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    The Getaway

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    The Getaway franchise is a series of sandbox action games developed by Team Soho and published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. The games are set in London, and deals with the events of gang life and the originated crime.

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    The Getaway is a third person sandbox game set in London. Currently there have been two titles in the franchise released, although there was a tech demo of the third game shown several years ago for the Playstation 3. Whether this has been scrapped or is still in progress is unknown.

    Game Information

    All the games in The Getaway franchise are based in the city of London. They both deal with organized gang crime in the city, and while many of the gangs are fictional, the vehicles in the games are authentic and licensed. The Getaway franchise was created by Brendan McNamara, and take influences from British crime films such as Get Carter, and Lock Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.  
    The franchise first started with the original The Getaway in 2002 and contains one other fully fledged game, as well as PSP exclusive spin-off title in the form of Gangs of London.

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