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    Winning Eleven

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    A series of soccer games that has changed names in North America frequently.

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    Title Confusion

    In Japan the series has always gone by the name Winning Eleven. However, this is not the case in North America and Europe. The first game in the series is titled Goal Storm in North America and Europe, and it is titled World Soccer Winning Eleven in Japan. The second game was titled Goal Storm '97 in North America, International Superstar Soccer Pro in Europe, and Winning Eleven '97 in Japan. 

    For the third game North America went the way of Europe getting rid of the Goal Storm name and titling it International Superstar Soccer Pro '98. In Japan the game was simply titled Winning Eleven 3. An abbreviation was used for the title of the fourth game in the series which was titled ISS Pro Evolution in North America and Europe, Japan again kept it simple and titled it Winning Eleven 4. 

    The fifth game in the series was titled Winning Eleven 5 in Japan and Europe used an entirely different title, Pro Evolution Soccer, a title they are still currently using. North America did not receive a release of Winning Eleven 5, instead ESPN MLS ExtraTime was released which is not related to the Winning Eleven series. The sixth game in the series marked the first time North America used the Winning Eleven name titling the game World Soccer Winning Eleven 6. The game was titled Winning Eleven 6 in Japan and Pro Evolution Soccer 2 in Europe.
    North America's last game to feature the Winning Eleven name was the 10th game in the series, Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007. The game was titled Winning Eleven 10 and Pro Evolution 6 in Japan and Europe respectively. After that game North America dropped the Winning Eleven name and used the Pro Evolution Soccer name in all subsequent games while Japan continued to use the Winning Eleven name.

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