Backlogged, or "I'll finish it at some point!"

Various games I have never quite finished (and some I may just never finish) in no particular order, complete with whiny excuses as to why I haven't finished them yet.

List items

  • I wrote a guide for this one here on GB. Got halfway through it, then just never quite finished the game (or the guide). I'll get back to it at some point maybe.

  • I plowed through this game for awhile, then stopped at the 1v1 battle of Lloyd and Kratos. Never did get past that one.

  • Well at least I'm on Disc 4.

  • Multiplayer is a ghost town, and I like the comic version, don't know if I like the game version of this story as much.

  • Got stuck on some bridge on Heroic difficulty. My allies are dead, and several high-ranking Elites gun me down every time I make one step forward. Been playing Reach instead.

  • Thank you Squeenix for tricking me into buying the de-facto beta version for the 360 that is slow as shit and has a stupid restriction on the number of "leader" characters that can be used, unlike the PC version. I'm thinking of actually buying the Steam version if I ever desire to finish this game and if it goes on sale.

  • Surprisingly entertaining tactical little number. Now where did I put my first-gen GBA?

  • See above

  • See above

  • Very innovative multiplayer when it first came out, but I have yet to beat the campaign.

  • Don't know if I'll ever finish the campaign mode for this one. What's left of the online multiplayer sucks because everyone always picks the same three people. Also, the rosters have been obsolete for years.

  • At some point I'll finish Niko's story! I swear!

  • Got this game when I bought my 360, touched it twice, haven't played it since then.

  • Got this game for a birthday present awhile ago, touched it twice, haven't played it since then.

  • All the expansion packs at half off? Great, now I'm gonna have to reinstall this monster. Apparently it's swelled to a 12 GB download.

  • If it's okay with you I think I'll just go cry in the corner...

  • Playing Saints Row 3 instead

  • I should really get back to this game.

  • I dunno...the overpowered psychopaths are making it hard to want to play this thing again.

  • It's okay but the respawning checkpoints are annoying.

  • I don't think I ever got to the radio station.