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The Games I Have Ever Owned or Beat (In no particular order)

This is basically a list of games I have experienced. There are some games that I have played a lot of or know a lot about (I watch a lot of speedruns), but haven't actually beaten or owned, and I may add these and note them as exceptions. I didn't make this a list of games I have simply played because there are many games I've fooled around with for a half hour but really don't know much about. I included the games I've owned but haven't beaten as I think actually acquiring a game speaks to the connection one forms with it. It also helps grow the list a bit, and I'm trying to hit 95 items for the quest!
The comments will often be a mini-review of the game, but sometimes they will include or be entirely about an anecdote or observation I want to share. There isn't a particular order to the list, though it is easy to see the patterns. I started with a few franchises I have played a lot of, and then moved through all of the consoles. I am currently about to move on to the N64 and the consoles that come afterwards, as well as the PC.
I've done my best to make my comments interesting, funny, or helpful. At first I felt no one will really care what games I've played, so I should do my best to entertain. Now I feel that learning about what others think about games.. games you like, games you love, games you hate, or games you respect, can be an interesting experience that brings people together. If you identify with or particularly disagree with something I've said, please leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you.

List items

  • While I never beat it in my adolescence, I did manage to years later. If you want to get through it without any help from the internet, you're going to need some graph paper, because those dungeons are impossible without a map. The music is also super rad, something common among the series.

  • I followed up Phantasy Star with the sequel. It got rid of the backgrounds in battle but had improved enemy and character attack animations. Dungeons were no longer first-person but it was still agonizing to navigate. I'm told the original game came with maps, so don't feel bad if you check a FAQ.

  • I played it, and I hated it, but I beat it. There's almost no story, the enemy attack animations are all garbage, and the final boss comes out of a treasure chest that you open. It's just sitting there like any other chest.. like, what the hell? I didn't feel bad about using a guide to speed through this thing. (BTW there's an awesome glitch to bypass the entire middle of the game, look it up!)

  • Best of the series, and one of my all-time favourite games. It refers to and ties up the previous games in the franchise (it doesn't mention III, which I think is proof that it's garbage), though only near the end of the game. If you like classic RPGs like the FF series you owe it to yourself to check this out.

  • We start off the Zelda series, unfortunately, with the SNES title. Yeah, I never managed to beat the original (couldn't find dungeon 4), and I stubbornly didn't want to play the second until I beat the first. I almost finished ALttP in one sitting with a friend (well the sitting spanned 2 days but it was all we did other than sleep). Despite Link's odd purple hair, this is a classic and you can't be my friend if you haven't played it. It even had an opposite-evil/dark-world back when it was still cool (this duality would become a staple for many games in the series.. you'll see what I mean)

  • This is my favourite all-time game. It was also my first Zelda game, since I grew up with the Sega Master System and Genesis. I was fortunate enough to also own a NES but never had Zelda 1 or 2. I heard about OoT from some friends and was eventually psyched for it. I made my parents drive across town to the only game store that would let you pre-order it for the gold cartridge and bonuses. I made them drive back on release day, and again the next day because they didn't get their full shipment and had none for us the previous. One of my fondest childhood memories is sitting on the sofa with my oversized Link tee-shirt down to my thighs and exploring Kokiri forest. (Duality - Present and Future versions of Hyrule)

  • I got the holographic gold cartridge of this, though it was less of a big deal to me as OoT. I guess I grew up a little. When I first finished this I felt it was subpar but with the beauty of hindsight I realize I was comparing it to my all-time favourite game, it's prequel. Really, it's quite good. Swimming as a Zora, rolling as Goron, and flying as a Deku Scrub were all awesome and unique experiences to MM. The main flaw I still see in it is it's lack of dungeons. That and how silly the giants look. (Dua.. er Triality? - Termina on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd days)

  • This is also high on my list of all-time favourite games. Though it gets way too boring towards the end of the game, heading out into the wild blue yonder right when the sailing music starts is still a joy to this day. Again, a lack of dungeons holds this back from being truly magnificent, though it still has more than MM. WW also has my vote for best Final Boss Battle.

  • While I only got around to playing this somewhat recently, I had successfully managed to avoid EVERYTHING about it. I was actually surprised when he turned into a wolf. I gotta say, if a game is coming out that you know you're gonna like, try this. Don't watch any trailers, commercials, reviews, quick looks, etc. Having everything in the game be a new experience was refreshing and a little challenging. I also really liked the character Midna. While I was sad when Navi flies out the window of the Temple of Time in OoT, it was worse when Midna leaves at the end of the game. I really liked the final boss fight, except for the horseback part.. that was way too easy. (Duality - The obvious twilight-shrouded and twilight-free versions of Hyrule)

  • I asked for this for my birthday and when the store didn't have it, they recommended 'Quest for Camelot' to my parents. Much to my chagrin, they took the bait. Eventually I got my hands on it and really liked it. Ballad of the Wind Fish and the theme that plays in the Mountainous areas are super catchy.

  • I don't have much to say about this one. I really enjoyed the difficulty of the puzzles and dungeons. I'm not a big fan of all those seeds as you need to fumble in the menu more than I'd like. (Duality - Past and Present, as well as it's connection to OoA)

  • The boss of.. I believe the 7th temple? It had me frustrated for a few days. Most of the boss fights in this one were satisfying, though the dungeons were a little easier. Switching between seasons was annoying, since you had to cycle through them instead of picking one. (Double Duality - All 4 seasons, as well as it's connection to OoA)

  • Maybe it's a little telling that I didn't add this to the list until I went over GBA games down at around the 170s. Don't get me wrong, it's still Zelda. Everything about it is great, but I guess it just lacks something to stand up on its own.

  • I'm still not a fan of the DS stylus control scheme, but I don't think it hinders PH's game experience. Being able to keep notes and icons on my map was actually hugely useful, helping me remember the little things I spotted days before. I understand keeping the sailing in so that the new world you find yourself in still resembles the previous one (mostly water), but man is it a drag in this game. Lifting treasure up from the sea floor gets super boring too. My favourite part of PH is where they went with the quirky sense of humour.

  • While the train driving straight up sucks, even managing to outsuck the sailing in PH, ST is a much better overall experience. Having none other than Princess Zelda herself with you as your helper is awesome. Skipping old sections when you return to the Tower of Spirits was a good call. The dungeons and bosses were all good, and the final boss fight is far and away better than PH's. Also plays up on it's quirky, silent, implied humour which I quite enjoyed. It would truly be a gem if it wasn't for too much train driving, one-hit kill enemy trains, patronizing precise pan-piping, and one weird observation of mine:

    What happened to the generation of Link and Zelda inbetween PH and ST (I'll call it generation 2)? Who did Link and Zelda 1 shack up with? It wasn't each other. That would mean that Link 2 and Zelda 2 would be brother and sister, leading to either incestuous inbreeding, or one of the two being married off into another kingdom (Link I guess, since Zelda 3 inherits the throne in the game). Regardless, Links 2 and 3 would be royalty, yet at the start of the game we find him living with Niko, which is also really creepy.

  • I did it without warps, too!

  • I pretty much always used the princess for her temporary flight. Little known fact: When toad is carrying something he runs faster than anyone else and jumps quite high.

  • Awesome, awesome game. Beat it with warp whistles and without. One of my favourite Mario power-ups ever is the Tanooki Suit.

  • I think of this as the best in the Mario games, but not by much. Many of them are equally awesome. The 'SPECIAL' levels were pretty tough. I played a lot of Yoshi's Island but I don't think I ever played through it start to finish. Maybe one day I will.

  • It took me forever to get 120 stars and I remember yelling out loud when I grabbed the last one. It was the 100-coin star in Tick Tock Clock, one of the hardest in the game.

  • This game gets a lot of shit for centering the gameplay around shooting water but I don't mind it. That said, my favourite parts of the game were probably the weird floating side-levels in space that had no rhyme or reason to them. Just you at the start and a Shine at the finish. Apparently Nintendo caught on because the next game on the list is pretty much just that. I got all the Shine Spirits from the levels but I never got anywhere near all the Blue Coins. Those things are worse than the golden skulltulas in Zelda 64.

  • I remember I thought up Mario in space when I was a kid. It seemed the only natural progression after Mario Land and Mario World and it seems I was right. That doesn't mean the game isn't boss though.

  • Apparently this game contains some parts where you move an aiming cursor around shoot guys, but I never got that far because this game is pretty friggin' hard.

  • Another one that was too hard to finish, though this game is notorious for being that way. In fact I never got passed level 3. Many people consider the code to start with extra lives 'necessary' to finishing it. If you can survive, the game is awesome and the music is catchy as hell.

  • This one is hard but I managed my way through it in my later years via emulator. Castlevania music is some of the best in the games industry.

  • An old favourite and one of the few difficult NES games I actually managed to beat when I was a kid. Chip is better than Dale and everyone knows it.

  • Outside of the Dragon Warrior/Quest series, there aren't many fantasy RPGs on the NES. This is one of them. I didn't beat it when I was small but I did years later. This game demanded a disgusting amount of grinding for experience but it's fast paced adventure style over random battles is a redeeming quality.

  • Classic beat'em up. Got pretty far in this as a kid but didn't beat it until years later. I remember spending a lot of time messing around in that weird 1v1 mode. I beat DD2 and 3 but only with the help of some save states, so I won't include them.

  • In Japan the Dragon Warrior/Quest series is as popular as Final Fantasy. This game is unspeakably hard at the beginning, on par with Phantasy Star. You have to beat up on slimes with a bamboo pole outside the first town for about 2 hours before you can even think of trying to do anything else, lest you be eaten by Ghosts and Magicians. This game is also one of the few video games my mom ever beat, maybe even the only she played on her own time.

  • I suck at Duck Hunt. I want to choke that fucking dog.

  • I started with this on my quest to play through every Final Fantasy game. I am not ashamed to admit to using a guide to find out where to go next because this game was confusing as hell. The Marsh Cave and Ice Cave are also horrible, horrible places. Fun fact: If you walk around on the bridge in Tiamat's air castle or whatever, you can encounter Warmech, the strongest monster in the game. I believe it is on par with the Final Boss, and also, it's a robot.

  • I only finished the second Final Fantasy (originally only available in Japan) via this GBA remake, though I did get quite far on the NES one. I hate the weird approach to building up stats and I think it takes way too long to gain some of the later levels in skills and spells. It is, probably, my least favourite FF game, though I haven't ever played X-2. It is also the first FF game in which you can ride a chocobo.

  • This game was originally only available in Japan so I played it via emulator with a fan-translation patch. At one point you are supposed to approach a boss and talk to him to initiate a fight. He drops an important item so if your inventory is full he will tell you, as silly as it may be, to free an inventory slot and the fight won't trigger. Since this is such an unlikely occurance, the patch guys missed it and the message came up as a bunch of jibberish. This had me stuck for days and I think I actually restarted my whole game. Anyway, although this game returns to creating 4 nameless heroes at the game's start, I like it a lot.

  • For the uninitiated, this is FFII in the states. I found it amusing that characters often suffer sudden deaths to serve as plot devices to introduce new characters into your party. If I recall correctly, almost none of them actually die, but you only find out right at the very end of the game. There is something which the game only slightly hints at and I don't think has been made official in any way that adds a really interesting twist in the story. It is the idea that Rosa and Kain used to be together, before Cecil came along. It's possible that 'The After Years' addresses this but I haven't played it yet.

  • The third and final FF that was only released in Japan. It is the first to use the 'Job' system that many future FFs would adopt. I think it also introduces Gilgamesh who is hilarious and makes his entrance with one of my favourite video game themes ever, 'Clash on the Big Bridge'.

  • Many consider this the best in the FF series, though it's second for me. It's famous for telling the story of so many different characters in enough detail that some say the game doesn't have a main character. Kefka is often heralded as an amazing villain and I can't say why. His jokes are dumb, he doesn't say anything particularly vicious, and he looks like a goddamn clown. His laugh might have had more of an impact on me if I hadn't played Chrono Trigger first and had already associated it with the bit character Dr. Norstein Bekkler.

  • I tried and failed to play this game 4-5 times before finally getting through the whole thing. Each time I was held back by a technical issue from my emulator, PS1, and PS2. Each time I had to restart my entire game. Each time I made it to at least the second disc. UGGGHH.

    Anyway, it was very satisfying to finally finish it. I wanted to collect all the Master Materia as a sort of challenge for myself so I used a "Permanently Missable Items" FAQ which is incredibly useful for completionists who don't want to completely restart because of something stupid. I had heard the orchestral version of One Winged Angel before I heard the track from the game so it was a pretty big disappointment to hear what compression had done to it.

  • I played this game twice and my overall experiences were incredibly different. The first time I played it I got up to the end of the 3rd disc and never bothered to finish. I didn't care about the characters, the story was going over my head, and the enemies in random encounters had leveled up so high they were casting high level magic and ruining my shit. My best strategy became leaving Quistis at critical HP, swapping characters until her Blue Magic triggered, and then using Degenerator. I didn't want to move on because I had read that much of the optional content gets locked up, and I just got burnt out trying to do it all.

    I went back to it a few years later, determined to actually finish the game, and found myself really enjoying things. I think it was because I was playing the silly card game (use a FAQ for this if you're a completionist because it is a nightmare) and using the GF's refining abilities. It opens up a lot of options and I really like tinkering around in menus. I also took an hour or two to level up all my characters to 99 with every stat-up junctioned before starting all the end-game sidequests. Gameplay elements aside, I found myself genuinely caring about all the characters as well. The story was very clear (though it gets a little hairy at the end) and maintained my interest throughout. I still don't know what brought about this drastic change in my experience with the game.

  • FFIX represents a return to form in the sense that each character is not as modifyable as previous games' characters. Some characters will be casters, others will mainly be fighters. You can't teach moves or spells and you only have a slight effect on stat growth based on specific pieces of equipment. This doesn't bother me, though I did become a little detached from the story and characters as it went on. I especially didn't care about Zidane's big emo moment near the end, but I managed to finish it. Fun fact: FFIX contains a reference to each FF game from the main series.

  • I will add FFX to this list at some point in the future, as I got up to inside Sin before my controller mysteriously stopped working. It took me so long to acquire another that I didn't feel like playing it anymore when I did. I have SEEN the rest of the game though, as I watched the speedrun of it. Only time I was glad the cutscenes were unskippable. I've also stayed away from FFXI as I always preferred WoW.

    As for XII, it's my favourite in the series. Something about the tone and setting of Ivalice was refreshing. I wasn't especially fond of Vaan, but I liked the rest of the cast. Many of the hunts were quite challenging and forced me to think of new strategies. I even took out Yiazmat, though it took me a total of about 8 or 9 hours. I liked not having to give so many commands to my characters and controlling the camera in the environment. I loved how customizable the AI was, especially the things that let me auto-cast several buffs that I otherwise wouldn't bother with.

  • This game kicked my ass a lot in the beginning (Dorset City..), forcing me to read up on some game mechanics so I could optimize my units. For example, I had a female monk who had a Brave value somewhere in the 60s and I was wondering why her damage was so pitiful. What angered me was it wasn't really a problem in strategy. I had played tons of Fire Emblem games without any unit deaths prior, so I knew about staying out of range, luring enemies, focus fire, etc. Anyway, after I made a bunch of adjustments the game got tolerable and eventually fun. I especially enjoyed using the Calculator to win all the later missions from across the map. I also really enjoyed how complex, gritty, and violent the story got.

  • Though it put a cute face over FFT, it didn't detract from the story and characters, and the core gameplay remained the same. My only gripe is that there aren't male and female members of each race/class, but that's fairly minor. That, and you can't recruit Ritz until after the end of the game.

  • Probably my favourite of the FFT series. The extra races and classes are cool, but mainly OMG QUESTS. There are SO MANY quests in this game. Unfortunately I didn't know that you could manually do many of the dispatch quests until near the end of the game. It would have added many hours to my already beefy 90 hour playcount, but I would have done them all. The FFXII characters were a treat, though I think Adelle is my favourite character.

  • Yeah.. I didn't play this very much. It does get props for being one of the few western-themed video games ever.

  • I've never been really big on the Kirby games but I did play through the original and liked it.

  • No game has ever dared go where Kung Fu went, letting you punch midget after midget after midget right in the face.

  • There are A LOT of Mega Man games and though I'm fairly familiar with many of them, I've only ever beat two of them.

  • I'm of the opinion that most of the best music in the history of Mega Man comes from this game. Flash Man, Air Man, Metal Man, Bubble Man, Wood Man, and most importantly, Wily 1 and 2.

  • Mario Golf before it was called Mario Golf. I can still remember the title theme.

  • I don't remember if I ever finished this game but I really liked the trivia section.

  • When the host would say "Good Luck! You Won't Need it!" I was too small to realize not needing good luck was a good thing and thought he was insulting me. I hated that smarmy bastard.

  • It is goddamn hilarious when you pick a guy up by his legs and spin him around and around and then toss him out of the ring.

  • I really loved this game back in the day. Another one of the few difficult NES games that I conquered as a young lad.

  • Tetris remains the only video game that a member of my family has ever soundly beat me at. Both my mother and older sister rotate circles around me in any version of Tetris. I did manage to get a score high enough to get the castle to launch and beat Level 9 Height 5, so I guess I beat it?

  • This game is murderous. Ten levels of first person grid based dungeon crawling loaded with teleporters that give no indication you've been teleported, rooms of complete darkness, rotating tiles, one way chutes, and most importantly, NINJAS. Every single ninja in the game has a chance to decapitate and it is way too high. You can run into groups of like 8 of the fuckers. You typically only have one character who has a revive spell and if he gets his head cut off you are SCREWED. My dad mapped it all out on some graph paper, killed the final boss, attempted to teleport out of the dungeon, entered the wrong coordinates and teleported into a rock. I don't think he'll ever forgive me for suggesting the teleport spell.

  • A rather simple game that was oddly addicting. It's sort of like the little brother of Yoshi's Cookie with a splash of Tetris.

  • This game was a goddamn mystery to me as a kid. I don't know why Mario made sense and Alex Kidd was nonsense but it just was. That said, this game is still rad. I don't think I ever beat it though, as it's goddamn challenging.

  • I beat one of the Ariel games.. I think it may have been this one. I really don't have anything to say about it.

  • Kung Fu has nothing on Black Belt. I don't think I ever beat the third boss, he's pretty sly. I found out way later that you have to wait until just before he attacks to land a hit. It is also hilarious whenever you beat a boss, just check it out on youtube or something. Fun Fact: This game is actually a re-sprited version of Fist of the North Star in Japan, based on the popular anime/manga series. That's why all the enemies blow up when you hit them.

  • Never got anywhere close to beating this game. It is hard and confusing. Did you know there are aliens in this game? That's what happens at the beginning, aliens kidnap everyone. You end up swimming into their ship and taking them out. Weird.

  • This game was pretty cool. Had some side scrolling and some top down and you fought guys with a sword. I think there was some green hair in there too.

  • This game is awesome even though it attempted 3D way before it should have. I played through the whole thing on an emulator and I had to use the save state roughly every 3 seconds in the later levels. Good music too.

  • The SMS cover art for this game is hilarious and frightening:

  • The only Mega Man game on the gameboy I beat. I never owned the game, just borrowed it from a friend for awhile. I remember obsessing over it for a few days. It is unique in that it features new robot masters named after the planets instead of rehashes from the NES games.

  • I remember repeatedly beating the Elite 4 to raise my pokemon up to about 87 because I heard the stat gains are better than if you use rare candies. I guess I finally stopped caring at 87.

  • Ha it has its own entry in the database, and so it gets its own entry on my list. I went for authenticity when I played this version, playing with the first six pokemon Ash collects in the TV show. It really wasn't a very good investment.. it's the same damn game.

  • SML features a lot of things not seen in any other Mario game, including Easter Island type heads, bomb-koopas, sphinxes, and those bastard things in the Chinese themed level. There was also the submarine and airplane levels. Much of the music in this game remains very catchy, especially the end theme. Oh Daisy Daisy!

  • Weird little bomberman game I had. It's unique in that it is a side-view platformer instead of the traditional grid. I didn't have many GBC games so I ended up playing it a lot.

  • I didn't beat the Japanese version of Mario Bros. 2 (commonly referred to as 'The Lost Levels') on the NES, but I did on this. I also spent a lot of time trying to finish the challenge mode, where you have to find 5 red coins, a secret yoshi egg, and still beat a certain score (and time was a big part of the score), but I couldn't do many of the later stages. I remember getting really worked up over it, too.

  • I'm including it because it has some differences from the NES and Gameboy titles. One is that the rate at which the blocks' speed increases per level is slower, allowing my sister and mother to get to level 30 and beyond and crush my spirits. There's also a weird trick where you can spam-rotate the piece one way against one wall (or vice versa) to have it move back up a bit. The human limits of button mashing make this a bit useless past the first few levels though.

  • Woise fwom yo gwayve! Power, Up! I got stuck on the third stage for a long time because I couldn't figure out the boss' hit box. Pro Tip for beating the final boss: Crouch and punch.

  • I have no idea where my family got this. Even in the James Pond series, which I know nothing about, this is obscure. I remember struggling with some of the events while some were way easy. The most fun was probably the gymnastics thing, which took me awhile to get the hang of. I also remember the cartridge was a lot taller than a regular cartridge.

  • This game was more like Battletoads with Double Dragon Along for the Ride, although I always played as one of the twins. Some of the later levels were pretty hard and it also randomly added this weird one where you fly around in a ship and shoot at a bigger ship. The controls sucked real bad too, making that level a pain.

  • I can't remember for the life of me where I played this, but I did beat it. Maybe a rental? Anyway it wasn't bad I guess, for a Disney game.

  • I actually remember the family and some family friends gathering around to play this in teams. I guess we didn't own the board game or something. I believe you play it on the honour system, asking the other teams to close their eyes. Yeah....

  • This game is balls hard and I'm proud to say I beat it. It's also pretty good, especially for a Disney game.

  • Another hard game and one I didn't finish. Never got past the third level, actually. That underwater one with the little spherical pod you guide through some rocky terrain in a certain amount of time. Never got past it.

  • I only ever finished one playthrough of this, not the necessary 2 to actually defeat the final boss. I'm pretty sure the difficulty is upped the second time around, too. I didn't know this was a launch title until the Quest was added.

  • Amazing game, all around. This was one of the reasons to own a Genesis and I clung to it tightly as a child. I usually went with the Force Tracer combo. Lots of memories with this game.

  • I actually owned Krusty's Super Fun House, on the Genesis, but it comes up as an alias match. Despite being a Simpsons game (I love the show but all those games.. ugh) this one is really good. I mean REALLY good. Some of the later levels are incredibly hard in both planning and execution. I'd love to see a speed run or TAS of every level one day.

  • A classic. Technically I played it with my dad and together we beat it, including the extra 'Sunsoft' levels (harder than 'Mayhem') on the Genesis version. Let's go!

  • Get over here! ABACABB. DULLARD.

    I also managed to beat Reptile, although I did use the DULLARD code to get the shadow to pass by the moon 100% of the time. I'm unsure if this is a requirement to fight him, though.

  • Man, where did I get all these weird games. This is a platformer starring Ren and Stimpy. Not much else to say, except that it wasn't a walk in the park to beat. Especially that part with the snot bubbles in that tube-like thing.

  • This game is hilarious. This game includes: a ninja discotech, a Batman ripoff, a Spiderman ripoff, and Godzilla as a final boss.

  • I have a soft spot for this game and the sequel. They were my introduction into turn-based strategy games and were all-around great games.

  • I prefer this to the original. I've beat it many times and actually started a speedrun for it that I sort of lost interest in. I plan to go back to it one day. Peter gets my vote for best character in the game. Highest attack and HP in the game, decent defense, huge movement range, flying, takes half damage from fire, and auto-resurrects. He's got great availability too, being around for more than 2/3 of the game.

  • A dungeon crawler as opposed to the other turn-based strategy games. You'll either spend half the game casting the spell that lets you view the map, or you'll whip out some graph paper and map that shit out. The plot is almost non-existant but this was all I had (in terms of dungeon crawlers) growing up, so I can forgive it.

  • It's Sonic.

    Alright, I'll add something. The Starlight Zone theme is awesome.

  • I think I may have played through Sonic 2 and 3 on emulator, but maybe that's just memories of watching the speedruns and TAS's. I definitely had this, though. It is a very strange cartridge, with a spot for a cartridge on top of it. You plug other games in there and get some crazy results, the best of which being Sonic 3 and Knuckles.

  • A very short, laggy, but fun little pinball game with Sonic. On certain flat surfaces you can actually control sonic and have him do a spindash, but those are few and far between. Getting up to Robotnik in the last level is a harrowing process, and it's entirely possible to go in, fly around the outside, and zip back out without even landing a hit. I think combining it with S&K gets you the bonus round game where you run around on a sphere and turn blue balls into red ones.

  • I don't think I ever beat stage 3 (what is it with Stage 3s being my roadblocks!?), but it wasn't bad. Some of the sound effects are atrocious.

  • This game was madness when I was a kid. "How the hell do you go from > to V without hitting the diagonal inbetween!?" I thought. Also, this game was awful on the genesis because of the 3 button gamepad. Start acted as a toggle between punches and kicks...... yeah. It's because of this that I always leaned towards Mortal Kombat, growing up.

  • I really, really like this game, even though looking back in stole a bunch of crap from Zelda. Giant hearts as an HP meter (collect Heart Pieces to increase it), an Ocarina that opens doors, a fairy that acts as a guide. It still rocks though. The jumping platforms in the final dungeon are pretty tricky, but not as bad as the original Wonder Boy in Monster Lair. Those things were vicious. A lot of the music in this game is rad, too.

  • Is it BoF1 or 2 where you can merge certain characters together to make a Fishwolf or a Bearwolf or the Bearfishwolf? The merged character just literally adds the stats together and is generally overpowered. I suppose it's always been a hallmark of the BoF series to allow you to have one character that can take on any boss with some sort of transformation.

  • I remember liking this one more than BoF2 though that's almost all I can remember about it. Let me take a wild guess: The main character Ryu is a descendent of a dragon tribe who awakens his powers in order to, with the help of a fun cast of characters, save the world. I kid, I kid. Replace a couple of key words and that describes almost any JRPG.

  • I was originally gonna start listing SNES games but I think I'll just tuck this one in here and finish off the series. This is the one in the series that I remember most, maybe because the sprites finally got enough pixels to have Katt and Nina look downright sexy. I was always a fan of having Ryu and Rei transform and wreck havoc.

  • CT is wayyyy up there on my all-time favourite game list, maybe even top 3. I've beat it several times via emulator and again on DS. I got 100% of the bestiary, item encyclopedia, endings, etc. Except for the 6 accessories you win in the arena because I found it horribly boring. I really enjoyed the story elements they added in the DS version that help bridge the gap between it and Chrono Cross, something the two games could really use. *Slightest of spoilers* I've even thought up a reason for her hair colour change: the Zeal Royal family dye their hair purple, which often represents royalty. Nothing can explain the accent though.

  • Rawr. I think this one was a rental, though it's not bad. The second level with the monkeys is actually pretty confusing.

  • I never really had an opportunity to play the first 2 but a friend had the third that we played a lot. His cart was buggy and would delete save data often, so we had to do it all in one sitting!

  • The pirate ship level near the end is a real bitch. Almost every boss fight after the first is kind of a pain, too.