Weirdo Torchlight game announced

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Runic Games is, of course, dead and gone, but it looks like a Chinese MMO company (with Max Schaefer on board) is bringing it back for another whirl. There isn't much info on it now but it seems like that it'll be some kind of MOBA or BR type of thing:

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Woof. That is not at all what I want from a new Torchlight, but good luck to them, I guess?

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#3 Posted by Big_Denim (584 posts) - and my Panda "Marbles" had a great time in Torchlight 2. Unfortunately, I don't think this will be for me...or for Marbles :(

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Trailer looks like crap, but the people/details behind this game sound potentially alright. It's essentially part of the team from Runic, who made Torchlight 1 & 2, plus even more veterans of Blizzard North who made Diablo 1 & 2. So Max Schaeffer is heading the project, Matt Uelmen is composing, and a number of other Diablo/Torchlight veterans are also on board. A few Torchlight people are missing though, most notably Erich Schaeffer and Travis Baldrie (they left years ago to make Rebel Galaxy).

This game is roughly a Torchlight MMO in the vein of Guild Wars, with some areas instanced and others shared-world. It's still a Diablo-style loot-driven action-RPG, with randomized dungeons and towns with vendors and quest-givers. It still has pets, but they're supposedly expanded a lot. The emphasis is on multiplayer co-op. The root concept of this game is something that many of these guys have been trying to make for a long time (the ill-fated Mythos at Flagship Studios, then Torchlight 1 & 2, which were meant lay the groundwork specifically for this game to be made). This is a game as a service, so it'll be changing and evolving after release as its ongoing development is informed by player feedback. It's due out in 2019, but it'll be playable at Gamescom and PAX West later this month, so there will be more info available soon.

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Oh god please let this be an actual Torchlight game and not some BR or MOBA thing. If you are right Savage and the Runic guys (and Schaeffer) etc are making an actual MMO version of Torchlight, giddy times indeed! They only promised it like, 12 years ago or something like that :D I sunk (and continue to sink) damn near 400 hours into TL2 by now. Makes me wanna load it up right now and play!

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These games have the worst timing. Every time they put out Torchlight news there is Diablo news lined up to take away any momentum.

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@savage: That's more info than I thought was available! I was not as big a fan of Torchlight 2 as I was of Torchlight 1 but I'll check this out a bit more when there's more info available.

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I'll check it out when it releases but I'm not expecting anything but a shallow dungeon defender clone. RIP Runic. At least we'll always have TL and Hob.

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I wasn't a big fan of where Torchlight 2 took things, I appreciated the first game's more narrow focus (and I guess I'm one of the few who still think the first Diablo is the best in the series for that same reason).

Still, thinking about the concept a bit I actually think a BR kinda thing as a super compressed version of the looting and progression of these games sounds somewhat interesting. I'd imagine it as a bit of a Diablo II Ladder style thing but compressed down to a single 30 minute match or something?

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Whether an MMO or MOBA, doesn't sound like my thing. Still, I hope it's good for the sake of people who are involved in production and players who are more into those genres.

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I never did end up playing Torchlight 2 (at least I definitely don't remember playing it...), but I'm down for some more Torchlight. I had a blast with that first game.

I worry whatever this Diablo news turns out to be might take the wind out of this game's sails, but this trailer certainly isn't helping. There seems to be a lot of confusion everywhere you look.

Even more concerning though is if this is indeed an MMO, and one would assume it would be F2P given today's climate, I worry about Perfect World's involvement. They don't have the best track record. Not as scummy as Nexon, G1, and some of their other peers, but they ain't been great. I'm actually hoping it does have an entry fee like the good Guild Wars games (i.e. not GW2) had because that makes it less likely for them to monetize every inch of this thing.

Hey. they could pull a PoE or something, make it free, and have a great, fair business model for all I know. Please, fucking prove my assumptions wrong. I would love for this to turn out great. It's just for me, there is some cause for concern and I hope they clarify all that in the near future.

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Glad to hear it has some of the Runic crew involved in it's creation; that definitely gives me some hope for the project. Played the hell out of the first two games, I'll definitely keep an eye on this. Hope it turns out well.

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#14 Posted by The_Greg (330 posts) -

MMO, I'd try.

MOBA? How's about NOBA?

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#15 Posted by Darknorth (221 posts) -

I'm hopeful. Rest in peace Runic. Long live Runic.

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O boy a other one of those, cant wait for Torchlight Royale....

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I love both Torchlight 1 and 2, so I'm curious, especially with some of the old devs on it. Don't like online games much but I might check it out if it turns out to be something I might be into. Otherwise I'll probably go back to TL2 which to me still holds up and is loads of fun, even more with mods, finished it probably around 6 times and I'm not even a big ARPG fan

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Man such a bummer. First game was great, second was still solid but not my favorite.

I saw this, got excited for a second then remembered Runic wasn't around anymore and now its just really disappointing. As others have pointed out, definitely *not* what I want in a torchlight game!

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Another MOBA? I'll pass. It's sad that their will most likely never be another torchlight game like the first two.

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@naoiko said:

Another MOBA? I'll pass. It's sad that their will most likely never be another torchlight game like the first two.

It's apparently will be an MMO, not a MOBA.

I'm down with another game akin to Guild Wars 1, but I never felt any investment in the Torchlight world (whereas the Guild Wars world was very rich and interesting, for me), so I'm of two minds about this. I guess we'll see!

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