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A sequel which fails to learn from the first game's problems

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    Dude, they almost nailed it! 0

    Moves which seen tame on the Tony Hawk's games feel great and rewarding hereAfter the release of "skate." in 2007, many were surprised by it's trampling of Tony Hawk's Proving Ground which was released shortly after. The game's fresh and more realistic take on the skating genre proved popular with consumers, despite the game having issues simply from being a new untested series. In skate 2, the satisfying gameplay remains and then some, but some problems from the original game also make a return...

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    Problems do remain but it's still the better skateboarding game 0

    I do admit that i never played the first Skate, but the demo stayed on my hard drive for over a year as i got addicted to the new, interesting control scheme and focus on realism. When the demo for Skate 2 was released i was disappointed by the extreme short time limit to skate around.  I knew then and there that i will own Skate 2 and now i do my opinion on the game has changed.The game starts you off after the events of Skate It for the Wii as San Vanelona has been rebuilted after an earthquak...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

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