How stoaked are you for this?

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I am very stoked.

Can you imagine how great jumping tree to tree will be? I hope we can climb any tree though... And revamped combat! I love the AC series, but it seems like they've done a good job of removing the suck that has plagued previous entries. This has the potential to be my dream game. Oh man.

Picture you as young Connor, climbing an epic redwood tree. Squirrels and birds scampering as you ascend. You and feed some baby birds in a nest a bit of food on the way up. As you reach the top a vista of the wilderness is shown as the music swells and: Assassin's Creed III title card!

Very Stoked.

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so stoaked. Also, ew.

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I'll get interested when it comes out. Right now? I don't fucking care its too far away for me to get into the mood for Assassins Creed.

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I'm uncomfortable with your metaphors, but to answer your quesrion, I'm optimistic. The annual thing is turning me off.

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Looking more and more forward to it the more I see and read about it.

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Stoaked=stoked for climbing oak

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Sorry bout the offensive metaphors. I can barely contain myself... I'll try to tone it down a notch.

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Maximum stoaktitude.

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Indifferent. However, I am interested in seeing a Canadian French interpretation of American History.

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I just need to see game play to cement my faith into this. Revelations was a disappointment.

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Man, I really miss being honestly super exited for something.

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@Rockanomics: Word. I haven't been at this level of excite for a video game in over a decade. I just hope my hopes are not crushed.

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Im very stoked also. Seems like the perfect game to get the series rolling again.

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@Peteradcrew said:

@Rockanomics: Word. I haven't been at this level of excite for a video game in over a decade. I just hope my hopes are not crushed.

Were you in a coma during the period before Halo 3 came out?

@Dany said:

I just need to see game play to cement my faith into this. Revelations was a disappointment.

Was it a disappointment because Ubisoft rode the AC2 wave a bit too much or was it genuine disappointment from the game?

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Why does it feel like I missed out by only reading the edited OP?

And yes I'm pretty stoked, playing revelations right now, and I'm feeling the burn of playing the same thing again. Revamping the series is going to be great! That era theme is one of my personal favorites as well, so it really works out.

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@mordukai: It was a disappointment because where Brotherhood showed everyone they were still doing shit to make it better, with new mechanics and new concepts, while putting in multiplayer to boot. Not to mention they fixed the combat in Brotherhood.
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A bit? I still need to get around to Brotherhood and whatever the one that came out after was called.

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@N7: Dunno If I'd say they fixed the combat, but they did improve it a lot. Here's hoping it's actually straight up good in AC3.

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@N7: I wouldn't know because 20 minutes into brotherhood the top of my screen got a white haze all over it that refused to go away no matter what I did. It then started flickering at times. The way best Buy and Ubisoft handled it really soured me on AC and I haven't played an AC game since. I am only interested in this one because I am fascinated with American History.

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@mordukai: Halo never did it for me, personally. I think the last game I was this excited for was Shadow of the Colossus.

@Dany: I agree that revelations was a bit of an expansion pack-ish type ordeal and more of the same, but when I actually played it without a harsh eye I found that I really enjoyed the game and the atmosphere of the city. Best night time ambiance of any AC to date I think.

@TobbRobb: You didn't miss out on much... just a bit of toilet humor.

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@Peteradcrew: The highest form of humor! But I'll stay satisfied not knowing.

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@mordukai: I loved both AC2 and Brotherhood, revelations was just dull, tedious and boring, the story wasn't there and everything about hte mechanics of playing Ezio were bugging me.

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At first I was very excited, but I just recently finished Brotherhood (way behind, I know), and I must say I was rather disappointed. I don't even know if I should get Revelations at all. I feel like I should, for the completetion, but I don't feel very motivated to play it.

While all the side-stuff in the AC franchise became more and more complex, the story got thinner and thinner. I liked the cliffhanger at the end of Brotherhood, but Ezio's story left me pretty cold.

I was emotionally affected in AC II when his father and brothers were executed, and by his little speech after killing Savonarola. And although, in Brotherhood, the whole Borgia part with Cesare had huge potential, I felt everything was done only half-hearted, and I couldn't really connect.

Looking back at the franchise, I feel that, despite it's linear gameplay, AC 1 was the best part. Altair is just a kick-ass character, period.

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@Morrow: I just finished revelations last night, and i enjoyed it. You should give it a go. I think story wise and atmosphere wise it is better than Brotherhood. It gave Ezio some character depth that was missing from Bro hood and fleshed out Altair as well. But I took my time with it. Took me about two months to get through as I was only playing for a bit at a time. It saved me from getting the burn out.

The old formula is getting stale, however and I am looking forward to the new changes upcoming in AC III!

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I'm seriously stoked for AC III. AC II is on my favorite games, and I've played it maybe five times. The changes and additions that's listed on Kotaku makes me really exited to see how the "third" game will feel fresh.

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meh.. unless they improve the traversal mechanic of hold forward R1 and X.. and then jump to your death unintentionally. Or.. if i am like an awesome version of Mel Gibson in Patriot running around scalping red coats with a hatchet.. then we can talk..

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Assassins Creed 1 and 2 was enough for me. Good games but I don't feel the need for more.

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Not much at all.

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fully stoaked mate

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I read "How soaked are you for this?".

Let me tell you, I AM soaked like nobody's business.

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I was excited about this game as soon as i heard about it. Once i was at PaxEast and saw the preview/demo of it I told myself that I would pick this up day 1.

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Not particularly. My stokage is directed at other games.

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I'm not going to lie...I'm pretty fucking stoked.

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@Rockanomics: I haven't been really excited for a game since Super Smash Bros brawl.

And then Skyrim... And thats all I can remember.

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@Rockanomics said:

Man, I really miss being honestly super exited for something.

Me too. I think the last time was in December of 09' for The Saboteur.

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I'm afraid it's gonna pander too much to Americans. It's an era that a large portion of the consumerbase knows quite a lot about (and is somewhat invested in), while mostly everyone outside the US doesn't really know much at all. It can very easily get bogged down in details that will go straight over us EU peoples heads.

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Not at all, completely lost interest in the series after spending a few hours with ACII. Constant tutorialising, fetch quests, "Follow this dude without alerting him!" quests, assassinations that don't really mean anything, beyond fucked-up plot, traversal that doesn't do what you want it to do, ugh, no idea why the games are so popular.

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@SSValis said:


Same. I'm very hopeful but after Revelations, a little bit skeptical.

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@Godlyawesomeguy said:

@Rockanomics said:

Man, I really miss being honestly super exited for something.

Me too. I think the last time was in December of 09' for The Saboteur.

How did that turn out for you?

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@Dylabaloo said:

@Godlyawesomeguy said:

@Rockanomics said:

Man, I really miss being honestly super exited for something.

Me too. I think the last time was in December of 09' for The Saboteur.

How did that turn out for you?

Actually, it turned out to be one of my favorite games of that year.

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i liked the last entries in the seris but i was never stocked for it but now its set during the american revelution whitch is awesome this is one onf my faveorite seting for movies and game. Great movies i have seen set in this time The patriot one of my all time best movies as well as the last moehiken (sry for the spelling of this) these movies where and still is awesome so i am very stoaked for this game. Also you get to play as an indian and thats always awesome.

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