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The game begins with a Native American named Tal'set who has found himself in the Lost Land. He is a Turok, a warrior with the ability to travel through time and entrusted to protect an entity known as the Light Burden. He has undertaken a mission to stop an evil cyborg known as The Campaigner. The Campaigner plans to find the pieces of a weapon known as the Chronocepter and magnify its power in order to destroy the barriers that separate time and space and conquer the Lost Land and eventually the universe. Players are given control of Turok (Tal'set) and must travel through various worlds in order to find the pieces of the Chronocepter and eventually use it to destroy The Campaigner.


Turok travels through various levels in search of keys which are used in order to travel to the next world via a hub. The game mixes platforming elements, with first person action and puzzle solving. Turok travels through jungles, underwater caverns, catacombs, ancient cities, and, in the end of the game, he adventures through the Campaigner's fortress. Players can acquire extra weapons placed throughout the levels of the game as well as runes which give them extra lives. The weapons also have the option for alternate ammo, such as explosive shotgun rounds and explosive arrows for the tek bow.


  • Knife: A basic knife, relatively weak
  • Bow and Arrow: Bow which can be charged to shoot arrows for longer distances and for more damage. Relatively weak but useful for attacking enemies from far off distances.
  • Pistol: Standard pistol. Useful for disposing of weak humanoid enemies and basic raptors.
  • Tek Bow: A composite bow with explosive rounds. Good at disposing enemies after a few shots, relatively slow reload time however
  • Assault Rifle: A large assault rifle that seems sort of like a machine gun. Can be equipped with explosive rounds for extra damage.
  • Plasma Rifle: Primary weapon of the Longhunter. Fires very fast energy rounds and can be used to hit enemies from far away
  • Shotgun: Standard single baralled shotgun. Slow reload time, can be equipped with explosive rounds
  • Automatic Shotgun : Larger shotun that does more damage.
  • Mini Gun: Machine gun that fires very quick rounds
  • Grenade Launcher: Launches grenades that explode after a few seconds and do splash damage.
  • Alien Weapon: Weapon that shoots green energy at the enemy. Useful after a few shots fired
  • Particle Accelerator: Weapon that must be charged for greater damage. Freezes enemies and has them explode in bloody mess. Uses lots of energy cells
  • Fusion Gun: Shoots out large nuke like explosions. Very little ammo for this gun use sparingly. Useful against the T-rex and The Campaigner.
  • Rocket Launcher: Rocket launcher that fires four rockets at a time for splash damage.
  • Chronosceptor: Most powerful weapon in the game. Can be used after 7 parts are collected from traveling through the levels. Should be used against Campaigner (only 3 shots).


  1. The Hub Ruins
  2. The Jungle
  3. The Ancient City
  4. The Ruins
  5. The Catacombs
  6. Treetop Vilage
  7. The Lost Land
  8. The Final Confrontation

Regional Difference

In Germany the game had it's human adversaries censored into robots.


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