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Vital Statistics

Title:  The Sniper
Place of Birth: Sheffield 
Country: United Kingdom 
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 180lbs. 
Special Abilties: Sniping enemy units from a great distance.


1936: Gold Medal in shooting, Munich Olympics
1937: Enlists in the army
1937-39: Stationed in India, stands out as excellent marksman
1940: Joins the Commandos

Military Record

Auchinleck Offensive: 

Receives a military medal after killing the commandant of the German garrison in Narvik. He did so with a single shot at a distance of more than a mile, as the officer inspected his troops' positions.

Additional Info

Descends from a noble family; famous for his steady pulse.
Moddy; comrades resent his good looks and charm with ladies.
Hates alcohol.
Deeply resents the Germans for killing his sister in a bomb raid.
Cold and calculating.
Expert marksman, extremely effective even in situations of great tension.    

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