could've been a lot better.

  • 2/5 - After playing a bit more, I think I just suck at multiplayer shooters. This one isn't particularly friendly for new people. I'll play more.

  • 4/5 - After 44 hours logged, I think I've sufficiently played FM. Next step is buying soccer tactics books to be more effective.

  • 5/5 - I have a full-hog DOTA addiction. With close to 400 hours to played, it's clear I like this game a lot.

  • 5/5 - Last boss is bullshit, otherwise great.

  • 4/5 - Most of the plot points were spoiled for me and I still enjoyed the game. Certainly one of the prettiest games ever. Every frame looks like a picture.

  • 1/5 - Pretentious and pointless.

  • 2/5 - Uninspired and totally missing the point of why anyone would play this.

  • 5/5 - Story is great. Although I was expecting a little more from the game itself.

  • 5/5 - Really great puzzle game. Memorable ending.

  • 5/5 - Great, unpredictable story. Really dark tone, departs from what Naughty Dog is known for.

  • 3/5 - Took a while to finish because it's so stressful. A neat idea, some interesting endings. Would love to see an expansion to the story they placed.

  • 3/5 - Too stressful and unapproachable to be considered fun. I was more frustrated than anything else.

  • 4/5 - Great idea. Maybe not worth the hype that it unintentionally got through Brad's appraisal, but still very good. Super short though. 2-3 hours total.

  • 4/5 - Certainly a great experience to playthrough. I thought the price point was so offensive I docked a point. Really sours the entire experience.

  • 3/5 - Somewhat fun, the teleporting and double jumping makes the game super super easy. Sort of ruins it.

  • 1/5 - This game is even worse than I thought it would be. It's almost impressive how it was even lower than my lowest expectations.

  • 2/5 - I think I just don't like Borderlands.

  • 3/5 - Neat expansion of Game Dev Story for the Android, but it gets pretty frustrating.

  • 4/5 - Not as good as The Third, but still great fun. The combat is really starting to show its age. I'd expect more style like diving or shooting in mid air.

  • X/5 - Still midgame, I like it a lot so far.

  • 4/5 - Super funny game but very short. The level editor may allow for more expansive ideas. Really worth the price of admission.

  • 4/5 - A proper Civ expansion. More Leaders, trade system revamped, world congress included, culture reworked, I can't imagine going back.

  • 2/5 - I get it, you're indie and humorous. Snooze.

  • 4/5 - Still a good game, but definitely lost the imaginative discovery of the previous games. It plays everything by the books and never excites or surprises. Unfortunate to see my favorite game series take a stumble.

  • 4/5 - I liked it a lot. The ending was a huge spit in the face, but there are 24 of those. It's nice to finally be able to recommend a Quantic Dream game without any "ifs" or "buts."

  • 4/5 - Liking it a lot so far. Can't fully judge until it's all said and done.

  • X/5 - I would love for the game to work.

  • X/5 - Need to beat in the next week

  • X/5 - My god this game is confusing and I can't make any progress.

  • 4/5 - Loving how much more approachable this version is

  • X/5 - Need to beat in the next week