Interns This Week: FIFA?

Interns have taken over our neglected YT account!
Interns have taken over our neglected YT account!

Each Monday we'll be posting a video on telling you guys what the interns will be focusing on for the week. If you didn't know, besides the normal duties of answering phones and making coffee, the interns have been busy making video for our YouTube channel. It's a small piece of larger community project we're working on.

Giant Bomb has always had a YouTube channel but we've never committed to managing it, until this summer. There are 4 big video view spikes on the chart on the right. From left to right the spikes represent the following intern created content pushes:

  • Meta Game/ Fear Gauntlet
  • Deus Ex
  • BLLS Behind the scenes / Fear Gauntlet
  • Gears 3

Later this year we'll be launching some game sites around specific game franchises. I'll be discussing more about that over on Google+. They'll be community driven and focused on helping people make and find great game play videos.

Anyway, here's what we're doing this week.

If you'd like to follow or know more about the current intern department:

Previous Interns:

And me @red_lamp


BLLSL2 - 10 Behind The Scenes YouTube Videos


Yesterday at the BLLSL2 I wandered the office making videos with my 5 year old Cannon point and click. Throughout the day I uploaded them to In case you never go to our channel, I conveniently archived them in this here blog post. I'll bring the content to you, just sit back.

"How about photos", you say? My fingers snapped over 100 pics. I got them here on our page. Enjoy that.

As always email if you want us to promote anything on the "Rad Stuff By The Community" pod on the home page. Or email us if you want to just say hi, we reply to everyone.

Thanks everyone who watched the show. We had a great time, these guys worked so hard and I feel super-super lucky to work with such a group of funny and talented people. So here's some dumb behind-the-scenes videos....

Finally, I was actually in a skit too. I was Work Out Darth Vader in a Tested segment. But since I was in a room with no monitors I didn't get to see it. If anyone has a screengrab I'd like to see it. Yah know, so I can show my children how cool their Dad is. Yes I'm a Dad. Who knows, I might be your Dad.


Data Porn: Giant Bomb May 2011 - Intern Edition

Kessler Kam on our Youtube channel
Kessler Kam on our Youtube channel

Let's talk about May, the month of L.A. Noire and home page redesigns and the enthusiastic return of Matt MattBodega Kessler as our summer kingtern. You'll notice this summer we're doubling down on our focus on community and behind-the-scenes video, photos and especially, hazing. It was a lovely May, we began our 2011 Internship program. Already the two bear cubs, Corey and Ben, have taken over managing our Youtube and Facebook pages, uploading trailers to the sites and clawing away at the Screened and Giant Bomb wikis.

On the other side of the community pond, you guys continue to build out great wiki pages and make retarded community content.

Some of you asked me over twitter (@red_lamp) for some specific data and here's what I could get screenshots for. The browser break down goes, Firefox 38.9%, Chrome 33.7% and IE 12.7% of traffic to Giant Bomb. A whopping 65% of weirdos who do use Internet Explorer user version 8. So there you have it.


Giant Bomb Likes Cosplay

I wonder what the click hotspots on this pic were?
I wonder what the click hotspots on this pic were?

While doing research for the May Data Porn post, I ran across this little nugget. Turns out Giant Bomb loves cosplay, not sure why. Yesterday you bombers clicked this Anime Vice footer pomo 100% more times than on normal days. Any ideas why? Trying to be scientific-like with our footer promo images. There must be a method to your madness. Who's dressed as a furry right now?

Traffic Spike!
Traffic Spike!

[UPDATE] Ohhhh, from what I gather from your comments, it was the BOOBS.


Whiskey Media Summer Internship Roll Call

Time to make the coffee
Time to make the coffee

The Second Annual Whiskey Media Summer Community Internship Interview process is complete! On April 4th, 2011 I tweeted a call for the summer. That tweet led to hundreds of PMs requesting interviews. The ones who got an interview had the right mix of community contributions and savvy. A couple even traveled here by airplane just to get a shot.

I do feel bad for these kids, I'm a task master. I'm old and grumpy and I'm a tough boss. I fired Matt Kessler 3 times last summer. I'm the scary guy in the interview process, the boogey man, the heavy. Taking notes from Dr. Phil, I break my interviewees down to trembling, tear soaked, second-guessing lab rats. I need to know they won't break under pressure. And this summer, the pressure is on as these guys enter the Whiskey Media pressure cooker.

Now. Here. In this blog. I give you. The official summer internship line up.

  1. UndeadPool (aka Corey) 4/20 - 6/24 is already half way through his internship. He's a game and comic book aficionado, and if you haven't already, go read his blog Internship: Month 1. Why'd I hire Corey? He knows Giant Bomb and Comic Vine, which makes him more valuable to me. He's congenial, punctual and dependable. We did right by bringing him on board; he get's shit done.
  2. GlenTennis (aka Ben) 5/20 - 7/20 Many of you have already heard Ben's voice on a TNT and a Happy Hour a month ago when we had him come in to try his hand as a live chat moderator. He'll be back this Friday to start his 2 months of hell... I mean internship. Why'd I hire Ben? Because he seemed like the gentlest dude you could ever meet in an interview, and I want to crush that spirit. He's also super involved in the community. And like Corey, he lives in San Francisco. Bonus points.
  3. MattBodega (aka Kessler) 5/30 - 8/20 Jeff asked for him back, dunno why.
  4. Lemon (aka Steve) 6/8 - 8/20 Last year Steve was a Whiskey Media community intern, and this year he's coming back specifically as a video production intern. In their previous internships, both Matt and Steve were tasked with producing behind-the-scenes weekly videos. We thought they did such good jobs on Kessler Kam and Lemon Lens, that I've asked them to come back. But this time, like some Tarantino meets Rodriguez film (that's not racist, I didn't imply who is who) they must co-produce their own weekly show, or they're fired. We're taking suggestions on the name for this new weekly series.
  5. Babylonian (aka Nick) 6/20 - 8/20 Nick's the guy who made these two hilarious Giant Bomb community videos, Never and Strap It On. When he said he'd fly out from Bible Country to interview with us, and he turned out to be relatively normal, I hired him on the spot.
  6. EpicSteve (aka Epic) 7/1 - 8/20 Steve was the best dresser out of all these interviewees (step it up fellas) and he also flew in from out of state just to get a shot at working behind-the-scenes at Whiskey Media. His eagerness to get involved in the business and his community presence here on our forums is what got him the last spot. He's a buttoned up military guys, so my job is to make this kid learn to smile, just a little.
  7. FullMetal216 (aka Perry) date TBD. Perry has been pm'ing me since last summer with links to reviews and blog posts he's written. He's got that All-American farm boy look, and I trust that look. Perry's done a trial run as the Whiskey Media chat mod a month ago. If it were not for college schedules I'd already know when Perry's starting, but alas I don't want interns missing college to slum it with us in the basement, even if they do.

Finally, some of you asked what this internship entails. MattBodega and Lemon have graduated to "Kingtern" status and will be working in editorial and video production, respectively. The other victims will not be doing that.

The internship is focused on working on our wikis, uploading video trailers, getting lunch for staff, assembling furniture, creating quests, running chat rooms and bar tending for no tips. Interns won't write for, be on a podcast or be in a video for Giant Bomb. It's not an editorial internship, it's a community and wiki data internship. The internships are 2 months long, pay $10/hour, and are non-stop work. In the end, they'll understand what it takes to make a Whiskey Media site run; from editorial to engineering to wiki data collection. Oh and all interns start on Anime Vice.


Data Porn: Giant Bomb April 2011 - Whiskeypocalypse Edition

You guys know it already.  The whole gaming world knew it.  Giant Bomb was taken out by Skynet on April 21-23.   Or was it potatoes? Anyway you can read all about the reasons for it on the Whiskey Media blog and to your right you can see what zero traffic looks like on a graph.  Exciting, no?  And then BAM, all you guys came back to hang out and it was like it never happened. Thanks community!  We got each other through the Whiskeypocalypse. 

None of that matters though, because nothing, nothing, can stop this community from doing community things.  I'm not even gonna get into it with words.  Just start clicking through these charts.

  Popularity Contest Winners
  Popularity Contest Winners
Oh and for the beauty pagent contestants, here's who won the popularity contest this month.  Ok I kid, I'm just bitter I'm not in the top 25 this month.  I was cheated down to position #33.  I'll need to start blogging about the Whiskey Media Internfest 2011, maybe that will get some attention, EpicSteeeeve.   

Thanks guys for asking for stats on Twitter.  Hope I got everything you asked for.  Also don't forget to hit up the Wiki Task Queue and earn some bonus wiki points.  There are plenty of wiki articles that need your help.

Data Porn: Giant Bomb March 2011 - Eric Pope Edition

Some of you wondered why I didn't post a February Data Porn post?  Maybe you assumed I was slacking but the truth is, these data posts are based on months and I've never believed February was truly a month. So I skipped it.  
In a tweet this morning I asked you guys what March data you'd like to see.  Whiskey Media's own Eric Pope (@MrPope) asked about page views to his person page.  Apparently he makes video games.  As you can see Pope's page was viewed an astounding 134 times in March with a strikingly high 2:34 minutes average page view. 

  Eric Pope maker of video games
 Eric Pope maker of video games
After seeing these numbers Pope tweeted the following: 

       Eric Pope's tweet immemorial
      Eric Pope's tweet immemorial

  Top Wiki Moderators
 Top Wiki Moderators
Let's move on to the meat of what you the wiki and forum community are here to see.  I know you guys are competitive.  You're an elite cadre of game and hamburger aficionados.  Who's the most popular blog poster on Giant Bomb?  Who's the best wiki moderator?  It's about bragging rights.  It's about knowing you're making a difference in this dark and desperate world.  And by God I'm going to give you the details. 
ZombiePie and Marino completely dominated the wiki moderation queue this March.  Moderating 1,750 wiki submissions is not easy, but on top of that, ZombiePie runs the @GiantBombSquad twitter account.   If you're not already following @GiantBombSquad you should be. There's no a better way to stay up-to-date with the best of the community reviews, blogs, contests, and stupid antics here at Giant Bomb.
  Top 25 Member Blogs
 Top 25 Member Blogs
Now if you want to know who get's the most blog pageviews, this chart is for you.  Someone once accused my monthly data post of being a shallow mix -- a popularity contest  -- of charts.  Well that person should not click to expand the image on the right.  Actually page views of Giant Bomb members' blog posts are not just about popularity, it's also about who's got the attention of the mob, hopefully by adding something useful to the conversation.  I'll let you be the judge.

Now I couldn't get stats on everything you guys asked me for over twitter.  Partly from incompetence, I'll admit.  But below is a mix of charts you'll find fascinating.  What are the top browsers, OS, and languages the GIant Bomb community uses (@jayrossss)?  What percent of videos are watched to completion (@LostLeftTweet)?   And other charts.


Data Porn: Giant Bomb January 2011 - Egypt Edition

 26-50 Top Bloggers
 26-50 Top Bloggers

 Top 25 Profiles
 Top 25 Profiles

25 Most Viewed User Blogs of January 2011 

  1. /profile/jeff/blog/ 5,070
  2. /profile/zombiepie/blog/ 1,976
  3. /profile/snide/blog/ 1,155
  4. /profile/pixelprinny/blog/ 999
  5. profile/bruce/blog/ 796 655
  6. profile/video_game_king/blog/ 649
  7. /profile/kaosangel/blog/ 595
  8. /profile/jjweatherman/blog/ 583
  9. /profile/epicsteve/blog/ 568
  10. /profile/sweep/blog/ 470
  11. /profile/ahoodedfigure/blog/ 398
  12. /profile/dalai/blog/ 396
  13. /profile/artofwar420/blog/ 385
  14. /profile/hailinel/blog/ 361
  15. /profile/alex/blog/ 348
  16. /profile/claude/blog/ 342
  17. /profile/gamer_152/blog/ 329
  18. /profile/dankempster/blog/ 319
  19. /profile/vinny/blog/ 315
  20. /profile/ethan/blog/ 296
  21. /profile/lemon/blog/ 281
  22. /profile/tonys/blog/ 275
  23. /profile/citizenkane/blog/ 255
  24. /profile/turboman/blog/ 254
  25. /profile/ryan/blog/ 249      

Top Games

 Most Edited Games
 Most Edited Games

 Top 25 Games by Page View
 Top 25 Games by Page View
No Caption Provided

 Top Giant Bomb Wiki Mods
 Top Giant Bomb Wiki Mods


Egypt Traffic Sources

As requested by @jayrossss here's what happened to Giant Bomb internet traffic from Egypt this month.
    Egypt Traffic to Giant Bomb - January 2011 
    Egypt Traffic to Giant Bomb - January 2011 
Also check out:    

Data Porn: Giant Bomb December 2010


 26-50 Top bloggers
 26-50 Top bloggers

25 Most Viewed User Blogs of December 2010

  1.  /profile/tonys/blog/ 3578
  2. /profile/lemon/blog/ 2339
  3. /profile/zombiepie/blog/ 1689
  4. /profile/jeff/blog/ 1667
  5. /profile/jjweatherman/blog/?page=3 981
  6. /profile/bruce/blog/ 753
  7. /profile/sweep/blog/ 745
  8. /profile/artofwar420/blog/ 649
  9. /profile/kaosangel/blog/ 646     
  10. /profile/video_game_king/blog/ 527
  11. /profile/dalai/blog/ 498
  12. /profile/vinny/blog/ 461
  13. /profile/jjweatherman/blog/ 427     
  14. /profile/drewbert/blog/ 422
  15. /profile/epicsteve/blog/ 402
  16. /profile/marino/blog/ 402
  17. /profile/hamst3r/blog/ 322
  18. /profile/ahoodedfigure/blog/ 307
  19. /profile/snide/blog/ 294
  20. /profile/x19/blog/ 288
  21. /profile/bobafettjm/blog/?page=2 282
  22. /profile/gamer_152/blog/ 276 
  23. /profile/ethan/blog/ 268
  24. /profile/vyse_legends/blog/ 268
  25. /profile/lordofultima/blog/ 266    

 Top wiki pages blogged about.
 Top wiki pages blogged about.

Most Viewed Wiki Game Pages:

Disney Epic Mickey, WoW: Cataclysm, Fallout New Vegas and sadly, Rapeplay were the top 4 most viewed wiki game pages of December.
No Caption Provided


 Top Wiki Mods
 Top Wiki Mods


What is a Plot Summary - Giant Bomb Wiki Tutorial

I originally wrote this blog post for  Comic Vine, but it may be useful to some Giant Bomb wiki editors too.  So, just what is a plot summary? I googled "what is a plot summary" and found some great answers.  According to here is what a plot summary is:

A plot summary is a description of the story in a novel, film or other piece of storytelling. It is not a review and should not contain the opinions of the author. It should contain all the necessary information about the main characters and the unfolding drama to give a complete impression of the twists and turns in the plot, but without confusing the reader with unnecessary detail. 

And according to Wikipedia here's what a plot summary is not.  

A plot summary is not a recap. It should not cover every scene and every moment of a story.... Not only should a summary avoid a scene by scene recap, there's no reason why a plot summary has to cover the events of the story in the order they appear (though it is often useful). The point of a summary is not to reproduce the experience—it's to explain the story. If the original is non-linear or experimental in its structure, the article should state that fact in prose, not through regurgitation of the plot.  In fact, for a confusing story, we should assume that some of our readers will look the story up because they didn't understand it. Just repeating what they saw isn't going to help them!   

Let's look at another quote from that Wikipedia page since they are clearly smarter than me: 

While longer descriptions may appear to provide more data to the reader, a more concise summary may in fact be more informative as it highlights the most important elements. By focusing the reader's attention on the larger structures of a plot, without drowning it in trivial detail, a shorter summary can often help the reader to understand a work much better than an overlong one. Excessively detailed plot summaries may also infringe on copyright and fair-use concerns     

Here are some bullet points to follow when writing plot summaries: 
  • Plot summaries should be in the present tense.     
  • Avoid trivial details.
  • Plot summaries should summarize; explaining only the most important elements of the story.
  • Read what you write out loud -- read it word-for-word like a robot -- before you save it.  
  • Write well.
For a tutorial on English punctuation check out How To Use English Punctuation.  For more updates follow me on twitter: @red_lamp