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    The hindrance of an operation and destruction of property.

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    The act of sabotaging consists of destroying something to hinder an enemy's progress. Sabotaging usually consists of blowing something up with some well placed explosives. Sabotages are mostly carried out by rebels or a militia of some sort. Sabotaging was common during the second world war. The french resistance would destroy train tracks and bridges to fight against the Nazi occupation.

    Sabotaging is common in video games. Alot of games will have you blowing up bridges or destroying something that is dear to the ennemy, like in Just Cause 2 or The Saboteur. These things can be train tracks (thus keeping the enemy from getting around), fuel depots (agin, to keep enemies from getting around) or bases. Sabotage is thus used to keep enemy presence at a low. Usually the game gives you triggered explosive like C4 or dynamite and asks you to sneak your way around a level, set the explosives and blow the enemy up. In some game worlds the damage you inflict while you're sabotaging is permanent.


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