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And she even remembered Ian and Mike.

I admit, I dig the choice of photos, couldn't be better.

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I saw it on sale on PSN and I'm really tempted as a huge fan of European RPGs, but there is one problem - after the premiere, it was running like shit on skates on PS4 and was bugged more than Daggerfall on consoles. I know patching and mod community made it somewhat more playable on PCs, but how's the situation now on consoles? I want to play it on my huge TV sitting on a couch (not to mention my PC specs are not ideal for it). Was it patched properly and is playable now on PS4 Pro, or did the developer just abandoned it quickly and I have to endure crashes, lost saves and texture pop-ins?

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I'm in the minority of players who play the campaign in CoD games and I always decide to buy them on the basis of the single player alone, as I dab around multiplayer for 10 or 20 hours and then forget about it, but I like to get back to the best heavily scripted, but undoubtedly awesome moments. I must say I adored the last two "sci-fi" CoD stories, I was especially surprised by the tone of Infinite Warfare which doesn't get the praise it deserves.

Previous World War II campaigns in CoD were nothing special - World at War tried a few neat things (and even branched the story a bit in some spots), but the overall experience was not as jaw-dropping after seeing the things done in modern Warfares. So, how's the newest iteration fo World War II campaign? I'm sure some of you already finished it, so I'm curious what are your impressions. Is it generic, with all the old tropes and straightforward clones of scenes from Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers? or is there a hidden depth and some genuine emotion in the story, like in Infinite Warfare? Is it worth buying for the campaign? I'll probably wait for the discount anyway, but I'm really interested in the overall impressions.

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Hey, duder since the beginning (and beyond, I was following Jeff and the gang since first video content on GS), GAF user since 2005. Had to pack my stuff and go someplace else, so I thought - why not Giant Bomb, the best place for video games? Wasn't posting there much, but as all the previous GAFers said, it was a tremendous news aggregator and I'm sad to see it go, as it is a huge piece of gaming history. On the other hand, it's good riddance, the gaming community has enough similar scandals as it is and another one only pours more fuel on the fire.

GB community was always nice, so it looks like I will be posting here much more often.

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That reminds me - did someone made the updated wallpaper?

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It needs a little update, as it sits on my desktop for two years now and it still didn't get a proper Dan+Austin+Jason patch.

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I was interested when I saw the teaser back in march, but this one is even more interesting. I'll surely pick this up when it comes out.

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If they could also put out X-Wing: Alliance, the holy trinity of space sims would be complete.

Anyway, I'm going to lose too much time on shooting down rebel fighters, just like in the old days.

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    Vinnie's voice at the end got me. I've tried to be composed and not affected by this for the last two days - for god's sake, it's some guy on some website who lived more than 10 000 kilometers from me and talked about video games, right? Then why did it hurt so much?

    I really tried to be a man, but holy shit, that ending got me into tears. I haven't cried since I was 8. It was fucking 20 years ago. Seriously.

    Ryan, I tip my hat to you, sir.

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    The last page of the new releases appearing at Gamescom (which starts tommorow). Almost at the bottom. What the hell?

    Is someone from the gamescom staff messing with us all and it's fake? Or some guy who publishes PR releases before the convention forgot to delete it from the list?

    EDIT: If someone already started such thread, sorry in advance. I'm too pumped by the (fake or not fake) news :)

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    In Poland, as of today's exchange rate, it's 455$ = 1500 PLN a month (1 PLN = 3,30$).

    Although it's the government approved minimum wage, it's not always that high. In reality, it's around 1200 PLN after taxes, and the majority of the retired citizens and those who use social checks get a lot less.