My Favorite Video Game Characters


Since I did not have a list of my own, I'll talk about my favorite video game characters.

To be cont.

List items

  • My favorite halberdier while my little sister's favorite is Aran. I just liked Nephenee because she's fast and has a charming personality with her "country accent."

  • One of my favorite mounted units in Fire Emblem. He is polite and knows a lot about cooking. He cares about his brothers.

  • She and Oscar are my favorite mounted units in Fire Emblem. I can always rely on her and Oscar to get the job done.

  • I always loved this character in the cartoons. When I saw him my lil sister's Kingdom Hearts 1 game, I enjoyed his comic relief side and how he is a little magician.

  • I liked Sora in Kingdom Hearts. He's not a bad kid who has little issues unlike some of the kids I seen in video games. A good kid who cares about his friends.

  • My favorite bad guy in Skies of Arcadia. It's too bad, he got corrupted and that you can't play him. I just loved the way he owns Vyse and the others.