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A Year to Play Catch Up - 2015

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Over the past few years I've been building up a large catalog of games. This large library now gives me the luxury of having many new experiences while spending none of my money.

My goal for the year is to not buy new games (except Zelda and MGS V). After last year where I felt duped at every turn I have decided to be smarter with my earnings and supplant my almost ritualistic need to buy the newest games with a more conscious effort to focus on the games I already own.

Some that I've played before and want to play again, some that I never finished, some unplayed classics, and some that I've never touched and merely caught my interest in a sale or were purchased through sheer stupidity.

Here is a list of the many that I will choose from and bounce between as the year progresses. It's going to be a reference for me to look back on and say "hey dumbass, look at all of the fantastic games you already own and need to complete!" I know not everything will catch my full attention but I do plan to finish what I start. I will also make a conscious effort to write about each game that I finish after I feel that it has been sufficiently completed.

I know I won't get through everything on this list as it's very long and some of these are significant time investments but I've always been one to enjoy choice.

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